Competition at QB

Earnest Byner, VP of Player Development for The Baltimore Ravens, gives a little insight into the team's current QB situation.

I bet some of you wonder what would have happened if the QB competition would have been between Anthony Wright and Kyle during training camp. How much might be different today? 

The competition at the QB position or at any position will serve its purpose. It will make the quarterback position better and improve the team. 

Do you for one minute think that Anthony Wright wants to relinquish the starting job or do you not think that Kyle Boller wants to get a piece of this play-off action. Each time that Kyle throws a strike it is a direct challenge to Mr. Wright. For each time the success is attained by Anthony it is a challenge to Kyle.

At practice last Thursday, before the Cleveland game, Kyle was given some reps with the starting unit during one of the emphasis periods. I wondered how it would affect Anthony and what his response would be. I felt a surge of energy that said hey I wasn't expecting this at this time. 

It was for me a time to take notice because I wonder what affect if any it would have on Anthony. Kyle took his rep and threw a strike to the receiver on a boot leg. The next play Anthony was right back in there. I could see a focus and a different kind of spirit in him. It said that I am up the challenge. It said that I want this right now and I am willing to fight for it.

Anthony stepped in, called the play and rolled out on a similar pattern and threw a similar strike to the receiver. His demeanor coming back to the huddle after the play was one of determination. Both players have leadership qualities and strong arms. Both are mobile and can help the team with their legs. Both are competitive and HUNGRY. Both are quick studies and have a dedication to excellence. All are qualities that are desired in the position. 

Ultimately both desire to be the leader of the team and hope to be the one that drives us deep into the play-offs.

The question is..well I will let you fill in the question...Got ya!

The competition at the QB position in my opinion had just begun at that time. It should be one that will drive this team to its destiny.

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