Dominance on Sunday

Earnest Byner gives his thoughts on the Steeler's mentality coming into this game. It's an article you will only read here on BynersInsiders.


The game this weekend against the Steelers is about a mind set. It's about how they feel about us and how we need to change that perspective. 

They have had their way with us here at our stadium. They feel like they can come in here and defeat us based on the past. Yes, they have the right to feel that way. It's nothing personal. Ohhhh, but wait a minute. It is personal.

They don't like us and we don't like them. It's been that way forever, sorta like the Hatfields and McCoys. It's just that type of personal battle. It's an all out dog fight: for the Ravens, their right to playoff football, for the Steelers, the mental dominance over our team.

Yes they want to spoil the play-offs for us but they also want to feel like they can defeat us when ever we meet on the field especially next season. They are looking to regain some type of prominence for 2004 and one way to do that is to start right now in 2003.

I can remember winning the last five games of the 1989 year when I was with the Redskins. It gave a positive feel for the next year and gave us a sense of resurgence going into the next year where we ended up in the play-offs and followed up the next year with a trip to the Super bowl. 

Pittsburgh is playing for that type of feel as well.

We have to understand the challenge and the personal nature of this fight. With this in mind we can take the field with the proper mental attitude and began to destroy the mental dominance that the Steelers feel like they have over us. From play one we have to place in their minds what we are about.

It's about the play-offs and about what we want to accomplish in the long run. We have to protect what is ours. THE HOUSE THAT ART BUILT!!!

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