Ravens Insider Uncensored Chat Transcript

Last evening, we joined Aaron Wilson and the Ravens Insiders for a lively discussion of many topics in the start of this Ravens off-season -- free agents, coaching changes, player evaluations, off-season plans, and more! Here it all is with the exception of the really stupid bits.

aaronwilson Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the Ravens' off-season. As Corey Fuller would attest to, it's been a busy time and more eventful than originally anticipated.
aaronwilson I'm ready for everyone's questions whomever wants to start us off.
adminsteve Ahhh just go ahead and ask stuff in an orderly fashion
Bilbo Just give me the damn money!
Dev21 Okay, I'll fire first. Are the Ravens making progress on any of their negotiations with their own players?
aaronwilson They are closest on talks with center Mike Flynn. His agent, Ralph Cindrich, said it's going well, but no deal is imminent. It will get done. The others are way too far away from the impetus of free agency to consider major priorities as far as needing to get done now. Chris McAlister said he's not worried at all. Bottom line: The Ravens will retain the majority of their free agents.
mlasarko Aaron, considering we currently have a pair of linebackers coach's in Mike (Singletary) and Phil (Zacharias) How much of an impact do you see Jeff FitzGerald having? What would be the optimal assignment for Jeff in your opinion?
keenan What do you guys think we are going to do with the receivers
Bilbo I have a basic one. Everybody knows the Ravens need help at OL and WR. Which do you expect to be addressed in FA and which in the draft?
Dev21 that's what I figured. I would like to see more urgency dealing with McAlister.
aaronwilson Jeff FitzGerald will coach outside linebackers. Phil Zacharias will be reassigned to defensive assistant. Phil told me he'll be fine. FitzGerald is really a high-energy coach who sounds like he wouldn't mind showing his players how to tackle. He's single and as Brian Billick put it, he's the kind of coach who will spend extra time looking at players at schools all over the nation. He's energetic and extremely positive.
Sephy Have the Ravens mentioned Northcutt? I think that is one of the top if not the biggest priority of the off-season.
aaronwilson On another note, assistant special teams coach Bennie Thompson is returning, signing a new contract. He drew some interest from the Denver Broncos, but opted to stay with the Ravens.
mlasarko Did Denver want Bennie that much? Did they make an offer??
Bilbo FA or Draft for OL and WR?
aaronwilson They will likely look to re-sign Marcus Robinson, cut or restructure Frank Sanders, draft a receiver, too, possibly sign Dennis Northcutt or Darrell Jackson.
Dev21 Hold on guys, one at a time.
aaronwilson I would say offensive line is more likely in the draft than free agency at this point.
aaronwilson They have privately mentioned Dennis Northcutt. Remember, they can't comment publicly on free agents until March. It's called tampering.
Bilbo I'd love to see Northcutt for WR and return man.
keenan Do you think it will be attractive for O-line to come here because of Jamal
Dev21 That's great news about Northcutt.
aaronwilson They were interested, but Bennie Thompson wasn't all that interested. He wants to stay here. He has a limousine business in addition to being a good coach.
Dev21 Any other names that you've heard floating around the complex?
aaronwilson I think they could get a good right guard or tackle, but it's early.
crowdog89 Aaron...Any news on the Jets with Henderson? Also if Henderson does go to the Jets...what do you see as a new lineup coaching wise?
aaronwilson You guys are way ahead of the process. This is the hiring season for coaches, not the free agent period. It's speculative, which is fun, but they are far from kicked into high gear on free agents.
mlasarko Aaron, Do you have any further updates on Peter (Boulware) after his arthroscopic surgery last Friday?
aaronwilson He remains a finalist. However, Ron Rivera of the Eagles is a top contender, too, and he is also being targeted by the Chicago Bears.
aaronwilson Peter Boulware is recuperating well based on all accounts after undergoing surgery last Friday in Vail, Colo.
aaronwilson It was a fairly routine procedure.
Dev21 Is Adalius Thomas going to play in the Pro Bowl?
Bilbo Tough place for surgery!
aaronwilson I saw Adalius Thomas today along with Earnest Byner, by the way. A.D. will find out on Monday. I would vote, 'No' especially since he's an unrestricted free agent.
Dev21 What did EB say to you?
aaronwilson This is the same site where Ray Lewis had his surgery and Kobe Bryant. It's a resort atmosphere.
Bilbo Hope he doesn't get into any ""Kobe trouble""
mlasarko Or smack anybody with a pipe, right?
mlasarko jokes aside, Aaron, there's been a lot of talk about The Ravens' possibilities @ WR. If you had your choice, dollars aside, who would be your top two picks to best fit our team
keenan will we look at Orlando Pace???
aaronwilson Earnest Byner said the same thing he wrote me in an e-mail the other day. Nothing is official yet. He was actually wearing a Ravens leather jacket. If you read today's article, you'll see that Brian Billick confirmed that it's a done deal. EB is headed down the Beltway to join the Redskins and I wished him well and congratulated him on getting an official coaching position. The Redskins told me they don't want to make announcements until they have their entire staff.
aaronwilson I would sign Dennis Northcutt for receiver and returns, possibly a run-stopping defensive end and perhaps another linebacker who specializes in pass coverage.
Bilbo If you had a crystal ball, who would YOU take with our picks in Rd. 2 and 3. Smiley and a WR?
aaronwilson Perhaps Lee Evans or Michael Jenkins, maybe LSU's defensive tackle. I have trouble spelling his name. He's Cajun. (awalt: I think Aaron means Chad Lavalais)
Dev21 Have you heard anything on which new coaching candidate will emerge for the WR position?
keenan Lavalais will not fall that low
aaronwilson Orlando Pace is overpriced and overrated. His agent, Carl Poston, is a werewolf in a three-piece suit. An unequivocal, No!
Dev21 Yeah, Pace is demanding $30 million in bonus money. That's a not job proposal if I've ever seen one.
Dev21 nut job.
biggee Is possible to get Damion Woody?
aaronwilson Brian Billick has played it very close to the vest on mystery receiving candidates. It's been quiet on that front since Jerry Sullivan left the Ravens waiting at the altar and joined his hometown Dolphins.
aaronwilson It's possible, but Damion Woody is a popular figure in New England. Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli are smart enough to not let quality offensive linemen leave town.
Dev21 The people that just joined can jump in with a question whenever you like.
Bilbo How about Sopaoga (awalt - Vince Manuwai?) from Hawaii? Big news at Senior Bowl along w/ Jenkins and Colbert.
aaronwilson All are good football players, especially Ohio State's Michael Jenkins and USC's Keary Colbert. As Brian Billick told me this week, though, it's a rumor mill at the Senior Bowl. Only about 15 to 20 percent of the rumors are actually true.
Dev21 Do you think that Bennie Anderson will remain the starter at guard next year?
Cleric_BlackDave Hmmmm. My question would be whether or not Sanders will be staying for next season. The consensus of a lot of fans, not including myself, is that he should be let go. But I bet WRs have already been talked about.
Bilbo Not at length
aaronwilson Offensive line coach Jim Colletto, who didn't become the Chicago Bears' offensive coordinator as Kansas City quarterbacks coach Terry Shea accepted that job, told me he wants all of his blockers back, including Bennie Anderson and Orlando Brown. We'll see if he gets his wish.
Sephy Aaron, were you talking about Chad Lavalais earlier? He's very good, but seems undersized for 3-4. Also, anything new on the Fassel front?
Dev21 Somehow I think this is Bennie's last stand.
Cleric_BlackDave Yeah I'm pretty interested about whether we would get Fassel
aaronwilson Yes, I was. Thank you. I have trouble with Cajun names like Bobby Boucher. lol. There's nothing new with Jim Fassel except his agent is negotiating with the television networks in addition to making plans to pocket $2.7 million from the New York Giants for doing nothing. He'll resurface as a head coach next year.
biggee Aaron out the FA WR who fits Billick's offense?
crowdog89 I doubt Fassel...Cavanaugh still has the negatives...
Bilbo I think you have addressed this in previous chats, but is Rabach destined to be 2nd fiddle. I thought they were looking at him for center and moving Flynn to guard last year.
Dev21 With the possibility of another coach being brought in, and Shaw perhaps getting more responsibility, are the Ravens at least putting some heat on Cavanaugh?
Dev21 IOW, are these other guys gonna be in position to take over next year, if Cavanaugh continues to struggle?
aaronwilson Brian Billick likes tall, fast wideouts who can catch, especially in the red zone. The fade route is one of BB's favorite plays, as you know.
aaronwilson Casey Rabach is a third-round pick who is really poorly-suited for the Ravens' brute force running game. He's athletic, but undersized. He tends to get overpowered at the point of attack. He's most effective on the move, working to get to the second level.
crowdog89 Yes Aaron...I'm aware of BB's favorite route...I'd prefer a WR who could actually run a real route other than the fade...
aaronwilson They are obviously giving him another chance. If he squanders this opportunity and the passing game doesn't improve markedly. Obviously there might be changes.
Bilbo Did he perform poorly in his many chances this year?
keenan Does anyone else want Derrick Hamilton as bad as i do.....
Dev21 To follow up, do you see some of the game planning being adjusted?
aaronwilson I wrote that tongue in cheek. They obviously need some offensive diversity.
Cleric_BlackDave Who are you referring to with ""another chance"" Aaron?
aaronwilson Casey Rabach performed adequately. Nothing special.
Dev21 Amen, Aaron.
biggee I hear the Ravens talk to Steve Peterman at the senior bowl
aaronwilson I think they know that play-action, screens and crossing routes need to be implemented and executed much better. It's got to improve. It's way past time.
aaronwilson Matt Cavanaugh, Dave.
crowdog89 Amen!
Cleric_BlackDave thx
keenan Derrick Hamilton is perfect for the ravens....has the size and leaping ability to go up and get the ball and he has one thing ravens receivers don't....speed
Bilbo Our passing game has been an embarrassment. Sideline bombs and swing passes. How about a screen every now and than?
aaronwilson Derrick Hamilton is an ideal prospect. They need to examine his qualities closely. I agree.
Vagrant Probably been asked already. Are the Ravens looking to get back in the first round at all?
Dev21 How would you rate Colletto's chances for getting the job in Chicago?
aaronwilson The screen pass is an anomaly in Baltimore, yes.
crowdog89 I rarely saw the ravens using any play-action...a travesty when you have the best running team in the game
HDDream Terry Shea got the OC job
HDDream in Chicago
Dev21 oh, I completely missed that.
aaronwilson He didn't get the job in Chicago. Not sure why that was printed. Terry Shea is the offensive coordinator. It's been reported for days that he would get that job and became official yesterday.
Bilbo The key to WR in the draft is who slides. Colbert, Hamilton, Berrian, Newson
aaronwilson Think about Lee Evans, too.
Bilbo Seems like he's going in Rd. 1
aaronwilson Perhaps. It's extremely early. Wait for the medical reports. They might be more conservative than you think.
keenan If Lee Evans slips I would be shocked
keenan but I would not be shocked if Reshaun Woods slips
Dev21 Do you see any other coaches getting consideration for coordinator positions?
HDDream I think Hamilton, assuming he has the good workouts, will move way up on the board, maybe even in the late part of the 1st round, I don't think Lee Evans will go in the first because of his past injury history
Bilbo I would
biggee Aaron will Frank Sanders be in Ravens uniform?
Cleric_BlackDave Yeah that was my question also
Dev21 I think Evans will work his way up the board. I think he proved that he's over the injury, for the most part. With Steve Smith's success, teams won't be scared off by his size, either.
Bilbo What's Sanders cap #
aaronwilson He anticipates having to restructure his $2 million salary. If he's unwilling, he might find it hard to return or find work elsewhere considering his age and injury-plagued season.
HDDream Aaron, don't know if this has been asked yet, but assuming they hire a WR coach (or another offensive coach), have you heard any names that could be candidates for that job?
crowdog89 What happened to Ron Johnson?...he completely fell off the face of the earth...he's so deep into BB's dog house for some reason. He was injured then came back after surgery
crowdog89 never to be seen again (Ron Johnson )
aaronwilson No, it's been really quiet as far as other candidates on wide receiver.
Bilbo FA suggestions for DE/DT?
aaronwilson Ron Johnson hit the rookie wall and crumbled last year. He's old news in Baltimore.
HDDream We'll see Dev, I think the injury history is going to really dog Evans when compared to the other wide receivers, one slips every year and I think he'll be the one to slip this year
Vagrant is Will Demps the long term answer at FS?
aaronwilson They have demonstrated absolutely zero belief in Ron Johnson. He has done little to warrant any confidence, too.
Dev21 I think Woods will be the guy who slips.
aaronwilson I would look at the draft instead of free agency. Jevon Kearse would be great in a 4-3, but they are committed to the 3-4.
crowdog89 agreed Aaron, I heard his work ethic is what got him in the dog house...or lack of work ethic I should say...
aaronwilson Will Demps is a nice football player. He's not an all-star caliber safety. He makes plays and is an ideal backup. They need to upgrade, but they can get by with him for a few years. Not every starter can be a high-priced stud.
HDDream I have a hunch the Ravens might look at Gary Walker at a right player/right price type deal
aaronwilson Ron Johnson isn't fast and he drops passes. It's a deadly combination.
aaronwilson Perhaps, Gary Walker isn't a bad alternative for Baltimore with Marques Douglas as a pass-rushing backup.
crowdog89 sounds like every receiver we have LOL
Dev21 Johnson has been such a waste of talent.
HDDream Aaron, which, if any, of the Ravens potential free agents do you see them locking up before free agency starts?
Vagrant Jarret Johnson seemed to make some very nice plays when he was in. Any possibility he starts at RE?
keenan If we are unable to get Derrick Hamilton I would love to have Devard Darling, reasonable sized receiver with great speed
Bilbo Are the Ravens entirely pleased by Suggs? Surprised he didn't take to LB better? Great pass rusher though!
Dev21 What's the status on Randy Hymes? Have people in the organization expressed any feelings about his position with the team next year?
aaronwilson I think Mike Flynn and Chris McAlister are the most likely ones to get done since the negotiating has already begun and guidelines have been established. Anthony Wright is another possibility because he plays a priority position.
aaronwilson Jarret Johnson is fairly undersized, but he does make some nice plays. He has a chance. He needs to hit the weights hard this off-season.
Vagrant anyone know what JJ weighs off hand? I thought he was 300, I could be thinking of someone else though.
HDDream I think the Ravens will trade up from their 1st pick- not into the first round, but into the late 30's-early 40's range of the 2nd round
aaronwilson Devard Darling is an intriguing player, but he has a congenital heart defect that killed his brother at Florida State. Be wary.
Bilbo Hard to go with Johnson and Gregg...two little men.
DarkSide Aaron, I wouldn't be surprised if C-Mac tested FA. Any chance they'd franchise him, and use him in trade to get back into first round?
Bilbo Depends on who falls..
HDDream I think Johnson runs about 280-285
Vagrant maybe I'm thinking of weaver who is 300
aaronwilson They like Terrell Suggs. They wanted him to succeed as a pass rusher and he did. Now, it's time to fine-tune his game.
Dev21 This has been talked about a lot on the board. Both Terrell Owens and Keyshawn Johnson have expressed interest in coming to the Ravens. What's your take on this?
aaronwilson Randy Hymes is a really promising player. They want him back and healthy.
aaronwilson Jarret Johnson is listed at 270 pounds.
Vagrant ah, what a little chump
aaronwilson C-Mac told me he didn't care if they franchised him. Keep in mind it entails a 20-percent raise to $7.105 million.
Bilbo comparatively speaking
aaronwilson The Ravens don't want them, so it's a moot point that they want to come to Baltimore.
Bilbo Long-term deal for the shutdown corner...now's the time
HDDream Any guesses on what WR's the Ravens might want?
aaronwilson Weaver was down to 275 pounds by the end of the season. Kelly Gregg was down to 290 or so. They are undersized players.
Vagrant yikes
Dev21 Damn, and Kelly was at 310 before the season started, right?
Bilbo Top OL YOU like in the draft
HDDream I think it's pretty common for players in the NFL to lose weight as the season goes on, especially lineman
aaronwilson He gained a lot of weight, but he plays so many snaps and he plays so hard it's hard to keep the bulk on.
aaronwilson It is fairly common unless you're grossly overweight.
Dev21 No question.
Bilbo You gotta love his motor
Vagrant Not sure if this was answered before. Do the Ravens have any interest in getting back into the 1st round.
HDDream Any guesses on which WR's the Ravens do want?
Bilbo OL you think might be of interest to the Ravens in the draft
aaronwilson Kelly Gregg is a great football player. He got the job done and answered a lot of critics with his hyperactive, overachieving, gutty play.
Cleric_BlackDave You say the Ravens aren't interested in Keyshawn or TO. Does that mean that they would turn them down at the right price, ala a cap friendly deal?
fingers How bout John Jones, is he a goner? I guess it depends on what Trent Smith's status is too
the_bird Are the Ravens going to address the right side of the O-line in free agency, if so who are they potentially looking at?
aaronwilson Dennis Northcutt and Darrell Jackson are good places to start. Keep in mind that Northcutt already put his house in Cleveland up for sale.
drkraven I like Northcutt
aaronwilson They won't take less money to come to Baltimore. That's not in their makeup.
HDDream Let's see....WR's, the right side of the line, a big defensive lineman....I think there's a general consensus on what the Ravens need to address, lol
Bilbo TO to Philly and Key back to NYC
Dev21 Yeah, apparently, the Browns don't like the fact that Northcutt is asking for more than $3 million per season.
aaronwilson Trent Smith is a long way from making a comeback from leg surgery. He has to get healthy and regain the weight he lost.
HDDream I think TO will end up in Atlanta
Dev21 I don't think Keyshawn will have a choice.
ravensfan4003 Hey Aaron
crowdog89 Key will go to Dallas I'd bet
Dev21 For some reason, I think Johnson will end up being a Raven.
ravensfan4003 Do you think the Ravens are concerned about Darrell Jackson's butterfingers?
Bilbo Yikes, TO w/ Vick?
HDDream I have that hunch too Dev
ravensfan4003 I mean seriously concerned so that they would offer a lot less than other teams
aaronwilson Keep in mind that Meshawn was paid by Tampa not to go to work at the end of the season. It's a bad indicator.
the_bird pretty much
Cleric_BlackDave Tampa Bay seems like a pretty dysfunctional family though
Bilbo Not a Raven type if you ask me....
Dev21 LOL, plus they are absorbing a $7 million cap hit.
aaronwilson Jackson caught more passes as the year went on. He dropped most of his passes at the beginning of the season. It was basically a slump.
HDDream What about the OL? What's the game plan there? Will they sign a RT or RG? Will they draft one high? Will Brown be back? What about Pashos?
Bilbo He sure looked good running down the sideline against us!
ravensfan4003 Yeah what about Pashos
aaronwilson They are probably going to retain the five starters. They would like to see Tony Pashos develop along with Damion Cook. Jim Colletto raves about Cook's athleticism.
Dev21 Do you see Brown getting another one-year deal?
HDDream I won't be happy if they don't do something about one of those positions, but I have a feeling Aaron is right
HDDream one of those positions on the right side of the line
Bilbo How about the DBs? I read we still want to replace Demps and we obviously need a nickel corner
aaronwilson Jim Colletto said he has no qualms about Orlando Brown returning. He said Orlando knows what he has to get better at: not losing his temper in football games.
ravensfan4003 Demps is not a starter I hate to say it I really do
Cleric_BlackDave If Cook is athletic, is his problem learning our run and pass block schemes, or is it technique?
aaronwilson They are considering moving Corey Fuller to safety to compete with Will Demps.
ravensfan4003 Cook's problem is that he is not good
Dev21 I disagree. Demps is a very solid.
Cleric_BlackDave I disagree also
Cleric_BlackDave Demps is always by the ball, catching those tips
HDDream At this point in his career, can you expect Brown to really change his ways?
aaronwilson Damion Cook is inexperienced and probably a tad soft. He's athletic, though, and massive.
Cleric_BlackDave he accounted for 7 points against the Titans
aaronwilson He's a backup.
biggee Did Corey Fuller weigh 220 pounds?
aaronwilson 219 pounds at times.
Vagrant regardless of whether 1 guy on the line is an all star one thing we've seen in this league is that the longer a line is together the better they are
Bilbo Gotta be happy with Baxter...great guy with flexibility
aaronwilson He's quite muscular. He's also quite lucky to be alive. He's also a poor shot, as was his intruder. Luckily, no one was hurt.
ravensfan4003 Will Demps has a knack for making plays but if this defense wants to be #1 again we have to replace Demps
HDDream Demps isn't great, but he's every bit as good as say Herring was with the 2000 defense, he's fine, no problem with him as the starter
Dev21 That's pretty heavy.
Cleric_BlackDave Plus Demps is cheap. Won't bust the cap
aaronwilson Gary Baxter was an ideal second-round find out of Baylor. He's worked out very well.
ravensfan4003 I would still like us to upgrade the position
the_bird any particular free agents for the o-line they're interested in?
Dev21 well, they weren't that far off from being No.1 this year.
crowdog89 Are there plans to move Fuller to safety on a permenant basis?
HDDream With Baxter's deal coming up after the 2004 season, any chance they try to sign him to an extension before the season starts?
aaronwilson They haven't mentioned any. They want to bring back Mike Flynn, Orlando Brown and the other three starters.
Vagrant well fuller is like 95 years old now right? cant be too permanent
aaronwilson Jamal Lewis, the NFL Offensive Player of the Year, rushed for 2,066 yards.
Bilbo We need a draftee for the nickel in training
aaronwilson Corey Fuller is 32. He knows his market value is virtually nil, to paraphrase him. He'll probably have a role on next year's team.
aaronwilson Couple more questions, guys.
HDDream If Wright leaves, any thoughts on who might replace him?
Dev21 Fuller's a good player. I think he looked worse because he played hurt at times when he shouldn't have. That said, he's not a starter at this point in his career.
Bilbo Draft sleepers that might interest the Ravens? I won't tell...
Dev21 That's true about him getting beat on Madden.
aaronwilson They will likely look at Ray Lucas and perhaps Mark Brunell if Wright departs. I wouldn't worry about Wright leaving. He'll quickly find there's very little market for him.
crowdog89 Yeah, all I can see in my nightmares is that 80 yd td play by the Seahawks over Fuller...yikes!
Dev21 Do you see any moves made to improve the special teams, aside from the replacing Brightful?
Bilbo Any draft sleepers you like Aaron?
aaronwilson I think they will look to replace Lamont Brightful. He hurt the field position significantly against the Titans because he couldn't catch Craig Hentrich's knuckleballs.
aaronwilson I'm a fan of Southern Mississippi's linebacker Rod Davis as a backup LB and special teams ace.
Bilbo Sign Northcutt and draft Steve Suter....next year!
Dev21 Rod Davis is a good player.
HDDream Speaking of the Titans, any chance of the Ravens possibly making a play on one of their RFA WR's (McCareins and Bennett) assuming they don't give them a first round tender?
ravensfan4003 This is true
aaronwilson Perhaps. The pride of North Carroll High is a tad injury-prone, though.
Dev21 The Ravens have had nice luck with the Southern Miss players.
ravensfan4003 Yeah Aaron what do you think about Drew Bennett?
crowdog89 What about that dude that BJMH is pimping..I can't recall his name?? As a return man...think he played for Kentucky...
Bilbo That's why we can get him late or as FA
aaronwilson I think Justin McCareins will be retained. Bennett could be had at a moderate price, perhaps for a sixth-round pick.
aaronwilson Eddie Berlin will be on the market, if you care.
ravensfan4003 Eddie Berlin is terrible
ravensfan4003 so no
Dev21 Actually, there isn't any compensation required to sign Bennett.
aaronwilson One more question, guys.
ravensfan4003 Yeah Aaron Drew was a UFA
Dev21 He was undrafted.
HDDream Davis would be a good middle round pick for the Ravens
aaronwilson That's right.
aaronwilson Throw them out and I'll answer a few more.
HDDream Your prediction on one free agent who currently isn't on the team that the Ravens will sign?
crowdog89 Think we'll have a better offense over all next season?
aaronwilson Dennis Northcutt.
ravensfan4003 Yeeeeees
aaronwilson Yes, it can't get any worse in terms of balance.
ravensfan4003 That would work
Bilbo How much pressure do you think the Ravens (read MC) will be under to open up the offense. We love to see Jamal run but he won't do it for long if we can't pass.
HDDream Will there actually be a QB competition or will Billick just name Boller the starter before camp opens?
crowdog89 Good question HD..Boller must play!
aaronwilson Matt Cavanaugh isn't oblivious to the criticism or the ownership change. He realizes what's at stake and he isn't scared of the consequences. He'll put the time in to improve things.
ravensfan4003 Poor Cavs
aaronwilson I believe he'll give Kyle Boller the job at some point, after a moderated evaluation.
aaronwilson Last one.....
crowdog89 I'm sure Cavs has seen my sig line a time or two LOL
Vagrant This is probably a dumb question but who actually calls the plays Billick or Cavs?
Bilbo Only time will tell. We go to Jacksonville if we can pass effectively next year.
aaronwilson Cavanaugh with Billick input and approval.
HDDream Pats or Panthers?
aaronwilson Patriots by two field goals.
ravensfan4003 booooooo
Vagrant Has Billick toyed with the notion of calling the plays himself? Much like Fassel did in 2002.
ravensfan4003 panthers all the way
aaronwilson Guys, it's been great. Let's do this again soon.
aaronwilson Thanks for all the excellent, thoughtful questions. Guest, feel free to ask questions next time. Don't be intimidated.

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