Orlando Brown visits the Dolphins

OWINGS MILLS – Offensive tackle Orlando Brown visited the Miami Dolphins' training complex Saturday and will continue his free-agent tour today.<br><br> The Baltimore Ravens' starting right tackle last season has said he wants to return to Baltimore.<br>

Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said that he wasn't surprised that Brown, who played under a one-year, $1 million contract last season after missing the past few seasons with an eye injury caused by an official's errantly-tossed penalty flag, is keeping his options open.

An unrestricted free agent, Brown has also visited the Oakland Raiders. Brown's representatives from IMG are reportedly seeking a three-year contract to include a $4 million signing bonus.

The Dolphins are also looking at offensive tackles Ephraim Salaam and Damion McIntosh.

Meanwhile, 49ers general manager Terry Donahue commented again to Bay Area reporters on the trade of All-Pro wide receiver Terrell Owens to the Ravens for a second-round draft pick.

Owens said he's upset that a deal wasn't consummated with the Philadelphia Eagles, whom his agent allegedly had negotiated a $10 million signing bonus and an annual base salary of $6 million.

However, the Eagles' reported offer of a fifth-round draft pick and receivers James Thrash or Billy McMullen apparently wasn't sufficient enough for the 49ers to formally ratify a trade with the NFL management council. The Ravens own Owens' rights and said they intend to hold on to the disgruntled, four-time Pro Bowl selection and negotiate a contract extension.

Donahue said that Owens' ire is irrelevant and likely based heavily on the fact that his agent, Dave Joseph, failed to void the remaining three years of his contract because he missed a deadline to file paperwork. Donahue said he never struck a deal with Philadelphia, verbal or otherwise.

The NFL said Owens has yet to file a grievance, as he stated he would do in nationally-televised interviews where he complained about being traded to Baltimore instead of Philadelphia.

Here's Donahue's version of what happened with the trade: "I think that is laughable. This is exactly what happened from the very beginning. Ozzie Newsome came out of the box first and made it very clear that Terrell Owens was his guy and that he wanted him. He offered us a second-round pick. That was his offer from the very beginning and it never wavered. It was firm and we had it from the very first day that the trading activity began."

"We called about half the teams in the league. We called Dave Joseph and told him he was free to look for a trade and that we were going to concurrently look for a trade, that we were going to move quickly on it and that he needed to be in touch with us, but that we were going to move."

"I called [Eagles coach] Andy Reid and we had three different conversations in the same day. Andy offered us a fifth and a player. I told him that we weren't interested in doing that deal.. I told him that if he didn't want to give us any draft picks, I would be interested in talking to you about some of your players and I told him that I would call him back.

"When I called him back again, I listed a number of players on his team that we would be interested in on his team for putting a combination of a player or two together and trading them for Terrell Owens. None of the players that we identified was he interested in trading with the exception of one who we were not interested in dealing. I told Andy when he said he was not interested in moving any of the players that I identified that we were going to move really quick, that we had a second-round pick and that if he had any further interest to call me back. That is exactly what happened."

Aaron Wilson writes for the Carroll County Times.

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