fab message boards, lost some of the names of the actual fans who asked the questions (blame Adminsteve)and ended up with this fine article. Enjoy."> fab message boards, lost some of the names of the actual fans who asked the questions (blame Adminsteve)and ended up with this fine article. Enjoy.">

Baltimore Ravens Draft Q&A with Aaron Wilson

Yesterday, from deep within the bowels of the RI editorial offices came an idea. An idea so cunning and devious that would revolutionize sports websites for about 3 minutes: Lets have a draft Q&A with someone who actually knows NFL stuff<br><br> So we gathered questions from members of our <A HREF="http://mb2.theinsiders.com/bravensinsider">fab message boards</A>, lost some of the names of the actual fans who asked the questions (blame Adminsteve)and ended up with this fine article. Enjoy.

Answering the tough questions is RavensInsider staff writer Aaron Wilson (The Carroll County Times). Here are some of the better questions and Aaron's answers:

FadetoBlack: What do you think the Ravens will do with their first 3 or 4 picks? Are they likely to repeat a position (i.e. wide receiver), or will they try to spread it out more, say, grab a receiver, safety, defensive tackle and corner?

Wilson: I believe, if a valuable wide receiver prospect such as LSU's Devery Henderson or Oklahoma State's Rashaun Woods, can't be acquired in the second round, Baltimore will draft the top-rated defensive lineman or defensive back available. Then, they would go back to wideout, address whichever defensive position wasn't acquired in the second round and then try to add a nickel back if a safety has already been drafted. 

dabruise:  It appears that the Ravens FO, while being realistic on the WR front, are responding to the offseason as if they think they are a contender NOW (or very close to it). Do they feel this way and could this be what colors their offseason decision-making?

Wilson: Actually, I read their recent statements and actions this way: They believe they are a playoff team that needs to upgrade a few spots to contend. They don't believe all of their needs can be met in the draft and are prepared to look all summer for key veteran additions. They thought that Terrell Owens would fill their receiver need and his loss was a major blow to their outlook.

hurting:  I have heard a lot of talk about the best player available this year. I have also visited some scouting sites that rate players (with stars). There were 19 WRs that received 4 or more stars (1st or 2nd round worthy) and most of the other positions had at most 9 players that were rated at 4 stars. Therefore, based on the "draft guru's" rankings it is highly likely based on statistical probability that the highest rated player at 51 SHOULD be a WR. Does this make sense? And, why have the Ravens FO not mentioned this possibility?

Wilson: Perhaps, but the Ravens' grades could vary and not rate, say, the eighth or ninth-best wideout over, say, the top safety or offensive guard. Keep that in mind as they are on the clock on Saturday. It makes common sense, but you would be basing your thinking on scouting sites that aren't professional talent evaluators in the sense that they don't work for an NFL team. That means they are not as adept at projecting players as the Ravens and the other teams.

TheRayFactor:  Hey, I would like to know what the Ravens plan to do at the KR/PR position. Lamont Brightful seems as good as gone. Thanks!

Wilson: They want to add a skill position player, perhaps a wide receiver or defensive back, to compete with Lamont Brightful. They have practically announced that Brightful needs to excel in training camp to remain in their plans.

keenan42: If you had to choose one player who you think we will draft at 51, who would it be?

Wilson: Iowa safety Bob Sanders seems to epitomize the Ravens' type of toughness the best and qualifies as a special-teams type, too.

Editor forgot who posed this one - sorry: What's the mood in the FO? Is the receiver issue so urgent that they would consider hitting it hard early?

Wilson: They are upbeat considering all of the calamity they've experienced at the position. They are prepared to trade up or down to address wide receiver and might consider adding more than one player. They want someone who has return skills, though.

Editor forgot who posed this one too!! If Trent Dilfer is released from Seattle, would the Ravens have any interest in him to bring in and compete for No. 2 or No. 3? Or someone to mentor Boller?

Wilson: The Ravens are looking at second-tier college quarterback prospects for their vacant quarterback position. They don't have an interest in Trent Dilfer, who's firmly entrenched as a reserve for Mike Holmgren. That chapter is closed essentially in Ravens history. They want a young player, who, ideally, has mobility and solid arm strength.

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