RavensInsider mock draft #238

After writing up a three round mock draft at this time last year, I made a promise to myself that I would never go through something like this again. But...of course promises are made to be broken, and so here's yet another completely wrong mock draft for you to digest:

First Round:

1. San Diego- Eli Manning, QB, Mississippi-
Ultimately, I feel this pick will be traded, probably
to the Giants, but whoever makes this draft choice
will choose Archie's son and Peyton's brother.

2. Oakland- Robert Gallery, OT, Iowa- After
flirting with both the idea of taking a WR and a QB,
Al Davis instead opts for the player many call the
safest bet- and the best player in the draft. Still,
don't be surprised if they trade down.

3. Arizona- Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh-
Dennis Green can't pass up the chance to pass up the
former Vikings ballboy. 

4. New York Giants- Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Miami
(Ohio)- As I mentioned earlier, I feel it's likely the
Giants trade up for Manning, but failing that, they'll
snatch up the strong-armed Roethlisberger.

5. Washington- Sean Taylor, S, Miami (Florida)- If
Gallery isn't the safest player in this draft, Taylor

6. Detroit- Kellen Winslow, TE, Miami (Florida)- His
father may have been the best tight end that ever
lived- and his son might even have more upside. 

7. Cleveland- DeAngelo Hall, CB, Virginia Tech-
Butch Davis grabs the best CB prospect in the draft.

8. Atlanta- Roy Williams, WR, Texas- As good
physically at his position as any player in the draft.

9. Jacksonville- Will Smith, DE, Ohio State- A
perfect fit for Jack DelRio's defense, will give the
Jaguars a fine and (save for Hugh Douglas) young
defensive line.

10. Houston- Vince Wilfork, DT, Miami (Florida)-
Perfect nose tackle for Houston's 3-4 defense.

11. Pittsburgh- Philip Rivers, QB, North Carolina
State- No team has been more linked with a QB this
off-season than the Steelers with Rivers.

12. New York Jets- Dunta Robinson, CB, South
Carolina- Former Gamecock standout should fill
pressing need for the Jets.

13. Buffalo- Kenechi Udeze, DE, Southern California-
Would love for Roy Williams to fall to them, but will
gladly settle for the former Trojans star.

14. Chicago- Tommie Harris, DT, Oklahoma- A perfect
fit in new coach Lovie Smith's defensive system.

15. Tampa Bay- D. J. Williams- LB, Miami (Florida)-
While taking a receiver is tempting, getting the best
linebacking prospect in the draft is even more so.

16. San Francisco - Reggie Williams, WR, Washington-
Just makes too much sense for it not to happen. Right?

17. Denver (from Cincinnati)- Lee Evans, WR,
Wisconsin- With Ed McCaffrey gone, Rod Smith aging and
Ashley Lelie unproven, the Broncos could use a talent
infusion at receiver.

18. New Orleans- Jonathan Vilma, LB, Miami (Florida)-
Simply too good to pass up at this spot.

19. Minnesota- Chris Gamble, CB, Ohio State- Don't be
surprised if the Vikings trade up to grab one of the
Miami linebackers.

20. Miami- Shawn Andrews, OT, Arkansas- A perfect fit
for the Dolphins' need at right tackle in the wake of
the departure of Todd Wade to Houston.

21. New England (from Baltimore)- Michael Clayton,
WR, Louisiana State- Gives the Patriots a big receiver
to go with the smurf brigade they currently employ.

22. Dallas- Steven Jackson, RB, Oregon State- The
top rated back in the draft falls into Bill Parcell's

23. Seattle- Marcus Tubbs, DT, Texas- Seahawks have
crying need for a run stuffer in the middle of their

24. Cincinnati (from Denver)- Randy Starks, DT,
Maryland- Look for Marvin Lewis to grab the top rated
defensive tackle or cornerback left on the board when
he picks.

25. Green Bay- J.P. Losman, QB, Tulane- Assuming
they don't make a deal for Tim Couch, the Packers grab
Losman knowing that the Rams may snatch him up one
pick later.

26. St. Louis- Kevin Jones, RB, Virginia Tech- Simply
too good a value- and a fit, to pass on here.

27. Tennessee- Ben Troupe, TE, Florida- Rather than
reach for a defensive lineman, the Titans grab the
draft's No. 2 rated tight end to help replace the
retiring Frank Wycheck.

28. Philadelphia- Vernon Carey, OT-OG, Miami
(Florida)- The Eagles could go a number of ways with
this pick.

29. Indianapolis- Karlos Dansby, LB, Auburn- Good
value pick that fills need for the Colts.

30. Kansas City- Darnell Dockett, DT, Florida State-
The Chiefs need all the help they can get on defense.

31. Carolina- Will Poole, CB, Southern California-
It was their secondary that ulitmately have cost the
Panthers the Super Bowl.

32. New England- Issac Sopoaga, DT, Hawaii- The
champs pull off a surprise to end the first round.

Second Round:

- Houston (from Oakland) Forfeited pick due to
drafting Tony Hollings in the 2003 Supplemental Draft.
33. Arizona- Ahmad Carroll, CB, Arkansas
34. New York Giants- Rashaun Woods,WR, Oklahoma
35. San Diego- Jacob Rogers, OT, Southern California
36. Detroit- Chris Perry, RB, Michigan
37. Cleveland- Ben Watson, TE, Georiga
38. Atlanta- Dwan Edwards, DT, Oregon State
39. Jacksonville- Michael Jenkins, WR, Ohio State
40. Houston- Shawntae Spencer, CB, Pittsburgh
41. Denver (from Washington)- Igor Olshansky, DT,
42. Tennessee (from the NY Jets)- Antwan Odom, DE,
43. Buffalo- Devery Henderson, WR, Louisiana State
44. Pittsburgh- Nat Dorsey, OT, Georgia Tech
45. Oakland (from Tampa Bay)- Daryl Smith, LB,
Georgia Tech
46. San Francisco- Justin Smiley, G, Alabama
47. Chicago- Jason Babin, DE, Western Michigan
48. New Orleans- Sean Jones, S, Georgia
49. Cincinnati- Jake Grove, C, Virginia Tech
50. Minnesota- Donnell Washington, DT, Clemson
51. Baltimore- Keary Colbert, WR, Southern
California- When all is said and done, I just can't
buy on them passing on a wide receiver- especially if
Colbert is available. I do, however, expect the Ravens
to move up 8 to 10 spots to gurantee the selection of
either Colbert or Henderson.
52 Dallas- Matt Ware, DB, UCLA
53. Seattle- Bob Sanders, S, Iowa
54. Denver- Demorrio Williams, LB, Nebraska
55. Green Bay- Marquise Hill, DE, Louisiana State
56. Cincinnati (from Miami thru New England)- Ricardo
Colclough, CB, Tusculum
57. Tennessee- Chris Snee, G, Boston College
58. Philadelphia- Teddy Lehman, LB, Oklahoma
59. Indianapolis- Derrick Strait, CB, Oklahoma
60. New Orleans (from St. Louis)- Derrick Hamilton,
WR, Clemson
61. Kansas City- Devard Darling, WR, Washington State
62. Carolina- Stuart Schweigert, S, Purdue
63. New England- Sean Locklear, OG, North Carolina

Third round:
64. Arizona- Dontarrious Thomas, LB, Auburn
65. New York Giants- Jeremy LeSueur, CB, Michigan
66. San Diego- P.K. Sam, WR, Florida State
67. Oakland- Johnnie Morant, WR, Syracuse
68. Cleveland- Kelly Butler, OT, Purdue
69. Atlanta- Joey Thomas, CB, Montana State
70. Jacksonville- Keith Smith, CB, McNeese State
71. Houston- Issac Hilton, DE, Hampton
72. Jacksonville (from Washington)- Michael Boulware,
LB, Florida State
73. Detroit- Jason Shivers, S, Arizona State
74. Buffalo- Matt Schaub, QB, Virginia
75. Pittsburgh- Keiwan Ratliff, CB, Florida
76. New York Jets- Travelle Wharton, OG-OT, South
77. San Francisco- Tatum Bell, RB, Oklahoma State
78. Chicago- Greg Brooks, CB, Southern Mississippi
79. Tampa Bay- Greg Jones, RB, Florida State
80. Cincinnati- Darrion Scott, DE, Ohio State
81. New Orleans- Stacy Andrews, OT, Mississippi
82. Minnesota- Jericho Cotchery, WR, North Carolina
83. Dallas- Matthias Askew, DT, Michigan State
84. Seattle- Bo Schobel, DE, Texas Christian
85 Denver- Junior Siavii, DT, Oregon
86. Green Bay- Nathan Vasher, CB, Texas
87. Miami- Will Allen, S, Ohio State
88. Baltimore- Terry Johnson, DT, Washington State-
He'll need a kick in the pants every so often, but a
gifted player who should flourish as a 3-4 defensive
end. It's possible this pick could be used to move up
in a trade for a wide receiver in the second round.
89. Philadelphia- Chad Lavalais, DT, Louisiana State
90. Indianapolis- Madieu Williams, S, Maryland
91. St. Louis- Travis LaBoy, DE, Hawaii
92. Tennessee- Tommy Kelly, DT, Mississippi State
93. Kansas City- Keyaron Fox, LB, Georgia Tech
94. Carolina- Clarence Moore, WR, Northern Arizona
95. New England- Nathaniel Adibi, DE, Virginia Tech
96. Cincinnati- Julius Jones, RB, Notre Dame

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