Ray Lewis discusses a variety of football topics

OWINGS MILLS – Baltimore Ravens All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis discussed his impending graduation from the University of Maryland in a press conference held Wednesday at the team's training complex.<br><br> Here are a few of his answers on football-related topics:<br>

On the attempts to improve the passing game: "I think we've done a couple of great things. I think we've pieced some things together that we really needed to piece together. I think it's going to help us a lot with the energy this team is believing in right now so we can go make a move."

On adding veteran receiver Kevin Johnson as a target for second-year quarterback Kyle Boller: "When they step into camp and start working the way we need to work, I think it will gel. I think it will complement Jamal [Lewis]. I think it will complement all of the things we're trying to do.

"Kyle is excited. I don't know if anybody else is as excited about Kyle as we are, but I'm excited about Kyle."

On All-Pro receiver Terrell Owens joining the Philadelphia Eagles instead of the Ravens after a nullified trade: "I won't lose any sleep over it. What did he do against us last year when he was here with San Fran? What's the difference if he's in a Philly uniform? I think he might have had two or three catches at best.

"With my defense right now, there's not too many people we're going to give that much respect to. He's a guy that we've already handled. When he comes back with Philly, hopefully, he doesn't think anything is going to change because he's in a green uniform."

On his teammates: "You can have individuals, be a superstar if you want to, but if they don't believe in your chemistry it never works. That's one of the main reasons why Terrell Owens saw why he wouldn't fit in. We're a family. It's no outsiders."

On his expectations for next season: "The season is probably going to be scary because it's probably going to be one of my best seasons ever when you're dealing with my shape, dealing with my mentality, dealing with everything that I'm believing in right now."

On his long-term goals in football: "The love for the game will never die until I lay my head cold. The energy for me to come back to be the best is every day and that's every day of my life. I don't slow down for nobody else.

"Either you're with me or you're not. My thing right now is to be the greatest ever, not the greatest linebacker, the greatest ever."

On his expectations for this season: "Nothing less than a Super Bowl. Why would it be anything else? If we're shorter than Jacksonville next year, great season, and we start again. But when I step into camp there has to be a purpose and Jacksonville is on my mind."

Aaron Wilson writes for the Carroll County Times.

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