Ravens' Boller trying to learn from miscues

WESTMINSTER -- Baltimore Ravens quarterback Kyle Boller surveyed the football field and he liked what he saw: Travis Taylor all by his lonesome.<br><br> It's what Boller wasn't aware of that ultimately created an interception by Pro Bowl safety Ed Reed during team drills Thursday morning at McDaniel College.<br><br>

Reed baited Boller into thinking that Taylor was wide open. Then, Reed swooped toward him to intercept the pass in full stride.

"Very good, except for that interception," Ravens coach Brian Billick said when asked about Boller's progress. "That sucked. Hopefully, he'll now learn in a four-minute mentality that you don't make that throw."

"It's good that he made that mistake here in no uncertain terms. Absolutely with experience, he'll understand more and more how to control a team."

Boller went 5-4 as a rookie starter last season before giving way to Anthony Wright due to a quadriceps injury.

Now, he's continuing to learn on the job in his second season while the defending AFC North champions try to improve upon what was the worst passing game in the NFL last year.

The Ravens and Boller are aware that he needs to cut down on these type of miscues for the team to improve.

"He was just wide open and I didn't even have a chance to see Ed," Boller said. "He was booking across the field and he made a great play."

"With a defense like we have, I can't throw that ball. That's why we're out here for training camp: to live and learn. In a game, I won't make the same mistake."

Aaron Wilson writes for The Carroll County Times

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