Ravens Tuesday AM Camp Notes

Tuesday's training camp notes from intrepid Ravens fan and message board loon ravenatic.<br><br> Tune in every day around noon for a summary of each morning's happenings. Read it first on RavensInsider.<br><br>

Tuesday's Notes:

Man, Billick lit a fire under their butts today.. Much better tempo.. He and Cavs got into a serious, animated discussion that went on for10 minutes, couldn't hear what it was about, but looked to be about placement of passes..

I say that because shortly after that discussion, they practiced different types of passes in the endzone..

OK... sightings today, Pat Summerall, Joe T, Suzi ( TV does her injustice ) Meryl and of course, Art.. Nice round of applause for him .  Funny watching him drive Pat Summerall around..

OOOOO, you want football..

Ok, Back were, Zeus, Travis, Heap ( in pads)..

As I said above, Billick turned the heat up, and the O line responded. Both Rabach & Anderson looked very good today.. Moving the pile, creating nice holes.. Jamal had a very good day running threw them.

Zeus did a little work,  Brooks filled in, and did a nice job, both pass blocking and run blocking.. Much more power this year from him..

Boller looked very good today, smooth accurate, no picks, a few touch downs..

Remember I said last week, he was just missing on the deep ball ? Well, he nailed it today several times..

Darling rebounded from yesterday and had several out standing catches, one over the shoulder that brought the crowd to their feet..( again 5,000 + )

Kareem Kelly Yes, He needs to be put in bold for today's camp.. Had Billick standing with him on punt return as the ball came down..
Catches it, runs left, cuts back right, turns on the juice, GONE !

It gets better... 2 minute drill, several diving catches, 1 with one hand.. Nice tight rope on the side lines.. TD.. Just an outstanding day today. Adjusting to the ball with his body very well..

Walls, -- played very well today, sticking to his man, with OUT touching him on double moves and deep routes..

Almond-- played a better safety today. Nice reaction and speed to the ball in the air, breaking up several passes.

Sapp-- very nice job today, had a pick, ( Stewart)..

John Garret had another pick today, as that D ran the Falcons D schemes.. ( Stewart )

One note I want to add-- one of the drills I noticed today, that either I missed earlier in camp, or they never ran before, was working on avoiding the Chop Block Alex Gibbs likes to use. The D line did very well with it, especially Marques Douglas.. He also had a good day today, holding up well in run support, and getting into the back field.

They worked the 2nd string especially hard today in preparation for Thursday's game. The secondary( 2nd string) of Almond & Reville at safety, Sapp & Weary at cb, and Holman as a nickel with Massey alternating did ok. Reville & Massey were the weak links, as the 2nd string O moved down the field for a td with 1 second left..

Trent Smith was running full speed today on the other field. Looked very good, no limp, I talked with him for a few minutes, he is hoping it feels good tomorrow. That has been the problem. One day good, one day sore.. He is nervous about sticking, and anxious to get out there. As Peirce and Wilcox ( both had very good days catching and running) are both doing so well..

PB was finally out there today. Not running at all. In fact, much to my dismay, he was limping as he walked. Does not look good as he grimaced with each step..

Brandon Rager did pretty well today, had him self a sack, but let up as he got to the qb... Billick yelled at him to not stop until he tells them. Held up well in run support, stretching the play out to get support there..

ravenatic out!

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