Ravens Saturday AM Camp Notes

Straight from the sidelines of Ravens training camp, message board vet ravenatic files his Saturday morning notes.<br><br>Look for ravenatic's reports every day during camp. We don't know how he does it but we want his day job.<br><br>

Saturday Camp Notes:

Wow, what an incredibly up beat practice...

Remember I said this now-- The defense is on the verge of Greatness..

Ok, Injuries,, as you heard, Derek Abney is down, separated shoulder , if had had my lap top, you would have heard about this 2 hours ago..

Rabach went out after the goal line series-- major battles, major hitting, more on that later..

Travis Taylor did not practice--hammy

Weary did not practice, or hammy..

Brett Pierce-- went down with a knee injury after a vicious hit in the last scrimmage of the morning, don't know the seriousness, he walked off on his own..

Ok, now for football.. As I said, major hitting in 3rd & 1 situations ( they split 50-50 ) and in goal line- (split 50-50)

Defense kicked it up a notch from Thursday's game

Zeus was back and looked solid all the way around..

Pashos got schooled early and often, just couldn't stay on his man..

Darby looked solid, made some nice holes as Jamal and Chester took it to the house a few times..( he may supplant Pashos )

Kareem Kelly made several great catches today, and looked solid on Punt returns..

Filling in for Dabs was Ed Reed..

Fuller pushed it today more so than in any other practice, during drills, but faltered in the scrimmages..

Coach Thurman has taken a very solid liking of Almond, thinks the kid can stick.. One drill I need to point out, made me laugh.. The db's were working on covering, goal, stay with your man, keep your eyes up.. Almond stayed with his man, but failed to keep his eyes up( he stared at the receiver).. Coach Thurman drills him in the helmet with a ball..

I really like the way Coach Thurman takes on the db's. He shares all his knowledge with them, worked closely with Sapp ( as I said in the past, watch this kid).. Both Sapp & Walls continued to play well..

Boller-- looked ok, not great, as I said our D turned it up, they blitzed him often during the scrimmages.. Three straight passes, he got one off ( 3 & 5 step drops..) Problem was he was hit as he threw, ball fell just short, or it would have been 6. Walls made a nice play getting up in the air to tip it away..

Rabach worked with the 1st team every play, until he got hurt.. Line was better with him in there..

I would point out some D players, but frankly, they all played extremely well, suffocating..

Got burned ( 1st team) Blitzing.. Boller read it, audibles out of a pass to a run. Jamal made one cut, GONE, 65 yards for the TD..

Goal line-- Ray smacked the crap out of Jamal on the play, Jamal stumbled, got his feet, carried a player into the end zone...

Darling looked solid today, the competition for the 3rd receiver slot is going to be tough between he & Hymes.. In fact, 3-5 or 6 is going to be tough, as Ron Johnson, & Kelly both had very good days..

That's a good thing to have. As I said at the beginning of camp, this is the most talented group of players, offense & defense, I have seen in camp going back to 96..

Several players who will be cut, will make another team's squad..

I failed to mention, for Brandon Rager's Dad, Brandon is having a very good camp, working extremely hard, doing every thing asked of him..(Editor's note - Mr. Rager has been known to post on RavensInsider)

Will he make the team ? Hard to say with the talent & depth at line backer..

He has done well dropping back into the passing lanes, and holding up against the run..

His best shot is to replace some one on special teams, and he just might.. He is a solid player,non stop motor..

Just wanted his Dad to know that, should he read these notes

ravenatic out!

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