Billick makes statement on Jamal Lewis

Billick issued a new statement on running back Jamal Lewis, who faces a Nov. 1 trial on federal drug conspiracy charges in Atlanta:

"For the moment, nothing has changed with how the Ravens will continue to work with Jamal Lewis. We'll deal with the circumstances involved in his due process as they arise.

"Until then, we'll continue to support Jamal, respect the judicial proceedings and, at the strong suggestion of Jamal's attorneys, not address these matters publicly or with the media."

NEW REPRESENTATION: All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis has hired David Dunn as his agent, according to NFL Players Association documents. Lewis recently fired agents Eugene Parker and Roosevelt Barnes, the men who negotiated a $50 million contract extension that included a $19 million signing bonus.

JURISPRUDENCE: The attorney for former Ravens running back Dameon Hunter said that his client is no longer a defendant in the kidnapping case of Brian Robbins.

"Dameon is now a state government witness," attorney Stephen Tully said. "A suspect is in jail and will be tried in Baltimore County with Dameon as a cooperating witness."

Hunter had been charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping after officers responded to a call from retired Baltimore Orioles legend Cal Ripken's home. Ripken discovered Robbins bleeding profusely at his doorstep last Thanksgiving due to stabbing and gunshot wounds.

During the investigation, detectives learned that the suspects used the victim's cell phone during the kidnapping. William H. Gunn was identified and charged as the shooter, and phone records showed that Hunter was involved.

QUICK HIT: Billick on rookie cornerback Lance Frazier, an undrafted player from West Virginia: "I know who he is and that's saying a lot."

Aaron Wilson writes for the Carroll County Times.

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