Ravens Tuesday AM Camp Notes

Once again, reporting as it happens, our permanent fixture on the sidelines at McDaniel College 'ravenatic' files his Tuesday report.<br><br>Lots of Boller observations in this one.

Great camp today folks, Huge crowd, TV cameras ( I guess every one wanted was looking for a Deion sighting - didn't happen..)

Injuries, no new ones...

Rabach -- was out there, no pads, running, doing some drills, looked fine, we shall see how he feels later, that is the key.

Fred Weary-- was out, as usual, not running, just watching..

Abney -- no pads, hard to run in a sling..

Zeus-- not present, keep praying for him & his family, mom is not doing well..


Fassel was working closely with Harris while Kyle & Gaither ran running plays with the offense.  He also took Kyle and Josh and worked with them throwing while being hit. Using a pad to hit them as they threw.

Coach Fassel and Billick were working with Kyle on arm position while throwing certain patterns.

During drills, and pattern work with receivers, Kyle had NO poor throws, completed every pass on the mark.. Harris threw won to Clarence Moore, Moore makes a shoe string catch, and keeps on hauling..

Other drills-- receivers & db's worked on coverages and route adjustments..

Told Devoe is having an up & down camp..

He made a great diving catch off a Harris throw. Two plays later, Boller fed him over the middle, perfect throw, went right through his hands, in FRONT of Billick... Few plays later, had another go off his hands on a crossing route.

He did make up for it, burning Frazier deep showing good speed and catching an 80 yard td pass..

During the scrimmages, Boller was lights out. Making great decisions, getting the ball out ( I brought my stop watch today) in 3 seconds, and accurate..

In the 2 minute drill he was flawless,  I say that , not only because he completed every pass, checked all his reads quickly, and hit the open man, but because from Billick, Cavs, and Fassel all at once they said : " Perfect Kyle ".

He brought the crowd to their feet on a throw over the middle to Heap, threading the needle on a laser throw for a 25 yard gain. This brought them to the 20 yard line (Heap might have scored, but they stopped it there), with 10 seconds left.

Final throw was in the end zone, Kyle threw an out pattern ( proper read) Darling ran a post into coverage, pass incomplete.

During scrimmages, Kyle had 2 incomplete passes, one was dropped.. Threw a perfect pass to KJ deep, between the db & safety for a 65 yard td.

Walls-- played very well today, closing on the ball, breaking up a Harris pass and picking one off..

Dumas and Darby-- both did well today, holding up in pass protection when working against our #1 D, and creating lanes for Chester, Musa, and Chapman to run..

One battle right in front of me during scrimmages: Brooks vs Green ( Green was the DE).. run left, Green tries to throw Brooks aside and make a play.. Brooks held up well, run got 5 yards..( Green appeared to hurt his arm on that play, but stayed in ).

For 6 series, Brooks held his ground.. Green did abuse Rimpf( who was playing tackle) and would have put him on his back side, but the QB ( Harris) saved him..

Kelly had a shaky day taking punts, Catching them low, not in position to run( squatting).. muffed one as well.. This brought the anger from Billick as he yelled while walking down to Kelly & Brightfull..

Brightfull didn't drop any..

Green did have a good day, putting pressure in the back field, knocking down a Harris pass..

That's all for today - ravenatic out!


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