Ravens Wednesday AM Camp Notes

Another timely camp update from message board veteran ravenatic, immediately filed and published for your perusal. Watch this space each day for camp updates as they happen.

Wednesday Notes:

Rabach- was back in pads, ding light work, walk threw reps mostly, light contact.. Good to see..

Stewart- working with the second team, throwing fine though erratic..

Dabs- was out there watching..

Weary-- missed practice again..

Douglas- appeared to hurt his right arm, hyper extension it appeared to me, I saw the play.. He stayed in practice..

Boller-- another sharp practice. Drills included man coverage- where to throw the ball,, Nailed 9 out of 10 on that drill.. Receivers adjusted well to the ball, as he each time the DB positioned him self differently..

In red zone drills, Boller had it nailed down.. Applause from Fassel, and a "Atta Boy Kyle " from Billick..

A few times I took on Boller-- 7 step, play action, 3.84 seconds to get the pass off, and completed it a few times..

5 step drop & release-- 1.76 seconds,, again, completed, 10 yards,,

3 step drop- 1.45 seconds, quick hit to the out side, complete 8 yards..

Defense did mostly a walk threw for Friday's game, little drills..

Scrimmages were mostly fringe players.. from here on out, we shall call that fringe scrim..

Good camps today from:

Kelly- caught every thing no chance on punts, will explain in a minute.

Ron Johnson- ( finger tip catch at the back of the end zone, keeping his toes in bounds..)

Darling- caught most of every thing, did run an improper route, but made up for it with a red zone TD catch in the corner..

K Johanson- working well with Boller, seems to know where the ball will go when in tight coverage,,, Great hands..

Hymes-- up & down day, seemed lackadaisical today, made some great catches in the end zone, but also dropped a few.. 1 big one in the 2 minute drill, with 5 seconds left he drops a Harris pass going down low for it.  Billick shook his head..

Clarence Moore ( soon I will just say Moore )-- nice patterns, caught just about every thing, out leaped Frazier ( more on him ) for a TD in the back of the end zone..

Cecil Moore-- WAS penciled in for having a very good day, but in the fringe scrim, he false started from the flanker position in the red zone ( 10 yard line), then, to compound that mistake, he stops completely as the play keeps going. Billick was HOT He yelled, ( echoing through Westminster) "If your going to false start GET YOUR ASS OFF OUT OF MY DRILL". Last we saw of Moore..

Fringe scrim,:  during it, Billick called a time out, brought the entire team together at the 50 and chewed 'em out.. Lackluster play..

Green-- very good day, busting up plays in the back field, would have had 2 sacks ( 2nd string O ).. Also did well in Zone coverage, staying with his man ( Wilcox ) threw the zone.. Couldn't stay with Jones in man coverage on a crossing route.. 15 yard gain..

Frazier-- Had a very good day covering.. Broke up many plays to day on deep out routes.. One, leaping with Clarence Moore to break it up...

He Also TOOK PUNTS-- shined.. caught every one with no pressure.. they went live, caught it, took a serious shot, and held on.. Gained 4 more yards..

He took all of Kelly's snaps for that...

Holman-- excellent day in man coverage on KJ, Kelly, and Hymes.

CBS crew was out, Simms, Nantz, & company, Simms liked what he saw of Boller..

Ok, a new feature... I am going to say 3 names who are definitely going to get cut.. I know of a few more, but will wait on them...

Brightfull- is gone

Cecil Moore-- gone

Todd Devoe-- gone

I say Devoe, because he was relegated to practice Db during receiver drills, not taking any passes..

One more note---

Crowd was HUGE !!

Two guys sitting next to me today were watching the passing drills..Commented on how good Boller looked.. Then they keep chatting.  Kyle misses one, they see that.. Then completes one, tThey are chatting and don't see it.. Stewart steps in and throws a horrible out pattern.. They say: " Well, 2 horrible passes for Kyle, guess we should get used to it"..

I bring this up because of conflicting reports from fans & media..

They watch for a few minutes, then turn away.. When they look back, they see a ball on the ground, hear the crowd groan, and assume, it was this player or that player.. Instead of watching the play through out..

That's all for today.  ravenatic - out!


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