Ravens Thursday AM Camp Notes

Thursday's camp report from our man on the sidelines at McDaniel - ravenatic.<br><br> Look for morning reports throughout camp.

Thursday Notes:

Great camp today folks, nice crowd even with the threat of rain and some light drizzle occasionally.

On to football. . .

No injuries today, they practiced with no pads, getting ready for tomorrow. 

Surprise, Weary practiced today and should play tomorrow.  

Zeus was not present, and will not play tomorrow or go to Phili. 

Casey Rabach worked out lightly, will NOT play against the Iggles. 

Boller-- Crisp & Clean No caffiene. . Seriously, he was on the mark on most every throw, looked smooth in the pocket, read the blitz well.  

Darling- looked sharp today, expect him to be the 3rd receiver tomorrow. 

Hymes- had a few drops, it appears he is getting down on him self, lost some confidence. 

KJ-- incredible hands, great day today, talked with him briefly after the camp , real nice guy as well. 

R Johnson-- good day, missed one catch down low at the side lines ( Harris). 

Defense, Frazier had a pick ( Gaither), Holman played well, Walls, Sapp too when in coverage. 

Jarret Johnson will get the start at DE, with Kemo and Edwards next in line. .

BJ Sams stayed after practice and caught punts, looked great, Coach Z was with him and Greathouse was punting.  Didn't drop any, and was always in position to make a move after the catch.  Coach Z said 2 week before he sees action, they want to be care-full with him. 

Pretty much a light day, Ray & company had their numbers 1-9 on, confusing many fans. 

The team was in great spirits, bouncing around, jawing & all. 

That's it for Thursday!

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