Ravens Monday AM Camp Notes

Today's on-the-spot camp report brings some bad news about Flynn. Thanks to ravenatic for his daily camp reports found only on Ravens Insider. Tune in daily for up to date camp coverage.

Monday's notes from the sidelines:

Mike Flynn - word is broken clavicle on Flynn, awaiting X Rays

OK, despite losing Flynn for what appears to be a while, it was a very good camp. My sources are digging deep and staying late to find out how severe Flynn's injury is.. ( get me media credentials..)

OK, sad news to report, for me any way, perhaps some of you. Tomorrow is the last practice at Westminster, I thought they would run to Thursday at least, but no such luck.. That mean no more reports from me..


Flynn- as we said

Weary-- shocker huh ? He was running on the side though,

Heap- day to day

Weaver- day to day- will not play this week end..

Travis Taylor- day to day..
Fuller- day to day

Rabach was back ,

Zeus- still taking care of his parents..

Now for football lady bugs & gerbils..

Boller-- Great day today... had one mediocre series of drills, Before that, 3-3 in stop & goes patters..

5 yard out patterns--4-4 good zip on the ball in both..

Crossing routes- 10 yards- 5-5 on the money, thrown before the cut.. 

10 yard in route-- 5-6, Devoe stopped too short, This brought Billick's ire up, as he scolded the receivers.. Restart-- 4-5, one went threw KJ's hands it was a bit high..

15 yard crossing- 3-3

Seem/post patterns 1st time- 5-5 lead them perfectly, good air under them.. Second time around, made the receiver stop at times, and was low on one..

During the 7 on 7 drills, he was lights out, Scoring often, perfect passes, ( yes he missed 2 ).. 

2 minute drill, drove the team down getting sacked once, but came back with great passes.. Scored with 10 seconds left on a perfect read.. Saw the coverage inside in the end zone, threw a perfect pass out side, BEFORE Wilcox made his move.. Wilcox also made the proper read, taking it to the corner and snatching the pass out of the air.. 20 yards..

As one of the celebrities said, it looked like the defense was aggravated on how well Kyle was picking them apart.. 

Great reads on that drive..

11 on 11.. again, hit almost 85 % of his passes, checked down well, leading to a Jamal TD run of 30 yards..

Other stand outs-- Kareem Kelly put a move on Hunter ( Javin your jock is still on the field) then turned the jets on for a 70 yard touch down. ( Stewart qb)..

My Man Clarence Moore-- Great day catching the ball.. Several leaping catches, even more diving catches..

Ron Johnson -- fantastic day-- diving, leaping, in traffic, man draped all over him catches.. 

All those were with Stewart & Harris throwing..

Incredible upbeat practice, they were going after each other... Billick had to call them together during one stretch.. My guess, ( I couldn't hear it) was to tell them to tone it down.. ( This was after Flynn got hurt )...

Had a fight today, great to see..

One drill, they have the qb ( this time it was Boller) work with 1 receiver against a db and safety.. ( he did very, very well in this drill ).. He throws a wr screen to Ron Johnson, Sapp ( I thought it was Baxter from my view point) ( thanks Mark Viviano for correcting me through Tony Lombardi )

So, Sapp nails the cleats off of Johnson.. They fall to the ground, Johnson gets up swinging, Sapp answers back.. The group and caches there gather and separate.. Johnson comes over to field one to work in the other drills, jawing the entire way.. 

Punt returns-- Sams and Frazier did very well.. Sam dropped on, but Devoe interfered with him on it.. Pretty much spells the end to Frightfull..

Sightings today--- Several posters from www.ravensinsider.com  , great to see y'all...

Dev, BillicktoCanton, Jim, Mark Viviano, Game Time host, Ravens24x7 author Tony Lombardi... Great talking with you guys..

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