Ravens Insiders Chat Transcript

Join Aaron Wilson and the Insiders as they discuss the Ravens loss against the Browns, current injuries, upcoming game aganist the Steelers, coaching staff thoughts, player assessments, and more!

aaronwilson Good evening everyone. Ready for your questions.
adminsteve How's JO?
Chuck Any chance on Matt C calling more than 5 plays this week?
aaronwilson Jonathan Ogden said he feels much better and will practice tomorrow. He said it was simply too soon for him to play against the Browns. Obviously, Ethan Brooks, who's out for two weeks with a sprained medial collateral ligament that's more severe than Ogden's injury, surrendered three sacks.
jtpenn Is there any interest in McCardell? Or are we to close to the cap?
aaronwilson Matt Cavanaugh calls roughly every play every week with input from Brian Billick.
aaronwilson They would like to have Keenan McCardell, just unwilling to trade a pick for him. Waiver claim wouldn't work, either.
jtpenn They wouldn't trade a 3rd round pick for him?
aaronwilson No, they wouldn't.
Chuck rephrase -- does Matt C know more than 5 plays to call during a game?
jtpenn Was Cornell Brown cut today?
aaronwilson That's up for debate. The playbook is more extensive than you've seen, just not utilized fully.
aaronwilson No announcement was made regarding Cornell Brown. Where did you hear that?
jtpenn Just read it on another board. I haven't seen anything official
aaronwilson Speculation, or a published report?
aaronwilson Just curious.
jtpenn Speculation
aaronwilson I know Harold Morrow is likely to be brought back at some point to aid the kick coverage.
jtpenn Good. Morrow is great on special teams
Raven_Mad I heard Billick on a radio show tonight and he actually said Ethan Brooks didn't do so bad. Do they serve alcohol at the Owings Mills complex?
jtpenn I want to say first. I'm not a Boller hater. But honestly, I have not seen any real progress any the first game. Have you?
aaronwilson Only on special occasions. No, Brian Billick is merely sticking up for a player he'll likely need again rather than throw him down the well after one game. Ethan Brooks is passable at right tackle, woefully inadequate at left tackle.
Raven_Mad I have never been one to complain about the system but Billick was saying we don't have the people to run 3-4 wideouts and is going to go to 3TE more this weekend. Don't we need to spread the field to open up the run game?
aaronwilson I've seen better mechanics and pocket presence, decision-making, but he had so far to go that any progress is not going to make him an all-star. He still needs a lot of work. Joe Theismann told me today that he thinks it's too early to close the book on Kyle, but believes he's being overcoached. His opinion on Kyle: ""He needs to be a football player and get the ball to his receivers. He's got to relax and stop trying to be perfect.""
aaronwilson Obviously, the strength of their personnel isn't the receivers, who struggle to gain separation. The tight ends are one of the offense's best assets collectively after the running backs led by All-Pro Jamal Lewis.
ravenatic Aaron, regarding the roster, what are they going to do when both PB and Wright come off the PUP list ?
aaronwilson They'll cut a few players, possibly a defensive back or linebacker in addition to keeping Josh Harris on the practice squad.
ravenatic Perhaps Cornell Brown ?
Raven_Mad I never hear anyone talk about the fact that our OL was last in Sacks per pass attempt last year and it wasn't even close. Are Jim Colletto and the player personnel people overvaluing our OL talent (except JO & Edwin)
aaronwilson Perhaps. His roster status isn't as assured as it used to be. Keep in mind he's a special-teams asset, though.
crowdog89 I have a couple of questions. 1. Has there been any talk about bringing some O line help here...such as Fontenot or any of the other vet centers and line men recently released?
aaronwilson No, I just think they try to get by with less at this position rather than loading up with free agents and high draft picks. It's a philosophy the personnel department has fostered for years. At some point, they have to upgrade, probably as soon as this off-season. Just not immediately.
jtpenn Are there any plays with Kordell as a wr?? If not, why not?
aaronwilson They are scouring the waiver wire, but appear unlikely to make an immediate move unless it gets even worse in terms of depth.
Raven_Mad I like Zastudil but don't you think he has not lived up to his 4th round pick?
aaronwilson No, Kordell is a quarterback, period. They aren't going to revise his ""Slash"" role even if it would give him something to do.
aaronwilson I would have to concur, unless he breaks through this season. He had a rough game Sunday back in his hometown.
Chuck have you spent time with the time in last 2 days -- what is the ""mood""?
aaronwilson The mood of whom?
geohal Kordell has been in the league for what ten years and still cannot read a defense. Why is he here
Chuck the team -- their atmosphere
aaronwilson He was the most experienced quarterback available that wanted this job.
bmoreinjungle How about the receivers any idea if they are going to try to increase the depth? A couple key Receivers went down this weekend so Keenan McCardell's stock should surely rise, are we interested in Keenan?
jtpenn Speaking of Z, that 4th round pick was mind boggling. Wasn't he supposed to be the next Ray Guy. We saw a guy sun that was in out camp last year in Frost that looked a lot better than Z
aaronwilson They are kind of shocked at what happened. It's deflating to them, discouraging but they're obviously confident that they can play much better.
Chuck I would hope that they would be spitting nails po'd!
Raven_Mad When did the change in philosophy from big run stuffers to smaller quicker interior DL men take place and was this a Nolan thing?
aaronwilson Of course, if they could obtain him for nothing. A trade isn't in the cards, though. A waiver wire pickup doesn't work because of the team's record last year.
geohal would you go after receivers or add depth to the Offensive line ?
aaronwilson High hopes were cast with Zastudil. He's proved to be a solid player, not an elite punter to date. He has potential and could develop still.
Raven_Mad Not to be a doomsdayer but last year the Steelers were projected to be SB contenders and fell apart, what are the odds of that being us this year?
aaronwilson They're very angry, they don't walk around the training complex venting to reporters, though. What good does that do?
aaronwilson It was the personnel they had left over when Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams left.
aaronwilson This is the best they could do without salary cap space to burn.
jtpenn How long will the team wait on Boller if they keep struggling on offense?
aaronwilson Offensive line.
aaronwilson He's got a lot of rope. I would think he'll be the quarterback all season unless he gets hurt, or does so badly that Anthony Wright could reenter the picture. It's unlikely Billick would admit that it's not working and shelve Boller. He's only played 10 games.
geohal When Wright gets back do you think Kordell's days are numbered?
jtpenn I understand that he's only played 10 ganes..but Palmer looked a lot better than Boller has ever looked and he's only played 1 game
aaronwilson He'll become fairly obsolete, but since he's a vested veteran and they have to pay him this year's salary anyway, he'll stick around. Plus, Wright's shoulder is a question mark until he proves he can return to full strength.
Raven_Mad Aaron, do you think we have any chance of being the flop that Pittsburgh was last year?
aaronwilson I agree with you, but there's not much that can be done. They've painted themselves into a corner, made a commitment. Now, they have to figure out how to make it work. It's a harsh reality and the football team's fortune hinges on his success.
Raven_Mad Remember Cincy has all 1st & 2nd round picks on OL and 2 solid receivers
aaronwilson I doubt the Ravens will disintegrate like that unless they have more injuries to key players or don't find a way to reintegrate the running game.
crowdog89 2. How seriously is TT injured? And do they think DVD will hold up? What are the plans if any, for Moore?
aaronwilson Exactly. The Bengals, believe it or not, are starting to become a model offense.
aaronwilson Travis Taylor is hurt pretty badly. This could take a few weeks to heal. I think Devard Darling's quadriceps is doing all right. Clarence Moore impressed the coaching staff in preseason, but they only use a few receivers, so his impact is likely to be negligible.
jtpenn Any plans on putting Deion on offense??
aaronwilson Taylor will likely be listed as questionable on the injury report and Randy Hymes would start at split end opposite Kevin Johnson.
Dev21 Will we see more of Daniel Wilcox in the two-tight end formations as opposed to Terry Jones?
aaronwilson No immediate plans for that in the forecast. I think he'll return more punts, though.
Raven_Mad Ozzie & Savage get a lot of praise and deservedly so but they seem to have a blind spot for receiving, quarterbacking, and OL talent. Any chance they augment their staff to improve their insight in this area?
aaronwilson You could, because Wilcox is such an adept receiver. He's more of an H-back than a tight end and gives team a different dimension than Terry Jones.
crowdog89 The Bengals worked the right way by getting O line....in the top rounds instead of the lower rounds. Ravens also had failed experiments with Searcy and others.
aaronwilson I doubt they would bring in different scouts. They haven't excelled in those areas. Self-study of their draft boards tells them that their ratings of successful receivers and quarterbacks was similar to other teams' boards.
Dev21 As for this week's game plan, the Steelers have had most of their trouble against spread out formations. Do you think using more of a spread out look will benefit the Ravens, not only to pass the ball but to run it as well?
aaronwilson A miss in free agency like Leon Searcy is more than expensive. It's a setback that can haunt a team for a few years, as can a first-round pick (Re: Taylor) that doesn't work out ideally.
geohal Any plans to open the play book and have more quick drops just to give Boller some confidence ?
aaronwilson I think the Steelers' secondary is vulnerable, but with all the trouble Baltimore had last season when it threw so much in the opener, I doubt they do that again.
aaronwilson I'm sure he'll throw more slants and outs. The deep ball isn't his strength right now.
ravenatic have they become disenchanted with Jones ? bad camp, poor 1st game ?
aaronwilson He didn't catch that many passes in training camp. I think it's more of a case of Wilcox being the new kid on the block who has caught the coaches' eye.
aaronwilson Jones' blocking is a big asset, though.
ravenatic he has missed several blocks throughout camp and on Sunday
aaronwilson It's unclear why he hasn't played as well as last year, but his first two seasons warrant not abandoning him after a rough month.
jtpenn Wilcox was a great find..why didn't he last in TB?
aaronwilson No true position, classic tweener.
ravenatic I agree Aaron
ravenatic how's Rimpf looking I know the coaches are high on him ?
POPSinPA OK, I was late and I'm sure this has been asked and if so just ignore but are we looking at anyone for Oline help?
aaronwilson We don't get to watch practice anymore, so I'm not sure how he's doing.
aaronwilson Rimpf is solid, good size.
aaronwilson Not immediately, they're aware of the waiver wire, not optimistic about upgrading by signing someone.
POPSinPA sigh!
ravenatic Brian said on his show they knew Ethan was hurt and having trouble, why not chip block to help him ?
aaronwilson They were trying to get something going downfield. In retrospect, he needed more help, or should have been taken out for Damion Cook, a more mobile athlete.
jtpenn How is Wright progressing after his injury? And when will he be able to come back?
aaronwilson Wright is doing well. I think he has a good shot at being available Oct. 24 after the bye week.
ravenatic can you pass our prayers onto Orlando for us ?
Dev21 how do you think Cook could hold up at LT if he needed to play there?
aaronwilson Definitely. I think he'll be there tomorrow. The big man has a big heart, and it's truly sad. He was extremely close to his mom.
aaronwilson I think Cook might jump offsides too much, but his size and footwork are pretty encouraging.
ravenatic thank you
jtpenn In retrospect, don't you think this team would have been better off signing a QB like Collins in the offseason to start...i know how much is invested in Boller, but this team is built to win now.
aaronwilson There's a common misperception that Kerry Collins wanted to come here under the circumstances of joining a team with a bad passing game for a minimum salary behind a 23-year-old quarterback.
aaronwilson He didn't.
jtpenn Yeah, i understand that if we would have paid Collins $$, we wouldn't have kept some of our FA like Thomas
crowdog89 Collins would get killed behind our line.
POPSinPA OK Aaron, what is your take on Boller? Is he capable of doing the job this year?
aaronwilson Exactly, then they would be in a real tough situation outside because of Peter Boulware's injury. It was a calculated move based partly on what Brian Billick told me shortly after the season: that Boulware's knee injury would take a long time to heal.
aaronwilson He's capable of playing better, but I question his accuracy and consistency. It's also tough to improve on the job. I'm not sure how well he'll do. Right now, it appears to be a gloomy outlook, but remember it's one game so have some perspective.
ravenatic any thoughts on moving Flynn to guard when he heals ?
aaronwilson That's unlikely especially with how Orpheus Roye bull-rushed Casey Rabach on Sunday.
POPSinPA Why is it you think we don't run more play action? I mean like a really really lot of it? It just seems to me that should be our staple.
crowdog89 Any chance we get a bonafide offensive coordinator in here next year and get rid of Mickey Mouse?
ravenatic crow stop drinking
crowdog89 Err Matt Cavanaugh.
aaronwilson Kyle Boller's play-action fakes are better than last year, not as obvious, but he's no Peyton Manning in this department. They need to be less predictable in general, and play-action has been somewhat telegraphed of late.
jtpenn Why was the FO and Billick so hell bent on resigning Brooks after last year?
aaronwilson I doubt they would make a change unless this year goes completely backward from last year's baby steps of progress on offense.
aaronwilson They're familiar with him and somewhat comfortable since he's started in the past. They like him as a person and Jim Colletto has always been high on him.
crowdog89 Speaking of play action...So, that's why they only use PA a few times a game...because it's telegraphed? What?
aaronwilson They don't seem to disguise it very well.
aaronwilson And it doesn't have the intended effect.
crowdog89 These are pros we're talking about....they've had a whole year to work on it.
aaronwilson I get that, but you're asking me why and I'm telling you why. It's a rough situation.
POPSinPA It might work better if they used it more. We so seldom do it that the other team never buys in
crowdog89 It all goes back to Mickey in my book
aaronwilson He can't play for them, though. It's a collective problem. It can't be simplified.
jtpenn Any plans on trying to get J Lewis the ball more through the air?
aaronwilson The personnel, the playbook, the execution, they all go together.
harldavi It just seems to me that if me and my father can sit on the couch and tell what play the Ravens O will be running next any D coordinator in the NFL can as well
crowdog89 Why does he use the same 4 plays...ask him that if you would.
aaronwilson They said they would do so, but I've yet to see it. I'm not sure why the backs aren't employed more often. However, it's one game, and they could still change.
Chuck could it be that we oversimplified the play calling to the point that there is absolutely no surprises?
aaronwilson Obviously, that's true.
POPSinPA So what your saying is we have an offense built for play action, and a million dollar QB that can't run it? Typical
aaronwilson It's fairly vanilla. They need to spice it up while sticking with their strong suit: running the football.
aaronwilson You got it.
aaronwilson I'm just the messenger, though.
aaronwilson Until I see something different, I have no reason to think differently.
Chuck fairly vanilla might be the understatement of the week! :-)
aaronwilson Couple of more questions, guys.
ravenatic where do they plan to use BJ on offense ?
ravenatic I have heard of special plays ???
crowdog89 It is so frustrating being a fan of this team on the offensive side of the ball...especially for the past 6 years
jtpenn I really don't have a problem with most of the play calling. I just see the same things as last year..Overthrown passes and passes that bounce 5 yards in front of the WR's
aaronwilson Running back, probably a swing pass or two.
aaronwilson I know, but what can you do. Like family, sometimes you have to accept shortcomings.
aaronwilson Execution is the major key, not what they do. The Green Bay sweep wasn't complicated, just perfect.
POPSinPA We do have one play we run perfect.
POPSinPA Boller rolls right and throws out of bounds.
harldavi Not last week
aaronwilson Two more questions, guys. Haven't had dinner yet.
POPSinPA He is getting very good at that
ravenatic why was Ed Reed not trying for the Block ?
crowdog89 But we are running Nebraska option plays...what...Callahan send his old playbooks here?
aaronwilson They were trying to set up a punt return.
aaronwilson I guess so. It's rough. I can't argue with you and wouldn't even try to defend what's happening.
harldavi I just have a feeling we will see 4-4-3 this week at some point...
Chuck does Fassel play any roll at all in the play calling
crowdog89 I know Aaron....you're cool
drkraven Its an understatement to say we are all unhappy
aaronwilson Jim Fassel isn't there on Sundays.
Chuck no input through the week either?
aaronwilson He was there today and yesterday working on the game plan.
aaronwilson He helps out, but he's part-time, remember.
aaronwilson He took the train back to New Jersey tonight.
aaronwilson Anything else, guys. Have time for a few more.
crowdog89 How much input does he have with Boller?
aaronwilson He's Boller's tutor, so he has considerable input.
harldavi Sorry I came late did anyone ask about McCardell?
crowdog89 A few of us have seen some improvement in Boller...regardless of what others may think
aaronwilson Yes, it's unlikely to happen. They are unwilling to trade.
harldavi Thanks
aaronwilson Two more questions.
harldavi What is your feeling on how it will go this Sunday
POPSinPA Are we gonna beat Pitt this weekend?
aaronwilson I think the Steelers' style of play will work better for the Ravens' approach and it should be a dogfight.
aaronwilson I think you'll probably win.
aaronwilson Guys, I've got to get going. Thanks for all the great questions. We'll have to do this again soon.
ravenatic thanks Aaron
crowdog89 Keep up the good work with the articles
aaronwilson Thanks for reading.

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