Ravens haven't forgotten Porter's cheap shot

OWINGS MILLS - Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick acknowledged that Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter's hit on tight end Todd Heap didn't violate the NFL rulebook. <br><br> However, Billick did question Monday whether Porter knocking an obviously-injured Heap to the ground was outside an unofficial rule of conduct.

"It never ceases to amaze me as competitive as this game is, as violent and vicious as it might be, pro players tend to be professional," Billick said. "There's a code of ethics amongst one another that you conduct yourself a certain way.

"I don't think what he did was illegal. Now, the league needs to look at that. Maybe we should legislate something in that situation to keep someone from getting injured."

PENALIZED: The Ravens were flagged 10 times for 123 yards, including six unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

Nickel back Deion Sanders and safety Ed Reed were penalized for taking off their helmets. Sanders said his skull cap obscured his vision during a 23-yard return. Reed removed his helmet after a Steelers score.

"Stupid, shouldn't happen again," Billick said. "You have to give Deion a great deal of credit for how quickly he had an answer. If you watch it, it fits. He gets points for that.

"Fortunately, it didn't cost us. I'd be very surprised if you saw Ed Reed pull his helmet off again."

Plus, offensive line coach Jim Colletto interfered with an official after stepping beyond the white barrier.

"It's legitimate," Billick said. "We've got to be out of there and he tripped up the official. I've been at this 15 years, I've never once seen it called, but this is Baltimore."

KEMO PRAISED: Nose guard Maake Kemoeatu filled in for starter Kelly Gregg and earned a game ball from the coaching staff for his work against tough center Jeff Hartings.

"They tested my limits," Kemoeatu said, who was credited with five tackles.

Gregg will be out for at least another week after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery last week to repair a torn meniscus.

"We challenged Kemo when Kelly Gregg went down: 'You have got to step up. You've got to raise your level of play,' and that's exactly what he did," Billick said.

SCRAMBLER: Quarterback Kyle Boller flashed his mobility against the Steelers with 34 rushing yards.

"He does have decent speed for a quarterback," Billick said. "We felt when we took Kyle there was some hidden yardage in his athleticism because he is a good athlete."

TRAINING ROOM: Cornerback Gary Baxter took a pain-killer to play through a lacerated hand, and his left thumb bled throughout the contest.

"This thumb hurts so bad I just want to cut it off," Baxter said. "It's not going to completely heal until I get a week off, but there's no way a thumb injury is going to keep me out of a game."

QUICK HITS: Linebacker Ray Lewis was credited with 17 tackles after the coaches' film review after being credited with seven tackles Sunday. … Billick awarded game balls to running back Chester Taylor and punter Dave Zastudil. … In defensive coordinator Mike Nolan's first game coaching from the sidelines, he mistakenly called a timeout when Billick was already challenging an official's call. "That won't happen again, believe me," Billick said. "I will call the timeouts. It was just a communication gap there."

Aaron Wilson writes for the Carroll County Times

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