Ravens Insiders' Chat Transcript - Sept. 21, 2004

Join the Insiders and Aaron Wilson as they discuss the Ravens personnel moves today, injury status, the upcoming game against the Bengals, and more!

aaronwilson Good evening, everyone. Ready for your questions.
awalt I'll tee a question up - Aaron, any inside scoop on why they let Gerome Sapp go? He's young, they only have 3 safeties on the roster now (not incl. Fuller), seems something else may have been going on?
aaronwilson Yes, the Ravens signed Marques Ogden, younger brother of tackle Jonathan Ogden, and defensive end Demetrin Veal. They released linebacker Brandon Barnes, center Lenny Vandermade and defensive lineman David Upchurch. Plus, former Ravens return specialist Lamont Brightful was released after fumbling three times for the Miami Dolphins and former Ravens safety Gerome Sapp is headed to the Indianapolis Colts.
adminsteve The board lit up on Monday night when Brightful muffed it
aaronwilson It seems curious definitely considering that Corey Fuller is older and is a close friend of Deion Sanders. It wasn't the organization's finest hour to be certain.
adminsteve Any insight as to who they may put in the 8th ps spot?
awalt So nobody is talking about the reasoning behind Sapp's release?
aaronwilson That said, Fuller could possibly and I realize it sounds implausible, add something if the injuries really snowball in the secondary. He does have a lot of experience and is still a smart, albeit slower player.
aaronwilson Don't be shocked if it's a familiar name for that eight practice squad spot.
awalt Someone already released this year?
aaronwilson Exactly, someone who has already been in camp most likely, or they could demote Pashos or someone one else to practice squad depending upon depth.
aaronwilson Remember, Ethan Brooks is likely to be back in a week or so.
awalt I am hoping Eric Dumas comes back. He hasn't signed anywhere has he?
aaronwilson Not that he inspired any confidence by allowing three sacks against the Browns, though.
aaronwilson I don't think he has, haven't seen all the league's practice squads to be honest with you. They are fringe players to be honest with you. We spend far too much time concerning ourselves with who makes it.
drkraven How is Todd Heap doing?
aaronwilson The Kelly Gregg and Mike Flynn and Randy Hymes practice squad success stories are really rare.
aaronwilson Todd is still on crutches, his ankle is very tender and sore and turning black and blue as the swelling sets in. He'll miss two to four weeks.
awalt How are Kelly Gregg, Travis Taylor, and Mike Flynn rehabbing? Will Taylor play Sunday?
drkraven That just sounds painful ouch
DarkSide It's not been our way to cut young players like Sapp in favor of end-of-line vets like Fuller. Rumor has it the staff wanted Fuller cut. Is there possibly dissension between Billick and his staff over this?
aaronwilson Kelly Gregg might play on Sunday. He wants to, but the team will likely err on the side of caution. Travis Taylor will likely be out until after the bye week. Mike Flynn is angling for a return just prior to the bye week, but it's pushing it. Taylor won't play for weeks.
aaronwilson A few people on both sides of the hall didn't agree with this call, but obviously don't want to publicly disagree with Brian Billick and Ozzie Newsome's decision.
awalt What does both sides of the hall mean - offense / defense or management/coaching staff?
aaronwilson It's out of character for Baltimore and not indicative of the way they usually do business and make decisions. That said, Gerome Sapp wasn't the next Ronnie Lott, just a hard-working tough kid who had a lot of heart and a great personality. He has a future in this league.
aaronwilson Personnel department/coaching staff.
DarkSide Do you know if Savage is angry over this?
aaronwilson No, I honestly don't.
awalt How is Peter Boulware looking? Is he running or anything yet? Does he still walk with a limp?
aaronwilson He's still limping, but is capable of jogging. It's touch-and-go for him returning after the bye week.
aaronwilson It's a year-long injury almost and he only got hurt in December. Pretty significant knee lesion.
awalt They said they would start to negotiate CMac's contract once he signed the tender. Have you heard anything?
aaronwilson They kept negotiating, but remember what I wrote about his agent's stance: He expected no deal to get done.
drkraven Has anything new been said about Porters hit on Heap?
aaronwilson Ozzie Newsome said they're still working on Jonathan Ogden's new deal, too.
aaronwilson No, not since Brian Billick and Todd Heap's comments on Monday.
adminsteve Hey Crow.
crowdog89 Any chance we'll see Moore in the lineup?
aaronwilson Yes, he played last week. Brian Billick said that both he and Devard Darling are likely to be active Sunday. Keep in mind that Todd Heap was essentially the third wideout because he played roughly half his snaps at receiver anyway. That changes now since he's hurt and Terry Jones can't line up wide.
aaronwilson Dan Wilcox is more of an H-back type.
awalt Zastudil had a much better game. Are they doing anything to improve his performance, is he injured, fatigued, having mechanical problems or anything? Seems his performance got worse last year, and game 1 he was pretty bad IMHO.
aaronwilson He had a hamstring injury last year. He rebounded from the first week pretty well and downed a few punts inside the 20 against Pittsburgh.
aaronwilson Punted much better.
awalt What's the coaching staff thinking about the Bengals? Anything in particular that worries them or do they think this is a very winnable game if they just avoid mistakes?
adminsteve Aaron, want to give us a quick preview of the Cincy game? What kind of an advantage if any does Marvin have
aaronwilson They think their unpredictable defensive fronts and blitz packages are similar to what Cleveland did. Assignment football is big this week.
awalt Ed Reed owes the fans a couple of picks lol
aaronwilson Marvin's guys have a winning attitude now. And they play much harder and hit harder than in the past. Also, their offensive line is formidable. This is one area where they've drafted well for quite a while. Chad Johnson, of course, is a concern.
aaronwilson Ed Reed and Jamal Lewis have had two consecutive sub par games. Don't expect that to continue.
awalt Curtis Martin ripped them up - hope Jamal can do the same...
aaronwilson Exactly, although the Miami Dolphins gained only 25 yards rushing and no first downs on the ground. It's not the same obviously.
adminsteve Who wins...Warrick or Baxter
aaronwilson Gary Baxter. Although his hand and thumb are jacked-up, he's playing his best football since last season.
crowdog89 Do you think the Ravens will throw Musa into the mix at some point?
aaronwilson They say they would like to give him the football more often. It hasn't happened yet, though. I'll believe it when I see it.
crowdog89 How's Deion's hammy doing?
aaronwilson He jogged in place for us Monday, said he'll play most likely.
crowdog89 Will he get a better fitting hair thingy?
aaronwilson He needs to.
crowdog89 Have ya'll already talked about the practice squad drops and additions yet?
crowdog89 Ogden's brother specifically
aaronwilson Yes, here they are again: Marques Ogden, Demetrin Veal signed. Cut: David Upchurch, Lenny Vandermade and Brandon Barnes.
adminsteve Don't know much about Veal. What do you know?
crowdog89 They let three go and signed two...what's the deal? Plans to add anyone?
aaronwilson Defensive end, former Tennessee player, was cut by the Atlanta Falcons.
aaronwilson Of course, they could also demote Tony Pashos or someone else when Ethan Brooks returns from his sprained MCL.
crowdog89 How good is Marques Ogden in your opinion?
DarkSide If Kemo turns in another game like he did Sunday, can he expect increased playing time even when Gregg returns??
aaronwilson Good enough to be in the NFL. Evidently, he has some potential. Started in NFL Europe before an injury. Hard worker.
aaronwilson Of course, plus he was already playing more in the rotation.
aaronwilson One more question, guys.
adminsteve Will the paper send you to Cincy Aaron?
aaronwilson Yes, I attend every game just like last year.
aaronwilson Not my favorite trip.
aaronwilson Miami and San Diego were the best trips last year.
crowdog89 Wonder why? LOL
aaronwilson I'm looking forward to the Boston trip this year. Only been there once before.
aaronwilson The scenery, of course, hard to beat in Miami and San Diego.
aaronwilson Guys, thanks for all the questions. Talk to you soon.

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