Ravens uncertain about Ogden's return

BALTIMORE -- A Baltimore Ravens offense already reeling from the suspension of Pro Bowl runner Jamal Lewis is now bracing for the potential extended loss of All-Pro offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden with a pulled hamstring.

Ogden will undergo a magnetic resonance imaging exam today to determine the severity of the pull suffered in his left leg in the Ravens' 20-6 win Sunday over the Buffalo Bills. The 6-foot-9, 345-pound lineman will almost certainly miss next Sunday's game against the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles, and hamstring injuries can linger for four to six weeks.

"It feels sore right now," Ogden said. "I've never hurt a hamstring before, but we'll see. I have no idea right now. I don't want anybody to ever get a hamstring injury."
With 4:18 remaining, Ogden was blocking on a running play when he suddenly collapsed under his own weight .

"It's one of those weird things that happen," Ogden said. "I was running and I felt like somebody just kicked me in the back of my leg."

It's the same leg that Ogden injured during the final preseason game against the New York Giants. The seven-time Pro Bowl selection sprained his knee and missed the season-opener against the Cleveland Browns.

"Maybe I might have been compensating a little bit," Ogden said.

Added offensive guard Bennie Anderson: "J.O. is the best left tackle in football, maybe the best offensive lineman ever, so this is going to hurt us a lot."

As for when Ogden might return, it's hard to determine until he's examined by doctors and the swelling subsides.
"The time table is different depending on the severity," Ogden said.

If Ogden's unavailable, he would be replaced again by Ethan Brooks. Brooks allowed three sacks to Cleveland defensive end Kenard Lang the last time Ogden was out. Brooks said he'll be playing with a broken thumb.

"It's something I can play with, but it doesn't feel good and I won't be able to grab," Brooks said. "I'll make do."

Meanwhile, right offensive tackle Orlando Brown damaged his index finger between two helmets and required a pain-killer to continue.

"I broke my finger, a helmet smashed it," Brown said. "I came out and I had to get the needle. I'll play next week. It's part of the game."

Aaron Wilson writes for the Carroll County Times and RavensInsider.com

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