A closer look at Boller against the Bills

Are you disillusioned ones up for the Boller challenge? Any one and every one may debate me with what I am about to say. Not with " I know he sucks", not with " well, I heard some say he does", but with actual facts… This goes out not just to the Ravens Insider board here, but also to some of the fans sitting in section 141 yesterday...those complaining about a win and blaming Boller...

As I have said many times before taking a sabbatical from here, he is learning, making strides, just needs time. That it is not ALL his fault, rather a compilation of young receivers, poor pass blocking, a young quarterback poor play calling at times and improper use of certain personnel.. My proof lies below.. I could do this for each & every game thus far…

I could talk about the poor ass run blocking and point out those responsible or the suspect play calling at times during this game. Or maybe kicking a 50 yard field goal when the ball is not carrying with your defense playing lights out; but this about Kyle and only Kyle and his performance, which, despite what some pundits have said, most fans have said, was actually pretty darn good and admirable. As many of you know, I do not skew facts to suit my purpose; I give them to you, and let you decide…

1st series, 1st quarter- 2nd & 12 from our 28

Kyle is hit as he is about to throw when J.O. get beat by Schobel, ball pops out… For those not watching, He had looked off Taylor deep down the right side, and was about to throw it to an open Terry Jones down the middle…

2nd series, 1st quarter 1st & 10 from their 49

Swing pass to Chester Taylor—excellent touch, 4 yard gain..
2nd & 6--naked bootleg pass to Hymes, on the money, no Y.A.C.
3rd & 3--- Pass to Taylor on a slant- no window to see Taylor, drills, Taylor very nice catch stretching out..
2nd & 8 Buffalo 35—Nice timing pass, 3 step drop, throws as he hits his back foot, 5 yards to Kevin Johnson.
3rd & 3 from the 30—Boller looks down field, Hymes has position on the safety and cb; 5 step drop, JO again gets beat, Schobel hits Boller as he is throwing, Chester Taylor voids the pocket not seeing Fletcher blitzing, Boller gets rocked, pass off target.. Roughing the passer..
1st & goal from the 4—several failed runs, and a naked bootleg, where Terry Jones does not get into the end zone before Boller has to throw it.. Field goal…

12 plays 54 yards, 6:48 and the offense doesn't get credit for the 3 pts according to some posters and "writers"…

End of the Ravens offense having the ball in the first quarter.

2nd quarter…1st & 10 from our 17..

Play action, deep set—Zeus & Terry Jones, Boller hit as he is throwing, complete 47 yards to Taylor ( he actually threw it from our 10 yard line—no arm huh? )

2nd & 6 from their 32,, Boller drills a perfect pass to Terry Jones for 11 yards… he looked off the safety first, then threw..

2nd & 8 from their 20, he looks off the safety, hits a wide open Wilcox on the side line, 7 yard gain.

3rd and goal from their 5, JO again misses his block, Schobel hit Boller as he throws, perfect pass to the back pylon, Wilcox trips over his own feet and falls down…( I watched it in slow motion on the game tape)

Result is a Sams touchdown—9 plays 83 yards 4:33 no drives huh?

Next series 1st & 10 from our 26

Naked bootleg, Ricard gets rocked, no gain..

2nd & 10—Boller moves out of the pocket well, throws low to Taylor, poor but catch able pass.. His first poor pass of the day..

1st & 10 from our 38- Deep set, Boller looking down field , 2 players at his feet prevent him from stepping up as the defense closes in on him. He throws it wide and high to Musa Smith, wide open, incomplete. Reading his lips and actions after the play, he expected Smith, who had stopped on the play, to keep running..

3rd & 10 from our 38Casey Rabach misses a block on Fletcher who sacks Boller be fore he can even set his feet.. He tried to duck under Fletcher who had a full head of steam..

2nd series—2nd & 7 from our 34

Nice touch on a swing pass to Taylor, hitting him in stride.. 7 yards

1st & 10 from their 43—Zeus misses a block, defender on his legs as he throws down field to Moore, who had position.. Over thrown at the 3 yard line.

2nd & 10 another out route to KJ, threw as he hit his 5th step, McGee timed it & knocked it away..

3rd & 10- perfect pass to Hymes for a first down, Hymes drops it… On time, On the hands, lead him nicely..

That my friends ends the time in the first half our offense had the ball.. Exactly how each pass play went; the cause and the result…

He had one, maybe two bad passes; both were the result of not being able to step up into his throw. He also had a rive ended because of a dropped pass, missed out on a touchdown throw because of Marcus Robinson syndrome hitting his tight end…

This is long but we can do the second half if you like… Dispute any thing from above? No excuses from me, REASONS leading to incompletes—He looked off the safety, stood in and took hits as he threw, contrary to what some callers say on the radio..

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