How the game could be decided

Aaron Wilson dissects how the Ravens and Browns can win tomorrow's game.

How the Ravens can win

1. Be wary of deep spirals to fast receivers whenever quarterback Jeff Garcia attempts to break containment with his scrambling.

2. Attack the shorter Browns' secondary vertically with 6-foot-6, high-leaping rookie wideout Clarence Moore, especially if he's matched opposite diminutive cornerback Daylon McCutcheon.

3. Establish a fresh Jamal Lewis running downhill against a defense that he traditionally has thrived against.

How the Browns can win

1. Blitz fumble-prone quarterback Kyle Boller in an attempt to exploit the absence of All-Pro offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden and the presence of journeyman Ethan Brooks.

2. Use the speed they have outside in Andre Davis and Antonio Bryant to create running lanes for Lee Suggs and William Green.

3. Duplicate whatever strategy defensive coordinator Dave Campo employed in the season-opener to bottle up Jamal Lewis for 57 yards on 20 carries.

Aaron Wilson writes for the Carroll County Times.

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