Ravens - Cowboys: Monday notes

TRAINING ROOM: Billick was noncommittal again about whether Pro Bowl tight end Todd Heap might return for Sunday's game against the New England Patriots. <br><br> A severe sprained ankle has kept Heap out since the second week of the season, a span of eight games. <br><br> "Each week, he feels a little bit better," Billick said. "Now, is it better enough? We'll see."

Cornerback Chris McAlister will return after missing the Cowboys game with a stinger. However, nickel back Deion Sanders' strained toe remains a question mark for the third week in a row.

Wide receiver Clarence Moore caught a pass against Dallas after requiring intravenous fluids before kickoff because of flu symptoms. Tight end Terry Jones missed the game with a nerve problem in his shoulder.

PICKED ON: The Ravens selectively targeted former practice squad cornerback Lance Frazier.

They beat the Cowboys rookie for a touchdown pass to Kevin Johnson despite his illegal contact penalty. And Baltimore singled him out on a scoring strike to tight end Darnell Dinkins.

"We knew Lance and we intended to go after him and test him a little bit," Billick said. "That's logical. That was part of the game plan going in."

WIDE OPEN: The Ravens' attempted gadget play designed for wide receiver Randy Hymes, a quarterback at Grambling, to throw a pass to quarterback Kyle Boller was snuffed out.

And Boller was by all himself downfield.

"Wide open," Billick said. "They got good pressure, we didn't get to peel back on. We worked on it all week and hit it. I'm afraid of what Kyle would have done in the end zone. That was my only concern because what he did during the week was ugly."

EPISODE: Billick weighed in on the high-profile brawl between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers low-lighted by Pacers forward Ron Artest and several other players attacking fans in the stands. Artest has been suspended for the remainder of the season, and arrests and lawsuits are reportedly impending.

"The most disturbing thing to me was the one clip I saw, a small, young child about 7 or 8 years old in the arms of maybe his brother or an older child, then the father, just in tears," said Billick, who cautioned his team Saturday about keeping their composure.

"Just frightened by the whole spectacle. How tragic was that? You don't leave the playing field, but likewise there's got to be a way to have some accountability when the fans leave their domain."

Aaron Wilson writes for ravensinsider and the Carroll County Times.

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