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Yes folks, a weekly question and answer session where people with very strange names from the RavensInsider discussion board throw tough ones at resident RavensInsider chief writer Aaron Wilson who then astounds all by making up the correct answers.<br><br> Want to take part in next week's column? Get involved in the best free<A HREF="http://mb2.scout.com/bravensinsider">Ravens message board</A> on the web.

Billick2Canton: Dwan Edwards, what gives? Is he having problems adjusting to the speed of the NFL ,the scheme the Ravens are running,or something else? I thought we'd be seeing a heavy dose of him by now...

Aaron Wilson: Rookie end Dwan Edwards, the team's second-round draft pick, is progressing decently, but he really isn't needed at all since ends Tony Weaver and Marques Douglas have improved so markedly against the run and as pass rushers. Edwards is more of a run-stuffer. The Ravens basically haven't needed Edwards is the immediate answer. Not sure why they drafted him so high when they could have taken a skill player or an offensive lineman in this round.  I'm sure they have bigger plans for him next year. His best hope is emerging as a 4-3 tackle if the team ever shifts alignments. Edwards has strong potential, but this wasn't a we-need-him now kind of pick. It's big picture.

21XXXV: Abrayo Franklin? Dwan Edwards? Why are these two taking up activated roster spots, if they are not in the rotation?  Roddrick Green: How bad is the injury?

Aaron Wilson: You need a certain amount of defensive linemen to play in Rex Ryan's rotation. Edwards is rarely activated, as is Franklin. Franklin has played well in spots at nose guard. Roderick Green's shoulder injury isn't that serious. He isn't even on the injury report.

ravensblood2k3: Will Matt Cavanaugh be back next year? And if he's not (pretty please), would Jim Fassel consider the OC job for a year?

Aaron Wilson: Matt Cavanaugh has a good shot at being back, it's becoming a near lock. No, Jim Fassel is certain he wi ll get a head coaching position considering his proven track record and how there might be six jobs available.

How real is the risk of losing:
- Savage?
- Nolan?
- Rex Ryan?

And...If Nolan goes elsewhere, how likely is Ryan to be promoted to Ravens Defensive Coordinator?

Aaron Wilson:
It's legitimate in all three cases. Phil Savage is a highly regarded personnel executive who knows the college game inside and out. He's great in the war room and all year round. Mike Nolan is a dark horse candidate for a head coaching job, so he'll likely be back. By connection, Rex Ryan won't become the Ravens' defensive coordinator. He'll likely have to look elsewhere. The status quo could remain. Savage is unlikely to take a job unless he's convinced (Re: Cleveland and Miami) that the owner will allow him to blow the team up and start anew.

As for Nolan,  he's extremely likely to be promoted. He deserves it and he's perfect to coach this defense one day.

ravensfan86: In light of the Ravens predicted signing of Jamel White, where does that leave Peter Boulware? Although I would think if they IR Smith, it should be a wash. However, don't the Ravens have to make a decision on him? I really hate to see them IR him if there is any chance he could play. Even if it isn't until the playoffs. In light of Rod Green's injury, they may need to IR him and activate Boulware with the hopes of him coming back.

Aaron Wilson:
This answer comes after Peter Boulware being left on the physically unable to perform reserve list.  As you know, it's over for this season for the four-time Pro Bowl pick because of a turf toe injury that derailed his comeback.

fearravens: Is there a possibility of any of the following players being released:

1.Jamal Lewis
2.Peter Boulware
3.Cornell Brown
4.Alan Ricard

Aaron Wilson: Absolutely not to all of those players you listed.  

Where has Dwan Edwards been all year? He is our first pick of the draft. Why isnt he getting any playing time?

Aaron Wilson: The rookie hasn't really been needed, and that's why you haven't seen much of him. He can play, but he's more of a 4-3 tackle than a true 3-4 end.

fearravens: If we did the Draft over would we still have picked Dwan Edwards or someone else like Bob Sanders, or Michael Boulware.

Aaron Wilson: You know the answer to that question. They would have gone for the hard-hitting, play-making safety. I believe Sanders and Boulware were already off the board, though, when Baltimore made its selection.

Do you know the cap implications of cutting P boulware prior to next season

Aaron Wilson: I believe it would accelerate a cap hit of nearly $6 million. It's unlikely to happen since his knee is fine now.

What is the deal with Prime Time? Is there a chance he plays this week? Is he hurt really bad? I haven't heard alot about his injury.

Aaron Wilson: There's a slim chance of seeing Deion Sanders in the nickel package this weekend. Word around the locker room is that his toe is still hurt pretty bad. They know he's not playing. He didn't practice this week again.  

DominantD: How is Devard Darling doing physically? Also, from what you've heard from others and from what you may have seen yourself, do you think Devard has the talent to become a legit #1 wide-out in the NFL one day and do you think he will?

Aaron Wilson: Devard Darling's plantar fasciatis and quadriceps injuries are healing well. Devard has all the physical talent to develop quickly. He lacks the diversity of routes, seasoning and savvy right now to make more of an impact. His lack of good health completely ruined his rookie campaign.

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