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Yes folks, our weekly question and answer session where people with odd names from the RavensInsider discussion board throw tough ones at resident RavensInsider chief writer Aaron Wilson who then astounds all by making up the correct answers.<br><br> Want to take part in next week's column? Get involved in the biggest and best <A HREF="http://mb2.scout.com/bravensinsider">Ravens message board</A> on the web. Look for the Q&A thread and post away.

FHRaven: If the Ravens miss the playoffs will Matt Cavanaugh finally be fired?

Aaron Wilson: If the Baltimore Ravens don't qualify for the postseason, offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh won't necessarily be fired. Remember, Ravens coach Brian Billick has hiring and firing power of all assistant coaches written into his contract. That's rare power, and he'll wield it as he sees fit. Until Billick becomes convinced that firing Cavanaugh is the ultimate answer or if pressure from the front office of owner Steve Bisciotti influenced him to do otherwise, Cavanaugh would likely be retained. I know that's an unpopular stance, but Billick remains close to Cavanaugh. It would be extremely difficult personally for Brian to fire Matt.

IrishRaven: I am hearing that there will be a lot of cap room for next season, what are the chances of us bringing in someone like Reggie Wayne and spending our 1st round pick on our O Line?

Aaron Wilson: Your strategy for free agency and the draft is sound. Reggie Wayne would be a nice addition, especially if they cut ties with Travis Taylor and/or Kevin Johnson. Getting some new blood at right tackle and right offensive guard for the future would be in the franchise's best long-term interests.

JLew295: Is there any chance of a trade for a top notch receiver for Jamal Lewis? His production had been down even when he's not injured and Chester Taylor is really stepping up.

Aaron Wilson: It's unlikely that Jamal Lewis would be traded because of his value as a power runner and because the team intends to sign him to a new contract this off-season. Expect them to try to address the receiver position in free agency and the draft, though. They're aware they have issues.

WineAndCheeseForAll: In the past few weeks there have been many subtle yet obvious changes in The Ravens. Simple things like how the players have arrived at the stadium and the way players group while they're on the bench. Has something come down from the FO to change things around? I spoke to a couple players and a certain HOF coach Sunday and they're not too happy about something. One player I talked to had to walk several blocks to the stadium. No one would say exactly why. Is our FO causing some friction?

Aaron Wilson: The players have a parking lot to park in with plenty of space for them to park their Escalades and Benzes. Maybe some fringe players don't get that privilege. It sounds like a non-issue. The way some of them played the last two weeks, they might deserve to have their parking passes revoked until they earn them back.

Paintballguy: What does the FO want to do with the free agents such as Travis Taylor, Gary Baxter, etc...?

Aaron Wilson: They would likely retain Travis Taylor with a low-ball offer since he's unlikely to command high offers on the open marker. Gary Baxter is a major priority and could be re-signed the soonest.

Purplepoet: Will serious offers be made to retain Ozzie/Savage/ Fassell? Are there any plans to expand seating at The Vault? (heard a rumor they are to add seats) If so, where?

Aaron Wilson: No plans to retain Jim Fassel. He's going to seek employment elsewhere and he has a legit shot at getting a head coaching job. This was always meant to be a one-year gig. His contract expires Dec. 31. Ozzie Newsome and Phil Savage are under contract. Only Savage can leave without permission from owner Steve Bisciotti.

I haven't heard anything about expanded seating at M&T Bank Stadium, but it wouldn't be a shocker considering they now have a waiting list for season tickets.

BertJonesMyHero: Let's expand FHRaven's question. Will MC be replaced period. Playoffs or no playoffs. And if BB won't do it, will Ozzie and Steve B force the issue?

Aaron Wilson: I doubt if Matt Cavanaugh will be replaced. I doubt they want to force Brian Billick's hand, too.

OriAl: Kyle Boller has obviously improved with regard to his decision making at QB - he doesn't force passes into coverage, and he takes sacks or throws the ball away when nobody is open. With this being the case, will we see him taking more shots into the end zone, especially to our tall receivers? I thought the jump balls to Moore in the Jets game was the start of something.  Will Boller ever get to call most of his plays, as he gains even more experience? I think calling his own plays helps Payton Manning make the best use of his talent.

Aaron Wilson: I think they recognize the need to loosen up in the red zone. However, they are losing confidence in Clarence Moore based on his lackluster play and hands lately.

I don't think Kyle Boller has the necessary acumen and savvy and football smarts to call his own plays. That could make matters worse.

ravensblood2k3: With the offense having another sub-par year in the passing game, will Mr.Biscotti be forced to make new personnel decisions or will he still trust Billick's system and assistants?

Aaron Wilson: While he admitted concerns about the offensive direction when he took over the team, Steve Bisciotti isn't a meddler. If Brian Billick wants Matt Cavanaugh, he'll likely get to retain him for better or for worse. Sorry this isn't the answer you're looking for, but it looks and feels like the truth for now. Who knows? Maybe they will shake things up in the off-season, but there haven't been those kind of rumblings at One Winning Drive.

Aaron Wilson is the chief writer for RavensInsider.Com He is also the Ravens' reporter for the Carroll County Times in Westminster Maryland.

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