Ravens blockers on the move

OWINGS MILLS -- Baltimore Ravens offensive line coach Jim Colletto employed an extensive rotation in a 37-14 win over the New York Giants. <br><br> Ethan Brooks and Orlando Brown shared time at right tackle with Brown returning after missing two games with a knee injury. Mike Flynn and Bennie Anderson split time at right guard, with Flynn starting for a change. <br><br> And Brooks even substituted for All-Pro left tackle Jonathan Ogden.

The majority of NFL teams tend to avoid shuffling their blockers.

"You see defensive lines rotate a lot now, and it's kind of in vogue to have fresh defensive linemen," Ravens coach Brian Billick said. "That is no less true for an offensive lineman. You like to have fresh legs.

"We still have to have that rotation, but you have to be careful because an offensive line needs to have a little bit of continuity. These guys seem to be able to do that. If that provides us with freshness, that's a positive."

ALL HANDS ON DECK: Against the Indianapolis Colts' deep array of skill talent Sunday, the Ravens will need every healthy defensive back to counter their athleticism.

Especially nickel back Deion Sanders, who returned against New York from a four-game absence due to a foot injury. He recorded one tackle and a 16-yard return on a lateral.

"It's huge," Billick said of having Sanders in a greater capacity against the Colts. "That's why it was important for him to get those 15-20 snaps. We can remove hesitation that he will hold up.

"I think that he feels good about it. Any time you play a team like Indy, you want all your bullets in your gun."

LATE-GAME PEP TALK: Billick was demonstrative late in the game, imploring his offense to finish the game strongly. His play-calling reflected that aggression with a series of passes despite a commanding lead.

"Just because I didn't want to finish the game sloppy," Billick said of his second-half sideline huddle. "I wanted to see the focus throughout. I wanted to see them push themselves that way."

CLOCK MANAGEMENT: Billick took issue with fans booing when quarterback Kyle Boller spiked the football on first-and-goal to stop the clock with 1:19 left in the first half despite having two timeouts remaining. His five-minute explanation took up an entire page on a transcript of his Monday remarks.

"We have the best fans, but to be honest with you, I was a little bothered," Billick said. "There are a million arguments one way or another. From my standpoint, I think Kyle handled it very well. He did exactly as he was told.
"So for those that think that was not right or would have done it a different way, I don't know."

The Ravens scored a touchdown on a lob from Boller to rookie receiver Clarence Moore two plays later.

ROOKIE WALL: One week after Billick acknowledged that Moore and return specialist B.J. Sams had hit the rookie wall, he applauded them for the way they rebounded.

Moore caught two touchdown passes, and Sams didn't fumble any returns and was especially active as a gunner in kick coverage.

"They hit the wall, got up and climbed over it," Billick said. "They aren't completely over it, but now they know that they will survive this ordeal."

COVETED: Both defensive coordinator Mike Nolan and senior consultant Jim Fassel were linked in published reports as candidates for the Miami Dolphins' head-coaching job.

Fassel was mentioned as one of the Dolphins' top three choices along with LSU coach Nick Saban and Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress. Fassel's contract expires Dec. 31.

The Ravens would allow them to interview during the playoffs under a provision by the NFL that allows assistants to interview, but not accept jobs during the postseason.

QUOTABLE: Billick on his friend Ty Willingham, the deposed former Notre Dame coach, being hired by the University of Washington: "They got a great coach and I will watch with great interest the Washington-Notre Dame game next year."

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