message board community to post questions for our resident expert Aaron Wilson.

Here are a selection of questions from this week with, of course the correct answers from Aaron. "> message board community to post questions for our resident expert Aaron Wilson.

Here are a selection of questions from this week with, of course the correct answers from Aaron. ">

Ravens Insider Q&A with Aaron Wilson

Every now and then we ask members of our huge <A HREF=""> message board community</A> to post questions for our resident expert Aaron Wilson.<br><br> Here are a selection of questions from this week with, of course the correct answers from Aaron.

naca72 asks: Is this the year that the Front Office is really going to address the O-Line in a legitimate way (ie. FA's and/or first day draft picks to compete for both the RG and RT spots)?

also in conjunction-

What are the F.O.'s thoughts in regards to Rabach and Flynn? Do they see them as interchangeable and not really a good fit to have each of them in the starting lineup (either one at Center and RG)? I guess with all the changes in the offensive coaching staff some of us expect a little shake-up in the personnel as well.

Aaron Wilson: Before Phil Savage left to become the Browns' general manager, he indicated to me that offensive line was a major priority for the Ravens both in terms of free agency and the draft. They are aware that keeping the status quo together last year was inadequate. I expect at least one change in the starting lineup, perhaps two depending on the outcome of Casey Rabach and Bennie Anderson's forays into free agency. I believe the Ravens are in a tough position regarding Rabach and Flynn. Rabach could command significant dollars on the open market. Flynn, while not as dynamic a player or as young, is already under contract. Will they admit they were wrong about Rabach's potential and reward him or will they let him depart? There will be changes. Not sure if all will satisfy you, but team is determined not to just change for change's sake. They need to upgrade obviously and offensive line can't be ignored anymore.

21XXXV asks:
Of the following LB's who do you believe will be resigned: Cornell, Bart Scott, Slaughter.

Also what is the chance Boulware will be a cap release after June 1st

Aaron Wilson: I believe they will try to sign Bart Scott and T.J. Slaughter to new deals. Remember, they don't have a lot of other options. Minimum salaries for both. Cornell Brown is under contract. They signed him two years ago. He actually makes about $1 million a year.

Peter Boulware isn't in danger of being a salary-cap related release. He's slated to return as a starter barring a setback in his injury rehab from toe surgery.

tsuggs5552 asks:
Any truth to Fox Sports report that Baxter declined a 10 million dollar signing bonus? Also, who do you think is the answer for the Ravens at WR?

Aaron Wilson: I've heard nothing like that from Gary Baxter, so I'll believe it when I hear it from him or his agent, David Dunn. I think $10 million is high for this player anyway, so it doesn't sound quite right. I think the pressing issue beyond money is whether he'll consent to play safety. Jerry Porter would look great in a Ravens uniform.

PurplePain52 asks: Ok I'm tired of all the Moss hype myself, I would just like to know in your opinion will Moss be a Raven next season, and if so what will we give up?

Aaron Wilson: I don't think Randy Moss will wind up with Baltimore, but wouldn't rule it out obviously with all of the buzz about this potential trade. If the Ravens do this deal, it will cost them at least this year's first-round pick, probably next year's and a defensive starter, probably Adalius Thomas.

BertJonesMyHero asks: Has anyone ever suggested to David Modell that he inquire about purchasing the O's? And if not, could you get a message to him that many Baltimore fans would love to see him give that a whirl. We would support him 100%.

Aaron Wilson: I believe the Modells have an interest in baseball, Art Modell was linked to the Dodgers a few times over the years. Not sure they're actively involved in anything regarding ownership right now. Minor league baseball is a possibility, too.

FHRaven asks: For the love of God please tell me that the Raven's are just blowing smoke when they talk about bringing Travis Taylor back!

Aaron Wilson: Ozzie Newsome is merely being cagey about Travis Taylor. He's also being prudent. Taylor knows the offense and could be obtained again at a highly reasonable price. I agree with you. This ship has sailed. It's time for a change of scenery after this disappointing tenure in Baltimore.

clof641 asks: Will the Ravens make a quick splash into free-agency or will they continue to sit back and wait for the market to set itself and probably lose out on some of the better O-lineman and WRs?

Aaron Wilson: They have always let the market define itself. This time, they will need to act quickly to obtain a top-flight wideout. Don't be shocked to see the Ravens act with an increased sense of urgency. They are no longer a playoff team and are desperate to contend again. The climate has changed.

yiannis asks: The Ravens 6-man rotation in DLine has a total of 23 years of NFL experience. If M.Douglas is allowed to walk that would mean we may get even younger. Our DLine weighs 70 pounds less than the front 3 of the Pats but on the other hand has the same weight as the experienced Steelers line. I have several Qs about our DLine.

1) Will it be addressed through FA or the Draft

2) How much will the Ravens invest in the DLine in the FA and/or Draft in terms of picks and who do you see them luring in/picking

3) How much is Douglas asking for and will they give it to him

4) Will they get big bodies and/or switch to a 4-3

5) What does it take to stop the run, keep DLmen of R.Lewis and pressurize the QB?

Aaron Wilson: They're likely to look harder at veterans for defensive line than the draft. They're likely to spend real money if they do make a move beyond possibly re-signing Marques Douglas. Keep an eye on Pat Williams and Corey Simon. Too early to speculate about the draft. Douglas wants middle-class money, slightly less than Kelly Gregg. His agent said he has yet to receive an offer. They do want to get bigger, but won't sacrifice toughness and quickness. The 4-3 was actually used a lot last year. It takes talent. They need an influx to get the job done.

fearravens asks: Which of the following Receivers will be a Ravens:
1.David Givens
2.Jerry Porter
3.Plaxico Burress
4.Randy Moss
5.Joey Galloway

Aaron Wilson: Probably only one of those players, if that. I don't know what they will offer or what other teams will offer, so how could I honestly tell you with any degree of accuracy. That said, Jerry Porter and Plaxico Burress would look great in a Ravens uniform. Don't rule out the possibility of a Randy Moss trade. Will it get too rich for the Ravens' blood? I think it will.

towerdweller asks: Will the Ravens replace Bennie Anderson next year with a new starting RG? If so, thru free agency or draft?

Will the Ravens replace Orlando Brown next year with a new starting RT? If so, thru free agency or draft?

Aaron Wilson: Bennie Anderson could be replaced with Mike Flynn. I don't know if they are going to sign another guard. They might want to spend that money on Casey Rabach or someone to compete with Orlando Brown. I think Zeus gets one more year to prove that last season was an aberration. His mother died and his knee was hurt. Maybe things will turn around for him, but they need to push him with a lot more than Ethan Brooks.

JLew295 asks: If the Moss deal doesn't happen will the Ravens trade up to get Mike Williams?

If they do get Moss or a legit threat at WR where will they most likely spend the first pick?

Aaron Wilson: Mike Williams is an attractive alternative, but I don't think Ozzie Newsome is going to let free agency go by and not get a new starting wideout. If he does, the need for Williams would likely evaporate. Stay tuned to free agency, because it will tell you what direction the Ravens will draft.

From the United Kingdom, UKRavenStockers asks: A recent article on the Official Team Website seemed to give a positive outlook on Musa's rehab. Is this really true? Can we expect to see him in camp or is it more likely that he'll be back mid-season at best? Certainly was an horrific injury and would be interested to know how he's coming along?

Aaron Wilson: Yes, it's true. I reported that the surgery was a success a while ago, during the season. Musa Smith is on track to be back in training camp. His spirits are high and he's working hard to get back on the field.

RockyMRaven asks: If the Ravens make changes at Right Tackle, or want to add some depth, what do you think of Ryan Diem if the Colts don't re-sign him?

Aaron Wilson: He would be a major upgrade in terms of pass blocking. The Ravens need to give Kyle Boller more time to throw.

TheExtraPoint asks: Have the Ravens discussed the possibility of replacing/demoting Will Demps? He seems to have some instinctual problems that leave him a second late too frequently defending the pass. I don't believe it is because he is too slow. Maybe a guy like Chad Williams is ready to step up, or potentially the Ravens could look at a guy like JAXs Donovan Darius who is a free agent this offseason? This team was interested in "Bullet" Bob Sanders last year, and Chad Williams is a similar type of player (undersized/fast/strong in the box). Your thoughts?

Aaron Wilson: Every year, they try to replace Will Demps. Every year, he beats back marginal competition for his job. He's replaceable, but they aren't serious about replacing him. He does guess too often and lacks ideal size. Heady, instinctive player, but basically a limited overachiever. If Chad Williams was believed to be better than Demps as a starter, he would already have replaced him. He's even shorter than Demps, so that might be a factor. Status quo for now. Other fish to fry with this team.

braven98 asks: Is Boller going to remain here in the offseason and prepare for the upcoming season...

Aaron Wilson: Kyle Boller is likely to spend a lot of time in Baltimore, especially once the team gets him some new receivers to throw to. He showed a commitment last season to the off-season. I don't expect him to run and hide.

PurplePoet asks: With Rex Ryan at the helm defensively, can we expect a philosophical overhaul of the defense? In other words, do you think we may see a major scheme change?

Personal edit: I hope so. I'd like to see MUCH more aggression at the LOS than we had under Nolan.

Aaron Wilson: They'll be more aggressive with Rex Ryan. I doubt the scheme dramatically changes unless personnel gets better. Otherwise, it will be the same people, different attitude. They have to do a better job of protecting Ray Lewis, and Ryan is aware of that shortcoming.

BMoreInJungle: I will continue with the WR questions...

There was a lot of talk and eye's on Kyle Boller and Jim Fassel last year at this time. What are the Ravens doing this off Season with Hymes, Darling and C.Moore? Are they going to be working out here? Will Boller be here working out with them?

Darling was the one we were hoping would be great, but he was injured and Moore got a chance. He stopped routes, dropped passes and looked timid more than he did positive things. What are the Ravens going to do this Off-Season to help the offense to take another step?

If Moss, the FA's and the Best Player available at Draft Time keeps us from adding a quality WR to the team, I would hope the Ravens would at least be working with what we have.

Aaron Wilson: They will all spend a considerable amount of time in Baltimore, and, yes, Boller will work out with them. They've changed coaches, the scheme is likely to be altered somewhat with Jim Fassel's accents on emphasizing the tight end and tailback. Plus, they will add free agents at wide receiver. It's time. They can't afford to fail in this area anymore. The Ravens haven't forgotten about the players on their roster. It's those players' job to train in the off-season and work on their weaknesses.


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