Newswire: The Case for Boulware

The Ravens linebacker is heading to Cleveland. The Browns hope he stays here.

With Memorial Day in the rear-view mirror, the Peter Boulware sweepstakes may now begin in earnest.

Now that Browns no longer have to worry about the Bengals making a move for the linebacker, the battle for Boulware's services appears to be centering around Houston, Seattle, and Cleveland. The latter two are considered the frontrunners, but with the number of teams inquiring about Boulware running into the double digits, there's always the opportunity for another suitor to make a late rush.

For now, though, attention circles around Cleveland and Seattle. Boulware arriving in Cleveland tonight and will be visiting Cleveland on Thursday.

The Browns would love to see the linebacker cancel his planned flight to Seattle later that evening. Despite the attraction of playing with his brother, Michael Boulware, in Seattle, the Seahawks have the challenges of having less available cap space than the Browns. The Seahawks would likely have to release of WR Bobby Engram or WR Koren Robinson to make room for Boulware. The Seahawks are also perceived as being less likely to employ Boulware as an every-down linebacker.

The Browns are in dire need of a pass rusher of Boulware's caliber. Not including Kenard Lang, who is in the early stages of a possible conversion to linebacker, here are the career sack statistics of the Ravens free agent and other Browns linebackers:

Peter Boulware 67.5
Brant Boyer 13
Matt Stewart 7
Andra Davis 5.5
Chaun Thompson 2.5
Renaud Williams 0
Ben Taylor 0
Sherrod Coates 0
David McMillan 0
Mason Unck 0
Jamal Brooks 0
Nick Speegle 0

In other words, the career tally to date is Peter Boulware 67.5, Everyone Else 28. Even in the Arena League, that's a butt whipping. Peter Boulware averages more sacks a year than all Browns linebackers but Boyer have had in their careers.

Acquiring Peter Boulware and a successful conversion of Kenard Lang to linebacker would give the Browns front seven instant credibility. Suddenly, the Browns would go from starting linebackers (Stewart and Thompson) with less than ten sacks in their careers, to a pair with over 100 career sacks between them.

Crennel and Savage have that objective in sight. Stay tuned.

DON'T TRUST ANY SPORTS NETWORKS OVER 20: Last night, during the Bernie's Insiders Radio Show, I offered the statistic that the Browns defensive line, sans Kenard Lang, has 6.5 sacks for their career between them.

Consider it a lesson not to trust what you read on one of ESPN's "Insider" articles, which is where I got the stat. I read it in an "Insider" blog from ESPN the Magazine, and thought "wow, that's an interesting stat, I've never seen that before!".

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I should have known better. I double-checked today and discovered that Orpheus Roye has 14 career sacks himself and Jason Fisk has 19. D'oh!

IT JUST GETS MORE FUN! I linked a story on the Green Bay Packers retiring the late Reggie White's number on the newswire today. The Packers have only retired a handful of numbers, and the pre-game ceremonies are sure to be a major event for Packer fans and the team itself.

Guess which team gets the honor of taking on the Packers at home following this emotionally-charged ceremony?

Who else? The Cleveland Browns.

Even high-powered elephant tranquilizers won't be enough to calm down the cheeseheads on that September Sunday afternoon.

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