Baltimore Ravens camp notes - Monday AM

WESTMINSTER -- Baltimore Ravens rookie linebacker Dan Cody injured his right leg during the first NFL practice of his career, appearing to favor his knee.

Cody's leg collapsed underneath a few bodies in a rare full-contact drill conducted on the opening practice of training camp. He left the field with the assistance of two trainers and was unable to place weight on the injured leg.

Cody departed in a motorized cart. Once he was transported to the training room, he tried to put weight on it again and yelped in obvious pain.

The Ravens offered no immediate diagnosis of Cody's condition other than saying he will undergo a magnetic resonance imaging exam to determine the exact extent of his injury.

It's unclear how quickly the Ravens will learn what his medical condition is. Ravens coach Brian Billick cautioned rushing to judgment.

"They're icing him down, he's going to get an MRI and I can't tell you any more than that," Billick said regarding the Ravens' second-round draft pick from Oklahoma. "Let's see what it is. You put players on the field and things happen and you have to be prepared for that."

First-round draft pick Mark Clayton, Cody's teammate at Oklahoma, missed the first day of practice as a holdout.

Clayton's agent, Ben Dogra, said in an e-mail that he kept negotiating with Ravens vice president of football administration Pat Moriarty until 11:30 p.m. Sunday night.

"Hopefully, we will make progress," Dogra said.

When asked when Clayton might report and how the negotiations are going, Billick replied: "I have no clue. I can see the headline now: Billick Clueless. Actually, I have no further knowledge to what the contractual situation is with Mark Clayton."

When asked if a deal could be done quickly, Billick replied: "Certainly, but not my concern right now."

Meanwhile, running back Musa Smith (leg) and tight end Todd Heap (ankle, shoulder) didn't practice.

Center Mike Flynn was able to go despite recent back spasms and offensive guard Edwin Mulitalo (arthroscopic knee surgery to remove gout) practiced without incident.

Undrafted rookie defensive tackle Gary Gibson left on a cart with an undiagnosed leg injury.

Offensive lineman Thatcher Szalay didn't practice along with rookie cornerback Cash Mouton.

Nickel back Deion Sanders practiced and performed well, intercepting a pass and strutting into the end zone.

Pro Bowl linebacker Terrell Suggs had the fiercest hit, collapsing tight end Darnell Dinkins during contact drills

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