Crowdog89 Goes Huge In The Forums

Crowdog89, one of our message board regulars, makes his feelings known about the Ravens QB situation and gets voted for Huge Post Of The Day!

I say if Randall wants to come back, get him. Forget Blake, Johnson, King, Bledsoe, or anyone else out there. It's time to see what Redman can do, with Cunningham we have a capable back-up who can do well if Redman is injured or ineffective. With his experience Randall should be able to impart some good lessons to the young Redman.

On the upside, if Redman does well(we all hope) then in 2003 bring in another young QB to back him up, or some FA vet at the tailend of his career.
I for one am tired of all the re-tread QB's. It's time for a "homegrown"
guy. One that the Ravens have drafted.

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