Monday's Huge Post In The Forums.

Rams, Ravens, Patriots. Three teams that didn't have winning records the prior year, that didn't look too great coming into the year and wound up winning the Superbowl. In three straight years. You think I'm gonna say we don't have a shot? We need some vets back. Woodson would be great at grooming what will be a horribly young and inexperienced backfield. I want him even if he's not a starter.

Gash is the best blocking fullback in the NFL (or one of them), and would be a huge key helping Jamal stay healthy, and helping the running game work if Jamal can't play (for whatever reason). Cunningham would be a HUGE help carrying a clip board and dishing out years of wisdom to a QB who has three plays of NFL experience.

Equally as important as getting young guys experience this year is making sure that the young guys we have learn from piers. It does nothing to throw someone in the fire and just let them burn. You don't get better that way. You get better when there's a vet waiting for you when you get off the field to tell you how to do it right.

We're gonna have a lot of young guys starting or getting significant playing time. Baxter, Rabauch, Anderson, an OT possibly, some more DBs, WR, etc etc... I'd like these young guys to get help from a few vets to make sure they're ready for 2003.

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