Ravens - Jets Q&A

In this week's Q&A, Denis Savage of Jets Confidential, the Scout.com Jets' site answers a few questions about the upcoming Ravens Jets game, posted by Ravens fans in the RavensInsider fan forums.

Q: What is Jason Fabini's status for Sunday's game?

A: Jason Fabini will be switched to the right side of the line and Adrian Jones will play left tackle. He is wearing a brace and will likely be a gametime decision. Jones will definitely play on the left side no matter who suits up. Scott Gragg would play right tackle if Fabini is out.

Q: Will Curtis Martin start? Do the jets use 4-3 zone?

A: Curtis Martin will start. They mix in 3-4 and 4-3 looks and have been a lot more creative behind Donnie - who you guys well know and we thank you for.

Q: What is the general attitude of the team right now? Are they rallying around Bollinger or generally sulking around the practice facility. What can we expect out of Bollinger on Sunday (strengths/weaknesses)? I don't think people outside of New York know much about him. By the way, it is tough to see Chad go through this. It may be 2 years before he is fully recovered...if at all. Our thoughts are with him.

A: The Jets have a few veterans who really won't let the sulking happen. But a quote from leader Curtis Martin says it all on Vinny and the confidence in Brooks, "I was hoping to God they called him." Bollinger has a lot more mobility than Pennington and it will be interesting to see how he handles moving in space. The staff would like him to make plays on the move but the odds are he will pull it down rather than make a play because he is indecisive. He has a good relationship with some of the receivers from practice and should have a firm grasp of the first year offense. This is honestly the toughest question to answer since we don't really know what we will get.

Q: Which defense will be better ? Because with the Ravens' offense and the Jets' 3rd string QBs they might as well not let offenses play at all. Do you think Donnie Henderson would make a good head coach ?

A: Great question. Is this one of those games where we think the defense is going to rule and we are all wrong? Nope. I think you hit it. The Jets defense might be better in a few weeks but the Ravens are probably better right now. Henderson would make an excellent head coach.

Q: How has the Jet's Defensive line performed with Jason Ferguson now in Dallas? Has Dewayne Robertson lived up to his early draft pick? How much of an impact can John Abraham have on the D? What's the most glaring weakness of the Jets Defense? Where should the Ravens look to attack? And do the Jets just plan to stack the box and force Wright to beat them?


And from one Ravens fan, I hate to see Chad get hurt. He has been one of my favorite QB's.

A: James Reed was terrible in his first game but has rebounded since in replacing Ferguson. They lost a lot when Fegrie went to Dallas and have not replaced him adequately to date. Reed has a knee injury as well but will play. This is the weak point and covering tight ends and backs is always a challenge for this team. John Abraham, when healthy, is one of the top pass rushers in the league and can single-handedly win a game for the team. He is that good and seems determined this year to get an extension. He is a little pissed off and his play has been exceptional. Robertson has a hand injury so it is tough to unjustly harp on him this year until his broken hand shows marked improvement. He has still made a couple of plays behind the line and I think he will justify his selection in the Jamal Williams fashion (San Diego's lineman who is unheralded).

Q: Based on your knowledge, who would the Jets rather face, Anthony Wright or Kyle Boller? Also, if the current Ravens OL were the starting OL for the Jets, what would Herman Edwards do to fix it?

A: They would rather face Boller. Backup QB's have killed the Jets over the last century. Maybe having more tape on a guy can point to tendencies they pick up on. With Henderson in tow, I am not sure that necessarily applies anymore but I would still stick with Boller. With O-line questions in NY, I am not sure Herm is the right guy for the job. They let go of some players in training camp that made you wonder what fallback options they had. It turns out they signed Scott Gragg late when they could have had him a month before.

Q: How soon do you expect to see Testeverde on the field for the Jets? Or do you expect the team will stick with Bollinger, hoping to see if he's worth grooming as a long term backup? Are the Jets preparing more for a Ravens ground battle, or are they thinking we'll continue with the "chuck the ball to catch up" style offense we've done so far?

A: Testaverde could see the field Sunday if Bollinger stinks up the joint but I would say two weeks out, depending on the performance of Brooks. Ground battle for sure, although the Jets will throw more than you and I think, I think.

Q: How is the offence adjusting to Mike Hermadinger's new offense?

A: There really is no answer to this question since Chad is out and we never saw if he could chuck some deep balls. One thing is the tight end is a little more popular - a staple of Heimer.

Q: How is coles foot doing. Is that partly responsible for his slow start this season and how do the jets plan to get him more involved in the offence.

A: Coles' foot is fine. It has no bearing on the slow start. See Chad - the offensive line - the running game - dropped passes (which Coles is responsible for).

Q: Martin is off to a slow start do you notice a decline has he lost a step. Also is vinny the long term answer this season. Do you see yourselves maybe getting another qb and maybe cutting Bollinger.

A: I don't think Martin has lost a step. The line is not playing well right now. Mawae does not deserve a Pro Bowl and any game against the Jags defense is tough to find running room. My personal belief is they have the best run stuffers in the game.  I dont think Bollinger gets cut anytime soon. They kept him around with Fiedler on the roster.

Q: How has D. Roberston fit in as the heir to Robert Fergie as your #1 DT. I was impressed with Sione Pouha's strength during the combine how does he fit in your long term plans. I know there were concerns about his upside because of his age during the draft. Has he done anything to diminish those concerns or is it something you will have to see down the road.

A: I answered the Robertson question - sort of - and will focus on Pouha. The question is whether he will grasp the defense well enough to really make a difference. There have been some questions about his smarts in regards to that and age has not been a topic. He is strong, but technique is what matters. I talked to Igor Olshansky one day after he was drafted by San Diego and he told me he walked into the locker room and was immediately the strongest guy in the room. He realized at that point that he needed to work on technique to make a mark in this league. Pouha is twice as raw.

Q: Your defense seems to have done quite well against the pass this year. Is that because you guys have been playing from behind. Or can most of that be attributed to the new acquisitions of miller and law. But your run defense has taken a hit how much can that be attributed to the loss of Fergie if any.

A: The pass defense is definitely better with Law but Barrett was beat badly against Jax last week. Robertson's hand played a part in getting tore up in the opener and James Reed was awful. Sure, Fergie would have been a huge help. This team needs some time to get healthy up front and needs better play from Reed to be the run stuffers of a year ago. The bonus is the pass defense will be better and the safety play is a lot more consistent for once. Miller has not played in the secondary.

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