Raven Insider Draft Review: Rounds 1-3

First Round: The suspense over which player the Ravens would take with their first round pick ended when they selected FS Ed Reed from the University of Miami (Fla.). Reed was somewhat of a surprise pick, considering the Ravens had major needs at both the RT and CB positions. <br><br> However, no one could have anticipated that the Bengals were going to select RT Levi Jones (the player the Ravens coveted the most) with the tenth pick in the draft.

With Jones off the board, the Ravens were not in good position to take a much-needed RT with their first round selection. Mike Pearson and Marc Columbo were the two best OTs available, but both players are projected as pure LTs at the pro level.


As for the CB position, the Ravens basically weighed how much better they would be with a combination or Reed/Baxter or Baxter/Sheppard in the secondary. Reed was rated higher than Sheppard on the Ravens' draft board, so the decision was simple.


My take on Ed Reed: Next to Roy Williams, Reed is the top S prospect in this year's draft class. Reed is a top-notch hitter who does a good job in run support. He's got a very good feel for the game, and made a lot of big plays when it counted the most. Reed is the type of person that can come onto a team as a rookie and take on a leadership role in the secondary. His presence in the huddle was tremendous for Miami (Fla.) last year. While Reed isn't necessarily spectacular in any one area, he is a very well rounded player that does a lot of the little things well.


Grade: A


Second Round: With the second pick on Day 1, the Ravens addressed a big need on the D-line by selecting Anthony Weaver from Notre Dame. To get their man, the Ravens moved up to the Redskins' second round choice, moved down to the Patriots third round choice, and gave up their fifth round pick. By moving up four spots to the 52nd selection, the Ravens prevented the Raiders from drafting Weaver first. 


From a value standpoint, this pick was very solid. Weaver was regarded by a good number of scouts as a late first rounder. He will likely play as a DE in the 3-4 scheme.


My take on Anthony Weaver: Weaver isn't flashy, but he gets the job done. He's a high character player that works very hard. He is an extremely effective pass rusher that is quick for a man his size. Weaver uses a lot of nice moves to free himself up against opposing o-lineman. He also does a nice job of shedding blocks and penetrating through the gap. The biggest concern is whether he is strong enough to consistently take on blocks in the 3-4 scheme.


Grade: B+


Third Round: The Ravens traded their third round choice (which was originally the Patriots' third round pick) to Denver, for the Broncos' fourth and fifth round picks.


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