The Windbag Report 4/22/02

Warning. The Windbag has been known to use a couple of naughty words here and there.<br><br> Draft Day 2002.<br><br> What the hell are the Ravens thinking?<br><br> We draft a punter when we need a RT? I can punt; just let me out there. What was wrong with keeping Kile Ricardo at a million a year? He pins teams down inside the 20 all of the time and only got blocked occasionally.

Sh*t, I know more than Ozzie and Savage.  Dumbasses.


And who is this Reed cat?  Never heard of him, we should have drafted a RT there.  That Columbian guy was available, wasn't he?  We should have traded ahead of the Bengals and taken Levi Strauss, how is it we didn't know the Bengals would take him?


And what's with trading up in the second round and taking some stiff DT from Notre Dame, isn't that a women's college?  When did they start having male students and get a football program?  Hell, I live in Baltimore and I haven't heard anything about this, somebody got snookered here Ozzie, and it's you!  Besides, why don't we just re-sign Goose?  With him and Adams we would have a good DL again.  Right?


We should have taken a WR in the second round.  I don't know who was available but we need somebody to play across from Kadree Ishmael.  That Taylor guy sucks and Stoakly sucks too.  I heard Chris Carter might get cut by the Vikings, we should sign him up for 5 years.


Who is in charge of the stadium operation?  $8.00 for a beer during draft day?  How is a guy supposed to get in the proper frame of mind when he needs a co-signer to buy a beer?  $9.50 for a bad hamburger.  Thank God I could sponge off of those people tailgating outside.  Tip for newbie tailgaters, find a tailgate with 20 or more people, walk up and act like you know some of them, talk for 10 minutes, then you can drink their beer and eat their food and save your money.


And why are we drafting some stiff for QB in the 9th round?  What's wrong with Rodmen and Zeyer?  I'm glad we got rid of that Gurbak dude, he could run okay but couldn't throw worth a sh*t.  I haven't booed a player so much since Brooks Robinson made 2 errors in an inning.


I'm glad we picked that RB in the draft, I don't think I could watch another down of Ravens football with Curly Wilson at RB.  Between him and that Dexter Homo dude we got last year I think we will be all right, since Jamama Louis is coming back.  Homo needs to do something about that name though.  Hell, Gay would be a better name than Homo, but not much.


Why didn't we draft a MLB?  I read Mike Preston and he says Ray Lewis wants a $50 million bonus and $300 million dollars for 3 years.  Since he is a FA I can't see us signing him, what are we going to do at MLB this year?


I sure hope Marvin Louis has the answers for this.


I know one thing, that Canavall dude who runs the offense needs to go. Why can't we get a good guy like that Spurrer dude from FL State to be our offensive guy.  I have heard he is really offensive.


I'm grading this off-season an F.  I think Billick sucks too.


I read a lot of stuff on the internet and I'll tell you, Modell should hire some of these cats posting sh*t, they know their stuff better than Paul Savage and Ozzie. They say we should sign that Roman Oberman guy.  Kipp Vickers sucks, I know that.  The Terps have some good OL, why don't we call some of them up and talk them out of school to play with us?  I have seen some Terp football, these guys went to the Orange Bowl last year.  They must have some good players, if we pay them enough I would bet we could get some of the to leave school.  That way we can get them before they go into the draft.  You know the Bengals will draft another OL we want, so let's get them now.


I saw that Kieper cat on TV, that dude has some hair, doesn't he?  He seems to know a lot about football players, why isn't he in our FO?  Come on Modell, hire some people who know some sh*t.


I was talking to some people abo

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