Raven Insider Draft Review: Rounds 4-7

Fourth Round: The Ravens raised some eyebrows with the selection of Dave Zastudil from Ohio University with their first pick in the fourth round (acquired from Denver). Zastudil will replace P Kyle Richardson. He will also handle kickoffs and be the placeholder for Matt Stover.<br><br> Zastidul had good value in this round because he was projected as a third round pick by a good number of scouts. Nevertheless, taking a punter in the fourth round was still a questionable move.

My take on Dave Zastudil: He is the top rated P in this draft and deservedly so. Zastudil averaged an impressive 45yds per punt average in college. He has good directional abilities and can kick the ball off. Zastudil's punts also show good hang time.


Grade: C


Fourth Round: With their second fourth round selection, the Ravens selected WR Ron Johnson from Minnesota. Johnson was selected because he fills a need as a no.3 WR, and was simply to good to pass up. Johnson is perhaps one of the most polished WRs the Ravens have taken in their six-year history.


However, there is a reason for Johnson slipping until the fourth round. His speed as a WR is a definite question mark at the pro level.


My take on Ron Johnson: Aside from the lack of speed, Johnson has a lot of qualities you want in a WR. He has great size at 6'3, 220pds. Is a blocking WR cut in the Rod Smith mold. Johnson is willing to go over the middle and is physical when the ball is in the air. He runs good routes and has great hands. A classic possession WR that will make some big plays from time to time. He doesn't always get great separation and may not run the short routes that well.


Grade: A


Fifth Round: In the fifth round, the Ravens made another surprising move when they selected TE Terry Jones Jr. from Alabama. Jones Jr. was taken to play as a no. 2 TE, and will be expected to block in running situations. With Jones Jr., the Ravens have a good trio of TEs to work with. 


Although Jones Jr. has nice value in the fifth round, TE was a position the Ravens didn't need to address in the draft.


My take on Terry Jones Jr.:  Jones is a TE that has some upside to him and is improving. Although he isn't quite the dominating blocker you would expect for a man his size, he's getting better. He shows nice hands at times and is tough to tackle. Jones Jr. is a very competitive guy who will work hard. He doesn't have great speed though, and lacks ideal height.


Grade: D


Sixth Round: With one of their four sixth round choices, the Ravens selected Lamont Brightful from Eastern Washington. Brightful was strictly taken to handle the responsibility of being a kick returner.


He will likely stick on the team and the Ravens view him as the second coming of Jermaine Lewis. Brightful may have been a bit of a reach, but he is an outstanding returner that should make a difference at the position he was drafted to play.


My take on Lamont Brightful: Brightful was an extremely explosive returner at the1-AA level. He's got great speed and won't get caught from behind. Brightful averaged 30.0yds per carry throughout his career at Eastern Washington. He is very undersized however, and will not play much at WR.


Grade: C


Sixth Round: With their second choice in the sixth round, the Ravens selected another WR in Javin Hunter from Notre Dame. Hunter is a WR that will be looked on to fill in as a number four or five WR for the team.


Hunter is a nice pick in this round and could be a sleeper choice considering he played on a team that wasn't exactly pass happy.


My take on Javin Hunter: Hunter has some nice ability as a number four WR at the pro level. He gives the Ravens another WR who can catch the ball pretty well and has nice size. He isn't exactly great in any specific area of his game, but he is solid in every other area. Hunter may have untapped potential because he played in an offense that rarely threw the ball throughout his career. He will need to improve his toughness and is a little lighter than you would like.


Grade: B


Sixth Round: With their final third pick in the sixth round, the Ravens drafted RB Chester Taylor from Toledo. Taylor will likely compete for the backup position behind Jamal Lewis.


Taylor has pretty good value in this round, and is looked at as a potential sleeper by scouts. Although he lacks top end speed, you can't argue with his productivity at the college level.


My take on Chester Taylor: Taylor plays tougher than he looks. He can break tackles consistently, keeps himself compact, and runs with good burst. Taylor can be a good goal line RB at the pro level. His abilities as receiver are somewhat questionable and he lacks great outside speed.


Grade: C+


Sixth Round: With their fourth and final selection in the sixth round, the Ravens drafted S Chad Williams from Southern Mississippi University. Williams played SS in college, but he may need to make the shift to CB or FS at the pro level.


Like Taylor, Williams could become a surprise. He should provide good depth in the secondary and can return punts/kicks.


My take on Chad Williams: Williams is yet another high character, hard working player for the Ravens. He also mixes in some good ability with the effort. Alt

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