Huge Post Of The Day 4/23/02

<i>This is what it's all about. Why you'll read it here and nowhere else. RumRunner, one of our forum members, goes to the pub for a couple of cocktails, meets Phil Savage and gets the scoop.</i><br><br> Phil Savage was at the Barn tonight with his scouts and I could have flipped when he was done and sat at my table when his scouts were on air. I asked about getting FA OT's Brockenmeyer or Roman after 1 June and he said they're on our list.

I asked if Ravens can squese them under the CAP and he said that depends on how much their agents ask for but they are working hard on signing 1 of them. He also said Ravens are bringing 30-35 undrafted players in Friday. I said you're not going to get an OT from that group. He said Holmes and Flynn were undrafted. Good point.

Phil also said that they are going to try the WR from Notre Dame out as CB on Fri. Mel Kiper said he underachieved at ND and apparently Ravens agree. BTW, Hunter's father was a #1 draft choice of the Lions back in the 70's. He was a corner. Phil also said that the punter was taken on the 4th round because the Texans didn't have one at all and they were afraid they'd take him with all those picks remaining. There was also a run on kickers above them.

He said Kyle was good on the short field but struggled on other parts of it and we needed a punter. If we didn't get one this year we'd be looking for one next year.

Phil said they traded up in 2d to get Weaver because last year they wanted Shaun Rodgers in 2d Round, but Lions jumped in front of them to get him. He should have been a first round pick but broke his foot during the season so that dropped him. With OAK jumping in front of them in the 1st round SAt to get Napolean Harris whom they wanted, Ozzie wasn't about to get shut out in the 2d round by same team. They believed OAK wanted weaver. Rogers played for Lions this year and didn't have any probs with his foot.

He said just before he turned the card in on Brightful Ozzie announed to the War Room, we're about to get our next Jermaine Lewis. He has 4.35 speed as a return man. They really improved special teams with punter, a fast return man and guys like Reed and Taylor who can play special teams.

He said Chester Taylor is a favorate and gained 2800 yards last 2 yrs in college. His coach said if they needed 3 yds he got 4, if they needed 12 yds he got 13. He can play special teams.

I asked Phil if Billick was mad because they didn't get offense on 1st round and was rumor true he was going to Cinci. That was a joke. Phil laughed and said no, Billick was not mad at all. We had a plan C and that's where we went and he's happy with whom we got.

He said they are comfortable with Baxter going to CB because Reed can start at Safety. Had they taken a CB like Lito Sheppard they would have been comfortable with Baxter at Safety. However, they didn't take Lito because they need people to contribute now and Reed can while we couldn't put Lito out there by himself as a rook. They didn't put Starks out there the 1st year. He played the nickel first. They did put C-Mac there in beginning but he was a top-5 pick who fell to us @ #10, so that's the diff between a top 5 and a top 10-pick. The 5's should be able to start right away.

He talked about Reed's leadership and compared him to Ray. He said when Ray arrived a OMs and was asked to do pullups he said what's the record. He ripped his shirt off and broke the team record. That's the way Reed is.

Phil said 7 of 10 players they drafted were team CPTs and all are spotless off the field as far as they know.
Nasty started out by saying, Mike Preston SUCKS and the place went wild.


I was proud to wear my Nest 1 jacket in the home of Roost 50.

Joe Ehrmann, CPT, Sack Pack

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