Under-rated! Raven's 6th rd RB Chester Taylor

Have you ever seen a player who defies logic and succeeds despite every obstacle or shortcoming he may have say that he should fail? A player who decides his own fate and proves the pundits wrong at every single turn? <br><br> In my opinion, that player is named Chester Taylor, the Ravens 6th rd draft choice from Toledo. This guy reminds me of Broncos RB Terrell Davis. His numbers don't jump out and grab you but he consistently gets the job done and exceeds all expectations.

For the sake of providing info, Terrell Davis' numbers are 5`11, 219pds, 4.48/40 while Taylor's numbers are 5`11, 215pds, 4.4/40 (functional speed.). Taylor is one of those players who defies logic, a player who no matter who he faces he seems to overcome whatever challenges he may face.

For all intents and purposes, Taylor was THE weapon for Toledo for the last 3 seasons & every last opponent that faced his team knew that. But no matter what they did they just couldn't stop him. From looking at his statistics from the last 3 years, Taylor's average yards per carry when down, but everything else went up which is the sign of a highly productive back.

I'll show you what I mean. Here are his stats from 1999 to 2001:

1999- 182 car. / 6.5ypc/ 12tds/ 107ypg avg.
2000- 250 car. / 5.9ypc/ 18tds/ 134ypg avg.
2001- 268 car. / 5.3ypc/ 20tds/ 143ypg avg.

His yards per carry went down the more carries he got, but that's expected. You can't maintain a 6.5 yard per carry average on a team where you're the primary weapon and defenses are geared to stop you.

But take a look at his other stats. For instance, there's no doubt that he can be an every-down back with 268 carries this past season over a 10 game period of time. But what I find most interesting is that the more you fed him the ball, the more he made the most out of it.

You'd expect his other stats to go down as well, but take a good look. His yards per game average and touchdown totals INCREASED every single year. It's like no matter what they did, he wasn't going to be denied.

I'm surprised that the Broncos didn't draft this guy, he seems like he's right up their alley. I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor became our #2 back behind Jamal after pre-season.

Those who argue whether or not he'll be able to get it done need only know these things. First he is a Doak Walker Award winner given to the nation's top RB & the Offensive Player of the Year in his conference.

He was also the MVP of the Motor City Bowl, the MVP of the North Squad in the Hula Bowl gaining 61 yds on 12 carries and 2 TD's. This kid has been nearly unstoppable and was graded at worst a 2nd/3rd round pick.

The Ravens got a steal in Taylor. While he may or may not become a great back in the NFL, his level of consistent productivity simply cannot be ignored. Taylor is one of those guys who you just can't figure out how he's been able to do it, but you root for him because he's an underdog that always comes out on top.-Pro-

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