That's The Bottom Line Because 316 Said So

First I want to thank Steve for giving me a chance to share my views on the Baltimore sports scene with the readers of this board. Every week or so I will take a look at and review some aspect of theBaltimore sports scene from a fan's perspective.

Nothing gets me more pissed off than walking into one of the local department stores like say JC Penny in Owings Mills and seeing the entire sports section filled with Yankee gear or Duke gear or whatever team is popular for the moment. This is Raven, Terp and Oriole country and if you are going to sell gear make sure you stock up on the local teams.

Oh and by the way Sports Authority in Towson, Michael Jackson has not been a Raven in almost five years, two players have worn 81 since he left and the Ravens changed logos twice. So don't try and tell me he is still on the team and explain why I would want to buy his five year old jersey at full price.

On a positive note two places that real Baltimore fans should check out are the Sports Shop in Towson and at the Harbor and the new Baltimore Sports and Novelty in Owings Mills. The Sports Shop has the best selection of Raven jerseys in town and BSN has great Hats and T-Shirts for a decent price.

In the next few weeks I will rate Sports Bars, different fan events and anything else going on that relates to the local Baltimore sports scene.


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