More Sharpe criticism for Boller

BALTIMORE -- Shannon Sharpe renewed his verbal assault Sunday on embattled Baltimore Ravens quarterback Kyle Boller. Six days after the outspoken former Ravens tight end said he's convinced that Boller can't play, he unloaded a few more insults prior to the Ravens' 16-13 overtime win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"Kyle, you do have a valid point, you shouldn't be listening to me," Sharpe said on CBS' pregame show. "Go down the hallway to Brian Billick's office or Ozzie Newsome's office and ask them what kind of player they really think you are.

"You're right. You do have your teammates behind you: your fullback and your halfback, and that's only because they have to be."

Boller, who's auditioning for his future in Baltimore, completed 21 of 36 passes for 163 yards, one touchdown and one interception for a 67.2 passer rating. He broke the team's streak of a dozen quarters without a touchdown on a 3-yard pass to Randy Hymes.

"I wish I could have been perfect," said Boller, who was sacked five times. "I'm sure Shannon will find some reason to talk about me. It's kind of funny to me."

Boller has a 1-2 record in three starts this season with one touchdown, five interceptions and a 53.1 passer rating.

"I'm convinced that Kyle Boller can't play," Sharpe said last week. "I have seen nothing in his mechanics. I've seen nothing in his ability.

"I've seen nothing that would indicate to me that you can build a franchise around this guy. Kyle Boller plays just good enough to get him cut and you fired, which is a lose-lose situation."

Under contract through 2007, Boller is under intense scrutiny.

"It would be a bigger deal if Shannon was still on our team," said tight end Todd Heap, one of Boller's closest friends on the team. "We can't worry about what other people say right now.

"Shannon knew that when he was playing. Kyle's not worried about that and we're not worried about that."

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