HPOTD - PD Goes Huge On Spears

<b>Huge Post Of The Day 5/7/02 by PD101 in the Ravens forum.<br> 'The Top Ten Reasons Spears went back to KC' </b> <br><br> #10- Ran into LR in the airport and she threaten to kick his ass if anything happen to our QB<br> #9- Started to receive late night phone calls from a certain poster about the virtures of Trent Dilfer<br> #8- Was interviewed by Marty Bass and mistook him for David Modell's bald evil twin.<br> #7- Went out to eat crabs, forgot to take off the shells.

#6- Recieved a phone call from the Elvis Grbac fan club (purpleguy) wanted to know if he would sign the petition to bring Elvis back.

#5- Couldn't find Blair Rd

#4- After talking to Big Steve thought he had signed with NFL Europe

#3- Got pissed off when the Ravens wouldn't accept an x as a signture.

#2- Couldn't find the friday night cattle branding contest like they had back home

#1 - Realized everyday in practice he would be across the line from #52 the baddest MF in all of football

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