Ravens Preview Part 1: Quarterbacks

<i>Over the next few months, Dev Panchwagh will break down the Ravens, position by position.</i><br><br> If there was ever a position on the team in need of consistency, it's the quarterback spot for the Ravens. This team has not had a quarterback start for them in two consecutive seasons since Vinny Testeverde did so in 1996 and 1997. They've gone through six starters since then, and for the Ravens' sake, the merry go round needs to end this season.

Chris Redman: The opportunity to be the man has finally been given to Chris Redman this season. He was drafted to be the Ravens' quarterback for the future and beyond. A player regarded by a number of scouts as one of the top quarterbacks from the 2000 draft class, Redman fell all the way down to the third round, and into the Ravens' lap.

Redman was born to be a leader. That is, and has been, his strongest feature as a quarterback. He'll make this his team from the first snap he takes under center. His fiery attitude is a strong contrast to Elvis Grbac's laid back, passive approach in the huddle.

What the Ravens want to see from Redman is more consistency. He is an accurate quarterback, but he will try to force the issue at times. They need Chris to make better reads and scan the field a little better. If he improves upon these deficiencies, Redman could prove to be a solid quarterback for this team.

Jeff Blake: Blake was brought in to be the Ravens' backup plan in case Redman can't cut it. Blake is certainly a capable starter in case things go haywire. With his mobility and strong arm, he is the type of quarterback that could thrive in Bilick's west coast offense.

Released by the Saints after March 1st, many thought Blake would catch on as a starter with the Redskins or Bills. Things didn't exactly work out for him in a very dry market. Now, all Blake wants is a chance to start once more. He'll use any success he gains this season to earn himself a big paycheck next year.

Wes Pate: Essentially, Pate is more or less a project the team hopes can become something down the line. The Ravens want a quarterback that they can groom into a good backup or emergency starter. It was clear that drafting a quarterback too high would make it seem like the Ravens didn't trust Redman, so they waited until the seventh round to take Pate.

Pate has a very strong arm and is fairly mobile for a man his size. His intelligence and ability to soak up any playbook is also a plus. He'll need some time to work out the kinks though. Improving his accuracy and pocket awareness is a must. 

Overall: This is one of the few positions on the team that has solid depth. Both Redman and Blake are good no.1 and no.2 options that can perform well as starters.

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