What In The Name Of George Brett?

I once had an Acting teacher who would critique a scene by saying, "Mr.BertJonesMyHero, I have no idea what you were doing up there, but it looked like... A... Big...Bunch... Of... 'Meh-Meh'." What is 'Meh-Meh' you ask? Let's put it this way, it resembles the 2002 Kansas City Royals.

Thanks to the hapless Royals, and some fine play by the Bird's, Wee Willie's crew passed .500 for the first time in forever.(Click on http://ravens.theinsiders.com/2/46950.html to see R.Maniac's O's update from last week).

Now, seeing as I'm an Angelos grinch, let's see how the Bird's respond at the end of May. That's when the schedule get's a tad hairy.

Notes & Etc...

- The Orioles ended their homestand 5-2. After sweeping the Royals, they lost 2 out of 3 to Cleveland. They now hit the road with stops in Tampa and Cleveland.

- Jay Gibbons is fast becoming a fan favorite. So, how do the Orioles thank him? By leaving his name off All-Star ballots. Here is a little more on Gibby...
Was league MVP(AAA) in 1998 despite playing in only 70 games. He hit .397 with 19 homers and 97 RBI, while tossing in  29 doubles and slugging an amazing .700. In 290 at bats he struck out just 25 times.  
Gibbons is convinced that his almost-vegetarian diet, which he has maintained for nine years, is one of the keys to his baseball success.

A lefthanded hitter, Jay started as an outfielder in college, although he played mostly first base in his Sophomore and Junior years. Two seasons spent in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, in the summer Northwoods League, helped him make the adjustment from aluminum bats. In 1997, he set a league record with 68 RBI in 63 games. His arm so impressed the Blue Jay's, there was thought given to converting him to a pitcher. Lucky for O's fans they didn't.

- Rumors continue to swirl that Peter Angelos is looking to sell the team. We thought the Super Bowl parade was big?

- Trade Winds... Our sources (They can't be any worse than Peter Gammons') seem to think a deal is brewing that involves Oriole pitching. The guess here is Erickson and/or Ponson. If it is for a difference maker, do it. However, let's remember Syd Thrift is the man pulling the strings. Texas seems to be the dance partner, but don't rule out another play for Scott Rolen. Bert has even heard some utter the name Griffey. I'll believe that when I see it.

- How long before Eddie is named to take over the Cleveland Indians?

- Pitcher Jason Johnson was placed on the 15-day DL with a broken right middle finger. RHP Travis Driskill was called up from Rochester. Ummmmm... Who the hell is Travis Driskill?

- BERT WAS WRONG: I laughed out loud when we plucked Tony Batista off of waivers from the Blue Jays. I felt he was a butcher in the field, was declining at the plate, and had a price tag that didn't fit with the Warehouse rhetoric.
Although he looks like 'Elvis with a pressure pass rush' defensively, he get's the job done. He is also smaking dinger's and driving in run's. So, tip of the cap from this cynic. No way he is 28, as he claims, but that is a Rant for another day.

- BERT WAS RIGHT: David Segui is a waste of a roster spot. Don't get me wrong, he is a sweet fielder that can really hit. He makes this club better when he plays. But, he get's hurt just by getting out of bed, and that hurts a young team. Why? Because they must always have a Plan B & C. Angelos complains about contracts, than gives this fella 7 mill a year for 4 years? Sorry, I don't see the logic.

That said, it was a travesty when the club forced this guy into the line-up against the Indians. He could barely swing, and was in obvious pain. It's a miracle if he didn't
further injure himself.

AL East Standing's as of Thursday, May 9th.

            W L  PCT  GB
Boston     23 7  .767  - 
NY Yankees 20 14 .588  5
Baltimore  17 17 .500  8
Toronto    10 21 .323  13 ½
Tampa Bay   9 23 .281  15

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