Random Notes 5/18

It's certainly been a strange odyssey through the off-season for Sam Adams thus far. After the Ravens voided his contract, allowing him to become an unrestricted free-agent, Adams was regarded as one of the top five players available. Make no mistake about it; Adams is still regarded as one of the top five defensive tackles in the game today. His combination of size, strength, and quickness is something every team is craving for.

However, he wants to be paid as one of the top three defensive tackles in the NFL, and that's a problem. Teams just don't want to pay Adams an $8 million dollar signing bonus, or a deal that will average $5 million a year. Ultimately, he'll take less money.

Philadelphia, Oakland, Washington, Cincinnati, and Baltimore have all shown interest in signing Adams at some point through the off-season. Washington should free up $3.5 million in cap space after June 1st once they release Marco Coleman. However, signing Adams to a lucrative multi-year deal will hurt the Skins' cap situation down the road. They may have to release Stephan Davis next year, or not be able to re-sign Jon Jansen.

The Eagles and the Bengals clearly have the money to sign Adams, but both teams are notorious for being stingy. The Raiders have the gumption to sign a player like Adams. They've got enough cap space to fit his contract under the cap for this year, but they will probably have to let him go in the next two years. However, they don't care.

As for the Ravens, they'll also have enough room to sign Sam Adams to a multi-year deal, but not until they can restructure the contracts of either Ray Lewis or Peter Boluware. Also, the Ravens can afford to pay Adams for the next few seasons as well. Which team will ultimately sign him? We won't know until June…

If there is one position the Ravens desperately need to fill on the team, it's at right tackle. The Ravens will be fortunate to find a long-term solution at that position this year. However, if they still need a right tackle next year, help could be on the way. Next year's crop of free-agent right tackles is supposed to very deep.

The list of players that could be available in 2003 includes Victor Riley, Solomon Page, Mo Collins, Matt Stinchcomb, Luke Petitgout, Wayne Gandy, and Jon Jansen. Clearly, Jansen is the cream of this class. A player regarded as the one of the game's top five right tackles; Jansen is as solid a player as you will find. He's a tough guy who is committed to working hard, and he's still just 26 years old. The Redskins will try hard to keep Jansen, but he'll want to be paid extremely well…

Speaking of the right tackle position, look for left guard Edwin Mulitalo to be given every opportunity to win the job this year. Mulitalo will see a lot of work at the position during next week's passing camp, and during training camp in July. Although he's started at the guard position throughout his NFL career, Mulitalo has played both tackle positions in college.

He's shed about 20lbs, and was moving around with a lot more flexibility during mini-camp a couple of weeks ago. Although his pass blocking skills are still questionable, he'll definitely help improve the run blocking on the right side of the line. If all goes well, Mulitalo may just end up being the right tackle the team has been searching for.


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