Billick Meets The Fans - Insiders Exclusive.

Yesterday (Sunday 19th May), Ravens Roost 51 held a social mixer at the Crabcake Factory in Annapolis MD. Ravens head coach Brian Billick was invited and showed up for a chat. Many of the 'regulars' here at the RN2 message board were in attendance. The following is a summary of some of the discussions between the loyal fans and Brian including info you probably won't find anywhere else.

By Mista T:

Knowing that Billick weekends on his boat in Annapolis, I invited him to meet his Ravens-fan neighbors. This evolved into a social mixer at the Crabcake Factory party room, where our Annapolis West Roost watches away games. Approx 75 people showed up, which was right-sized for people to get around and for Billick to be able to move around to see everyone. With the aid of other RN2 members, Billick had the opportunity to interact with a number of football-knowledgeble, reasonably sober Ravens fans, who seemed to understand the "dynamics" of the game: Art in Florida, Crowdog, wxKevin, Hugin Munin, the fanatic, Lady Raven, Greg, Samson, Bird Fan, and my apologies for anyone else I missed.

Before the Q&A session, Billick went table to table to intro himself and take photos and sign autographs. Afterwards, he hung out barside for awhile to meet with others individually with follow-up questions. All the event profits were added to some other funds to produce a $500 donation to Billick's charity: The Living Classroom.

Semi-literate posts about the Q&A session :

Following are a few of the posts from other current threads about the event which, when strung together, provide a fairly good description of the highlight of event held yesterday in Annapolis: Billick's Q& A session, which lasted about 1/2 hour.

By Fanatic:

According to Billick, both he and Ozzie Newsome have both recently signed four year contract extensions keeping them here for at least 6 more years if so desired by the owners of the Ravens.

As well, apparently James Trapp has been resigned to the team very recently.

All good stuff IMO.

You guys that want to bash Preston for writing about a horse instead of the NHL or NBA would have a stronger case of bashing if you would have picked the lack of reporting the above instead of the horse!!

Like when the hell was the Sunpaper planning on reporting this valuable Ravens related information??

By WxKevin:

Here are some other things from memory that the Master said:

I asked about Flynn and Rabach and the O-Line. Billick said he is very excited about the O-Line this year.

He confirmed that Mule will most likely move to RT. He said that he wants to move to RT and he has been working hard this offseason to get into shape.

He said that both Flynn and Rabach can play C or G. Billick thought Flynn did a great job at C last year, except for the fact that he had that tendon problem which did not allow them to run shotgun, and that Flynn would play C this year with Rabach playing G.

Said that Grbac liked the shotgun but because of the previously mentioned injury to Flynn, they didn't get a chance to run any guns.

Redman has not decided whether he likes the gun or not. But Blake has always worked comfortably in the gun.

Said Redman will be allowed to make some mistakes since this will be his first year as a starter. But he did put in the caveat that as long as he doesn't hurt the team.

He talked about how after a year or two, he can tell you whether a player has it to be a good palyer in the NFL, except for one position...QB. He said Redman has all the physical and mental tools to be a great NFL player but that doesn't mean he will necessarily be a good player. But he will definitely get his shot this year.

Said that we will try to get another veteran WR before the season.

Said Jamal Lewis is a month ahead of where they thought he would be.

Said Ray's bonus will end up being in the $18-20 million range when they finally work out a contract.

Said that he will miss kicking Jeff Fisher's ass every year.

He is comfortable with Baxter playing CB.

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