Pro's 3 Potential 6/1 FA's That Can Help NOW

In our quest to remain competitive, June 1st marks the beginning of the second wave of Free Agency when teams tend to release otherwise good players merely for the purpose of saving money on the salary cap. There are a few guys who would look pretty good in Ravens purple and substantially help our offense be more productive:

RB James Stewart: 6`1, 236pds, 4.47/40

Stewart is a powerful, bruising tailback with great strength, good speed and an excellent receiver out of the backfield.

Stewart's forte is scoring TD's as he is excellent in short-yardage situations. His ability to grind out the yardage is his biggest asset and he's a pretty good pass-protector to boot

WR Keenan McCardell: 6`1, 195pds, 4.5/40

One of the most underrated receivers in the NFL, McCardell's ability to get open and be a major factor in the passing game makes him a dangerous target for any team.

McCardell is also a great leader and will shine wherever he goes when he's no longer in the shadow of WR Jimmy Smith.

McCardell's consistency is his biggest asset as he can be a factor deep, short, or in red-zone situations. Whatever team lands this guy will be getting a steal without question.

LG Ray Brown: 6`4, 320pds, 5.15/40

The unquestioned anchor of the 49ers O-line, Brown is excellent in his approach to all phases of the game. He is both an excellent run-blocker and pass-protector and his technique is outstanding.

Brown can literally put on a clinic on what it takes to play on any offensive line in the NFL. His leadership, experience, and outstanding strength makes him a welcome addition to any offensive line.

Pro's Take: How Does Each Player Fit?

On RB James Stewart...

Stewart could provide our team with a veteran who is familiar with the opponents that he'd face in the gritty AFC North. His former team the Jaguars faced them every single week for the majority of his young career.

Stewart would give us a consistent power-running game which could help take some of the load off of RB Jamal Lewis who is returning from a serious knee injury.

They could split or ration carries and provide a presence in the running game that would become a force to be reckoned with, giving our young QB more weapons to use when attacking our opponent's defense.

Towards the end of the year, having two good rushers becomes essential when the race to the playoffs gets tight and every single game becomes the most important towards that effort.

In keeping the opposing defense on the field with our grind-it-out rushing attack, it' lessens the opportunities for our young defense to be beaten and reduces the amount of chances for them to make mistakes which could cost us games.

On WR Keenan McCardell...

Depending on who you ask, McCardell is one of the top 10 WR's in the entire league. His consistency is well-founded and he is by far one of the leaders of his teams offense.

That veteran presence and consistency in the passing game could be of a great deal of help to a fledgling squad of talented but young offensive players.

His presence should take the pressure off of former 1st rounder WR Travis Taylor and give him a mentor to lean upon in his transition into the Ravens #1 receiver.

His ability to get open will make him a viable target for Redman and give other WR's opportunities to get open and make plays as well.

Keenan is one of the most underrated receivers in the NFL and with his familiarity with our opponents that we face in the AFC North he would be able to make a name for himself out from underneath the shadow of Mr. All-Everything WR Jimmy Smith.

On LG Ray Brown...

Although Brown is up there in age, few contest that his ability to play has not dropped appreciably during his long and successful career in the NFL.

Since J.O. darn near refuses to take the leadership role of our rag-tag O-line, Brown could teach the younger guys a thing or two and show J.O. what it takes to be a real leader.

Coming from a team that shaped our H.C.'s entire offensive philosophy, having Brown who comes from a West-Coast style of offense can do nothing but help the entire offensive line.

While Brown would be merely a stop-gap measure, his ability to play both the passing game and the running game outstandingly makes him a viable option on our lackluster O-line.

If the Ravens are serious about moving OG Edwin Mulitalo to RT, having a guy the caliber of a Ray Brown to step in at LG would allow us to not miss a beat in the transition.

This would allow every player on the inside to play the positions that are best suited for them. Casey Rabach could play OC and Mike Flynn could return to RG leaving us with the promising Bennie Andersen backing up the OG positions.

This would ultimately give our QB the best possible scenario to keep his jersey cleaner than it's ever been.

It would be awesome if we could land all three even though it's highly unlikely. A more possible scenario is that if we can free the cap space that at least one of them may land with our squad.

I hope that everything works out in the end, and if it were me these guys would be in Ravens purple & black the very next day AFTER the contract is signed.


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