Dawn Breaks As We Start Anew – A Call for Optimism

How fondly we, the community of followers of the great Baltimore Ravens remember the events of January 2001. The crisp passes to Stokely and Ismail, the explosive outburst of all three Lewises, and lest we forget, the now-redbird Duane Starks' backbreaking interception. How the mighty have fallen, some might say.

After all, even Poe's masterpiece of which our purple-clad team is based is full of doom and gloom, and with an opening line like "Once upon a midnight dreary", one might even be tempted to think the franchise is doomed to mediocrity. I think not. I choose optimism folks, and you should too. Lament, if you will, the loss of parts of the Super Bowl squad of only a year ago, but please don't do it long, as hope springs eternal in Owings Mills. If I have learned one thing throughout my years that makes everything come into focus, it is that the future is to be looked toward with promise, and hope, rather then melancholy doldrums.

Lamont Brightful, Ed Reed, Anthony Weaver, Ron Johnson; these are the future, and are the buoy in the sea. Can you replace Sam Adams, Duane Starks, and Jermaine Lewis? I don't know. I hope we don't. Why, you may ask? Quite frankly, I hope these young prospects displace them, and become better then they ever hoped for. The doom and gloom, the incredible shrinking bandwagon, and the calling for the heads of the staff should stop. I propose a new kind of optimism, one that brings more fans out to a training camp full of bright young players, rather then a smattering of crusty, old ones (cough, Elvis, cough). Enjoy your Ravens folks, because life is short, and there isn't enough time to be pessimistic about a football team. After all, we've only had them six years, and already we have climbed atop the NFL's highest mountain. How many groups of sports fans can say that?

The Master and his pupils will once again have their day in the sun. Could it be this year? Next? Who knows? One thing is for certain – it will definitely be fun to watch.

Give it a chance.

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