Steelers' Porter is more bark than bite

The short-fused time bomb known as Steelers linebacker Joey Porter has detonated, and his inflammatory comments about Seattle's Jerramy Stevens have enlivened a dull 40th Super Bowl. Now, XL officially stands for Extra Loud.

Among Porter's incendiary comments: "This is a guy who hasn't done nothing. I'm telling him he's soft now and I'll tell him when I see him. He knows he's soft. I have never, ever been afraid of a tight end. We're going to try to tap out as many people as we can, make them quit, send them to the sidelines. We don't have to hold no more punches about being nice. Now, the true feelings are out. I have been ready for a fight."

I'm generally entertained by trash talk, especially since it's preferable to the fake niceness practiced by most athletes. Yet, it's debatable whether this sword-rattling makes any impact on the game.

The so-called Mouth of the Three Rivers is regarded as a hard-hitting linebacker prone to cheap shots. However, his appetite for destruction doesn't usually translate into more than a ruckus. A true warrior doesn't need to fuel his fire with words.

Theatrics are outweighed by whomever wins the first hit, a meaningful confrontation.

In addition to being a long time contributor to RavensInsider, Aaron Wilson writes for the Carroll County Times in Westminster Maryland.

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