Combine: Ravens scouting QBs

One of the hottest moving positions during the first round of the upcoming college player draft is likely to be quarterback. Hot prospects Matt Leinhart of USC, Vince Young from Texas, and Jay Cutler of Vanderbilt have been the most frequently mentioned names when looking at the potential first-round picks. Another name however has been drawing the attention of several NFL scouts.

Despite the focus on the three top signal callers, Brodie Croyle of Alabama has drawn attention and favorable reviews with his overall play in the 2005 college season, as well as a solid Senior Bowl week in Mobile, Alabama.

Croyle has met with representatives from eleven-teams thus far while in Indianapolis, with the Baltimore Ravens, San Diego Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, and Minnesota Vikings leading the charge over the past two days.

While viewed as a first-day draft selection by many of the teams he has met with, Croyle hasn't been an awe of the situation or worried about whether one team has shown more interest than another. Croyle seems to have a grasp on the future and envisions the opportunity in front of him when talking to specific teams.

"You look at if they're looking for a quarterback for next year, or if they're looking for a guy to come in and learn the system and sit a couple years. Your mind can't help but wonder about that stuff," Croyle said.

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