The OC trip was a blast. Friday night we met behind the Jolly Roger amusement park at a cookout and drinkfest. Edwin Mulitalo shows up, as he always does, and he brought two undrafted Samoans I was not going to insult.">
The OC trip was a blast. Friday night we met behind the Jolly Roger amusement park at a cookout and drinkfest. Edwin Mulitalo shows up, as he always does, and he brought two undrafted Samoans I was not going to insult.">

The Windbag Report 6/14

Back from vacation but not at all refreshed and revitalized I write again (got to freaking move while off). This one is again done sober, my liver sent me notice during vacation. I am saving up some drinking "points" for the season.<br><br> The OC trip was a blast. Friday night we met behind the Jolly Roger amusement park at a cookout and drinkfest. Edwin Mulitalo shows up, as he always does, and he brought two undrafted Samoans I was not going to insult.

One DL, one OL, both with names I couldn't remember how to spell if I was sober when told them.  Reggie Waddell also showed up, as did, I hear, Alvin Porter.  Alvin just showed up uninvited and the Roosts didn't have a room set up for him to he went back to B-more Friday night.  Had they known he was coming they would have hooked him up.

In any case, what a blast we had Saturday with the 4 we had on the beach.  Got to play volleyball against a couple of those big Samoans as well as Reggie and Edwin.  Nothing like having a 6'6" inch, 350 lb big ass SOB spike one on you.  Luckily, I was drunk and didn't feel too much of it.  I will tell you, although I hear it is common knowledge, but smoking, drinking and couch potatoing don't really keep you in shape.  I was quite winded and dehydrated.  I drank so much water in between matches I was in danger of sobering up <SHUDDER>.

In between matches they mingled and ate our food, no wonder the burgers went so fast.  Reggie picked up a football and was playing toss on the beach with a bunch of kids.  From all reports this is the best time the players have ever had which means we should get a great response next year.

You all definitely need to make this event next year.  With a few improvements I have already passed on this is a wonderful way to spend a weekend.

First improvement, which I didn't mention for fear of being burnt on a Roost Council stake, is involving the Nests and Poe's Crows who also convene the same weekend yearly.  DUMB to keep these clubs separate at events like this, like some are Appalachian Hill Folk and others come from Burning Water Country.  Were all Ravens fans!

I digress and won't rant about that until the next time I do.

Got moved in to my new place.  I have a lawn now that requires more than just a cheap electric weed whacker.  Got a new John Deere 6.5 HP mower, bright and shiny.  Pulled her out to cut the lawn this past Sunday for the first time.  While I was getting the new edger and gas powered weed whacker ready for use my dear wife decides to help me out.  She eyes up that beautiful new mower sitting on the driveway ready to go and fires her up.  She goes all of 2.6 feet and I hear "CLANG, CLUNK, CLANG, chug, chug, sputter."  Yep, she managed to hit a 4 inch pipe that stuck up a bit, something we both noted while looking at the house when buying it, at our walk through for settlement AND just a few hours earlier while checking out the lawn.  Basically, NEVER LET THEM WOMEN NEAR YOUR TOOLS AND LAWN EQUIPMENT.  The exception being those small spades and the like used for gardening, usually planting flowers and pulling weeds is okay for them.

Football, it's good to have Ray and Peter in camp.  Now we just need to get at least one of those contracts done so we can grab a FB and DL and maybe a vet WR.  I know, we've been saying it for weeks.  You know what, what happens, happens.  Would you rather be a Clownfan (no championships to remember unless you are Methuselah), Squeelerfan (3 Home AFC Championship Choke Jobs plus a Super Bowl gack in the last 7 years) or Bunglefan (no need to specify)?

Things might be tough in Raven land, but we will overcome.

This year just enjoy the tailgating, root your ass off and enjoy a competitive football team.  We will be competitive, which isn't bad.  If we are around .500 and Redman pans out to just be a decent QB we are in great position.  We could be the Clowns with a barely decent QB making $50 million.  If Redman is decent that is a HUGE bargain my friends.  And he will be as long as Jamal is back.  With a running game this kid will be decent year one and should improve to at least solid in another year or two.  And hey, while he is struggling I can go to the Rant and borrow from all of the Couch excuse makers.  There has to be Gigabytes of available excuses in the archives.  Kordell Stewart had a decent year.  The last time he had a decent year he followed it up with 3-4 crappy ones.  We'll see if that trend holds.  Kitna, Smith, Frerrotte?  LOL, all of that talent and no QB in Bungleland.  Couldn't even lure Grbac down there.  You think things are tough here?  And these are their better years.

I wish our site could get somebody into camp, the idiots from the local radio shows are too busy moving their stations and giving away crap they didn't want to move (WJFK), trying to date the traffic whore (Nasty – WNST) or going absolutely giddy over the near .500 Orioles (WBAL, and me too, a little).

I am very interested to watch Baxter and Mitchell in the DB and see how they stack up.  I have heard enough about Reed and we all know about C-Mac, so how about some info on the other two?  LBs are not an issue, Thomas and Hartwell will be fine and we know about the other two.  I have a concern over the DL and am resigned to the fact we will be weak there this year.   Even if Gregg can play a bit, Weaver is good and we get Adams back (I see Adams as a DE in a 3-4, not a NT), we still will have no depth.  That line would be okay, but you know Sam can only go 60% of the snaps, tops.  McCrary will spell for passing downs, but we still will be short there.

On the OL, I want to see if Edwin can handle the speed rush outside from the likes of Boulware and Thomas.  I would also love to see McCrary going up against him but M-Mac has his annual knee rehab going.  Those types of pass rushers will really let us know if Edwin can handle RT.  I am not concerned with his run blocking skills out there, we have all seen him run block, he handles being in space well and always finds some defender to put on their can.  The interior, if Edwin moves, well, I want to see that as well.  Flynn will be serviceable, Anderson I think is a find (meaning a decent G we found in the XFL), and Rabach is the question.  If this kid can play LG like he was worth a 3rd rounder we will have a decent to good OL.  Of course, another dozen Krispy Kremes and I could suit up for backup G on this unit.  We have no depth at this point and I would rather throw papasmurfbell out there than get back Vickers.

Special teams should be decent, the punting should be much better.  Let's hope Zastudil can get one away before I can finish a restroom run.  Kyle was slow as heck back there.  Stover is solid, he kicks off to the 10 but he makes all his FGs inside 40.  We could have Kris Brown, people.  And Purnell is gone, thank God.  Fanatic had worn out his Russ Purnell voodoo doll and was ready to purchase another one when Billick finally gave him his walking papers.

So, as I see it, we will be around .500. You know I am right, I always am.

You can't ask for more at this time.  I said so.

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