Mike Preston Visits Nest #1. Notes:

Mike Preston, sports writer with the Baltimore Sun and The Sporting News, visited Nest #1 last evening. He spoke for a while and then took questions from the floor. Mike made the point that when he speaks to a group, he may say stuff you're not going to read about : personal conversations with players or FO staff. He requested that this doesn't appear "all over the Internet".

With that in mind and given the fact he's waaaay bigger than I, I'm just going to give you the stuff that we either already know or that I don't think he has a problem with me sharing with the millions that read this page.


Mike is a no-nonsense guy, a tell-it-like-it-is guy.  He writes stories to elicit a reaction from people; all good writers should, and basically said that if someone writes a letter to The Sun, "he has won".  The very fact that a reader is moved so much that he sits down and pens a letter indicates that Mike's column has done its job. (By the way, you can write to me at adminsteve@comcast.net !!).


Mike loves his job and it is easy to see that. "How many people get paid to watch big fat men on Sunday" he quipped.  Mike has followed the Ravens since 1996 and in fact was sent to Cleveland for 2 months before that to follow the soon-to-be-Ravens-Browns.


OK.  Football – again, sanitized for my protection but feed me a few fine ales and I'll cough it up (there were actually many members of our message board at the meeting; they'll probably tell you the things that made us all go "Mmmmm").


 Mike said that he thinks a 500 year will be a good year for the Ravens.  There are a lot of young players and most have passion but as we know, it is a building year.


He has so far been impressed with Billick at camp especially his ability as a motivator of the young guys.


Redman shows leadership and has "hooked up well" with Heap who is also playing good. Redman is throwing well.


Blake – Blake is there to get the job, not to develop Redman.  Currently Blake is out-throwing the receivers and has a stronger throw than Chris.


WR Ron Johnson is playing well and is having a good camp.


OL looks good. Casey Rabach is playing well, Ogden is Ogden, Flynn will get better and Bennie is doing well.  A bit concerned about Mulitalo with his switch in positions and his capability to pick up blockers.


J. Lewis.  Mike said that he has bulked up in his year off and has obviously spent a lot of time in the gym.  Will he hold up  - who knows?  Team needs a RB.


Mike is a bit concerned about 99 especially in the 3-4 and thinks that we will see the switch to 4-3 to get McCrary on the outside.


Anthony Weaver (DE) and Adaleus Thomas (LB) have yet to shine.


Ray Lewis – Mike said that when you sit down and talk to Ray you can feel the passion that he has for the game.  Ray plays hard, works hard, doesn't take a lot of vacations and when he does, he takes his trainer along with him.  Ray really believes that it is his team.


Ed Reed (S) This guy is going to be a great football player according to Mike.  He will do a good job for the team.


Guys to watch:


DJ Humphries (WR), Will Demps (S), Tellis Redmon (RB) – Ozzie loves this guy, Bart Scott (LB) – filled in for Ray  and did well.  He is a player.


I have to say that I thought Mike Preston did a good job.  We have seen many guest speakers over the years at Nest #1: players, coaches, TV guys etc.  I have to say that Mike's appearance was one of the more enjoyable. 



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