Tuesday evening's chat transcript

Last evening, subscribers to Ravens Insider enjoyed a great hour in the chat room talking Ravens with resident expert Aaron Wilson. Here is the transcript of the chat minus all the silly bits that didn't concern the upcoming draft. Join us next Tuesday evening (tentative)as we do it again.

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Aaron Wilson Good evening everyone.  Ready for your questions.
wagner911  Bruce said the other night that he heard a rumor that Jamal may go to Atlanta
wagner911  any truth
Aaron Wilson  Was this the Jamal Lewis for Matt Schaub straight-up trade rumor?
wagner911  yes
Aaron Wilson  I haven't heard that at all.
Aaron Wilson  I tend to doubt it.
HKusp  Atlanta would be stupid to pull the trigger on that one In my opinion
wagner911  Ok, i got killed on the board for suggesting it
Aaron Wilson  Keep in mind that Jamal Lewis is no longer worth the equivalent of a first-round draft pick, and that's the going rate for Matt Schaub.
wagner911  makes sense
Aaron Wilson  My understanding of the Falcons' stance is they want to hold on to Schaub for as long as possible.
Aaron Wilson  Just in case Michael Vick gets hurt.
Aaron Wilson  Or falters.
HKusp  Exactly
wagner911  again makes sense, thanks
Aaron Wilson   
HKusp  for all Vick's exciting play his rating is not very good at all
Aaron Wilson  I wouldn't get too caught up in rumors, especially this time of year.
Aaron Wilson  Exactly, Vick has some genuine shortcomings.
HKusp  lot's of subterfuge
adminsteve  Did Whitehurst visit today Aaron??
Aaron Wilson  Hope that answers your question.
wagner911  yes thanks
Aaron Wilson  Yes, Clemson quarterback Charlie Whitehurst visited the training complex.
Aaron Wilson  He is the son of former Green Bay Packers quarterback Dave Whitehurst. He will work out for the New York Jets at Clemson later this week. I think the workout is set for tomorrow.
wagner911  Whats your opinion on day 1 for the draft..All D or what?
Aaron Wilson  I think it's defensive line in the first round, then quarterback or offensive line in the second round.
Aaron Wilson  For what it's worth, John McCargo said that the Ravens told him that they would take a defensive tackle in the first or second round.
Aaron Wilson  The North Carolina State defensive tackle visited Monday.
HKusp  If they take D-line do you think it will be Ngata?
Aaron Wilson  According to his agent, the Tennessee Titans rate him ahead of Haloti Ngata and Brodrick Bunkley as far as defensive tackle ratings.
Aaron Wilson  If he's available, yes. If he's gone and Bunkley's there, then Bunkley.
Aaron Wilson  If both are gone and Mike Huff, then it gets complicated.
Aaron Wilson  Perhaps Ernie Sims, perhaps Jay Cutler, if available, maybe Winston Justice.
Aaron Wilson  It's going to be interesting.
wagner911  Crazy question..Is New Orleans up and running for a road trip
HKusp  Do you talk to Tenn. D coordinator ever or are you taking that strictly from the agent?
Aaron Wilson  Yes, actually.
Aaron Wilson  I've been getting hotel information from New Orleans.
wagner911  Do you do all away games
HKusp  New Orleans is a great town my wife grew up there
adminsteve  Hotels are tight, tickets are plentiful
Aaron Wilson  I didn't speak with Jim Schwantz, no. I got that information from McCargo's agent.
Aaron Wilson  So, I would take it with a grain of salt, but I consider him a straight shooter.
HKusp  ok thanks
Aaron Wilson  Yes, I go to all away games.
Aaron Wilson  Some cities are better than others, of course.
wagner911  That one will be good
Aaron Wilson  I like Nashville, Denver, Miami, San Diego.
Aaron Wilson  Anyway, enough travelogue.
wagner911  what about Jacksonville, i saw you having fun there
adminsteve  Any Ray news that we don't know?
Aaron Wilson  Jacksonville is all right. I used to live near there, in St. Augustine when I covered the Jaguars.
adminsteve  Not much - heard he is in Owings Mills
drkraven  what kind of mood is he in?
darb72  why do his ribs suck so bad, at least from what I've heard
Aaron Wilson  Ray Lewis is working out lately at the Ravens' training complex. He's also scheduled to appear at a local football camp for kids.
HKusp  does he seem focused or is he ""distracted""?
drkraven  good
Aaron Wilson  I've heard he's calmed down, but keep in mind I don't have firsthand knowledge of Ray Lewis' mindset. I haven't spoken to him, and I'm not a mind reader.
Aaron Wilson  One player who knows Ray Lewis well predicted that Ray will go off and all stuff will hit the fan when Ed Reed gets his landmark contract.
Aaron Wilson  We'll see.
HKusp  have you heard if he is going to be a little more forward with the media this year or still tight lipped?
Aaron Wilson  I doubt he will speak with us on a regular basis, but I'm all ears in case he changes his stance. Perhaps Ray Lewis will have a change of heart. Keep in mind that it's Ray Lewis' prerogative whether he wants to talk or not.
Aaron Wilson  He's not required to do interviews except at the Super Bowl, and even then, he doesn't have to talk.
Aaron Wilson  He merely has to be there.
Aaron Wilson  NFL teams aren't going to enforce any contract language requiring reasonable cooperation with the media.
drkraven  I hope he has the Superbowl problem this year
HKusp  me 2
Aaron Wilson  The reality is the players can do pretty much what they want.
Aaron Wilson  The interviews we get are at the players' good will and consent.
Aaron Wilson  They can always decline an interview request.
Aaron Wilson  Most of the locker room is very cooperative and helpful with requests.
Aaron Wilson  I consider the Ravens to be a media-friendly team for the most part.
darb72  Is the FO interested in changing offensive line coaches?
Aaron Wilson  I doubt it.
darb72  More to the point, are they happy with the way our OL played last year
Aaron Wilson  Chris Foerster just got here, he's not going to be fired.
Aaron Wilson  If he was going to be fired, he would have already been replaced.
Aaron Wilson  They were encouraged mildly by what transpired at the end of last season.
Aaron Wilson  They are not canonizing them for the Hall of Fame or having bronze busts prepared just yet, though.
Aaron Wilson  They want to see if the young linemen can develop.
Aaron Wilson  That said, a lot of offensive linemen have visited: Fred Matua, Chris Chester.
Aaron Wilson  And the team interviewed Charles Spencer, Winston Justice and Lutui at the scouting combine.
drkraven  Have any offers been tendered?
Aaron Wilson  So, they seem committed to bolstering the line with young talent.
Aaron Wilson  Offers tendered?
Aaron Wilson  To whom?
Aaron Wilson  Do you mean restricted free agents?
drkraven  yup
Aaron Wilson  On Baltimore, or other franchises?
drkraven  Baltimore
HKusp  Aaron, do you know what they are planning as far as the O-line is concerned? I know they like Flynn as a character guy but he seemed to be pushed into the backfield A LOT last season.
Aaron Wilson  Musa Smith, Tony Pashos, Brian St. Pierre, Ovie Mughelli, Aaron Elling, Aubrayo Franklin all signed their restricted tenders.
Aaron Wilson  I think Jason Brown is the heir apparent in the middle.
Aaron Wilson  It would surprise you, though, that the coaches still like Mike Flynn.
dabruise  Hey AW. What's the position on Hymes, Darling and alligator arms? Are they looking to upgrade at #3 receiver?
Aaron Wilson  Call it blind loyalty, or call it Jason Brown might not be ready yet for the line calls and audibles. Keep an eye on this at training camp.
HKusp  i know he is a great character and locker room guy but he seems to lack a big push
Aaron Wilson  They would like to pick up another wideout, but Clarence Moore isn't done quite yet.
Aaron Wilson  They looked at David Tyree, who's more of a special teams ace who was retained by the New York Giants.
darb72  This class is possibly the worst group of receivers I've seen in over a decade
Aaron Wilson  They also talked to Antonio Chatman, who signed with the Bengals.
DMuRDa30  towards the draft aAaron who do you think we are most interested in any chance we try to move up for Huff or Ngata...maybe stay with our pick and take Bunkley or Justice or Sims...
Aaron Wilson  He's No. 3 for the moment. As soon as they can replace him, they will.
Aaron Wilson  I think they would like to stand pat and let a great player fall to them ideally.
Aaron Wilson  They're not worried about getting a quality player at No. 13.
dabruise  Any interest in Cromartie?
Aaron Wilson  Yes, they like Cromartie a lot.
Aaron Wilson  He visited along with Bunkley and Sims.
dabruise  Is he a reach at 13?
Aaron Wilson  They have some concern about the knee, but Rex Ryan raves about him.
Aaron Wilson  He might be honestly.
Aaron Wilson  I think Cromartie is worth picking the late teens or 20s, not at 13.
Aaron Wilson  Very good prospect, though.
dabruise  Are they seriously looking at a pass rushing end w/ Cody back?
Aaron Wilson  Not a huge priority.
dabruise  I hoped not.
Aaron Wilson  Not with Dan Cody, Terrell Suggs and Trevor Pryce, but you can never have enough pass rush.
HKusp  is there any word on Musa as far as the leg goes?
Aaron Wilson  I doubt they will get Kamerion Wimbley.
Aaron Wilson  You should hope that he gets drafted by St. Louis or Cleveland.
dabruise  Why?
Aaron Wilson  According to Musa Smith's agent, his leg has made a nice recovery and he'll be ready at minicamps.
Aaron Wilson  Stay turned.
AirHead3745  Do they still view Rod Green as a future impact player as a pass rusher or is his ""experiment"" almost over?
Aaron Wilson  Why, because it could allow the Ravens to draft Brodrick Bunkley or Haloti Ngata.
drkraven  works for me
Aaron Wilson  No, he's a special teams guy and a spot pass rusher, not a full-time player.
Aaron Wilson  They never thought he would be a starter.
Aaron Wilson  Remember, he was a fifth-round draft pick.
Aaron Wilson  Not a first-rounder.
Aaron Wilson  Very good guy, tough and aggressive.
dabruise  Any inside info on McNair's feelings about coming here?
DMuRDa30  ok so i have been hearing about Cromartie
DMuRDa30  if we drafted him any chance he plays safety
DMuRDa30  like what are we looking at him as a safety to a nickelback
Aaron Wilson  My understanding is he would like to play here, and would love to throw to Derrick Mason again.
Aaron Wilson  Keep in mind that Steve McNair and Ray Lewis are good friends, too.
dabruise  Hmmmm
Aaron Wilson  Antonio Cromartie is more of a cornerback, not a safety.
darb72  I'm with Bruise on that one
Aaron Wilson  He can play nickel back, too.
HKusp  Musa's leg,any word on how it is coming?
raylewisowns  Aaron, are the Ravens thinking that Jason Brown projects better to Guard or center?
Aaron Wilson  It's going well, according to his agent.
Aaron Wilson  Right now, he's better at guard.
Aaron Wilson  Long-term, he's a center.
raylewisowns  How long term are we talking, do I have to see Flynn for another year?
Aaron Wilson  Perhaps.
dabruise  I heard DeCosta say today that they are almost ready to tell Biscuit what they plan to do on draft day. interesting that he's not involved already. Your thoughts?
Aaron Wilson  It depends on two variables: Mike Flynn's health, and Jason Brown's development.
Aaron Wilson  I don't think it's a big deal at all.
Aaron Wilson  Steve Bisciotti doesn't draft the players.
Aaron Wilson  He pays them.
Aaron Wilson  He relies on Ozzie Newsome and his staff to make the right decisions and empowers them to do their work.
AirHead3745  Is there truly a front office squabble with McAllister (as certain sports writings had suggested)? Does he not project in their long term plans? I, for one (as it seems everyone has turned on him), love the guy and hope he's a Raven for a long time
Aaron Wilson  There are people in the organization who are tired of tolerating Chris McAlister's attitude and question his work ethic and whether he was really hurt badly at the end of last season.
dabruise  Trade bait? Or is he too expensive, too valuable?
Aaron Wilson  That said, they have no better cornerback to replace him.
Aaron Wilson  It's a Faustian bargain.
dabruise  OK.
Aaron Wilson  I've heard that other teams aren't inclined to take a problem child off the Ravens' hands.
Aaron Wilson  That said, C-Mac isn't as bad as he used to be.
darb72  Well, there's always that kid out of FS if we can get a trade done before the draft
Aaron Wilson  I think being a father has calmed him down some.
dabruise  AW and Darb, our philosophers:)
Aaron Wilson  Chris McAlister, in my opinion, is only scratching the surface of Hall of Fame potential.
AirHead3745  Makes sense, I didn't know that about C-Mac (being a father). If anything should calm him down, that should.
Aaron Wilson  That remains decidedly unfulfilled.
drkraven  Some guys take longer to train.
Aaron Wilson  I hope that answers your question.
Aaron Wilson  He's not being traded.
HKusp  What is the word on Ed Reeds contract?
Aaron Wilson  No word at all. His agent didn't like the Ravens' first proposal, no word on terms.
Aaron Wilson  It's a process. I have no idea when they might reach a deal. As the team and agents say, all it takes is the right proposal whirring through the fax machine for a deal to be struck.
dabruise  Anything regarding (Gulp) Favre?
Aaron Wilson  No, I think he plays for Green Bay or no one else other than touch football with the family down in Mississippi.
HKusp  I heard someone say Reed wants to be paid like the best defensive player in football not just the best safety (which he is )
Aaron Wilson  He'll want top dollar, yes.
AirHead3745  Regarding the Reed question and your answer, do you think the team would be willing to let him go into next season without a new contract, given that he's handled the situation VERY well unlike most other athletes (especially since that would increase the odds of him wanting out when free agency does hit)
Aaron Wilson  Yes, they might.
Aaron Wilson  Keep in mind they still have the right to assign the franchise tag to Ed Reed.
dabruise  Is Ray talking to the press yet?
Aaron Wilson  No, Ray isn't talking.
Aaron Wilson  Unless you count the shills like Rich Eisen at the NFL Network, which I don't.
Aaron Wilson  That's the official mouth piece of the National Football League.
Aaron Wilson  Chad Williams remains a possibility if he doesn't sign with the Green Bay Packers.
dabruise  Love Chad. Is the team not high on him?
Aaron Wilson  They like Chad Williams, but he is a one-dimensional player.
Dmason  Do you think the Ravens will make any trades during the draft?
DMuRDa30  ditto on that question
Aaron Wilson  Possibly, a trade up a few spots or a trade down, but I doubt it happens. It costs so much to move, so I wouldn't predict it happening.
dabruise  My last Q: Do you have a read on the mood of the coaching staff going into this year.
Aaron Wilson  Ozzie Newsome won't rule that out, though.
Aaron Wilson  I think they are more realistic and optimistic.
Aaron Wilson  Especially Rex Ryan.
darb72  So Reed will be getting the huge payday that Ray thinks is his. Meanwhile we'll be signing a QB to lead us to the SuperBowl who happens to be good friends with Ray? Does the FO consider things like this when they sign players?
Aaron Wilson  He's very excited about the defense, especially if he gets Ray Lewis and Ed Reed healthy for an entire season.
AirHead3745  Do you believe Will Demps was the best option at FS the Ravens had this past season?
Aaron Wilson  I think they consider locker room chemistry, but they still have to make the best business/football decision.
Aaron Wilson  He was the best they had, just not the best as far as being in the top half of safeties in the league.
Aaron Wilson  Nice guy, solid to average safety.
Aaron Wilson  Didn't make many if any big plays or big hits.
Aaron Wilson  Declined as tackler in past two seasons.
Aaron Wilson  Range was still decent, not great.
Aaron Wilson  They got a lot of good mileage out of Demps as an undrafted free agent.
DMuRDa30  do you think we'd take Jimmy Williams or any safety at 13 or do you think we are going to do that in round 2 or later we really need a safety in my mind
Aaron Wilson  No, they aren't really high on Jimmy Williams, a lot of teams aren't.
DMuRDa30  i figured that
Aaron Wilson  He basically rested on his laurels from his junior year.
DMuRDa30  agreed
Aaron Wilson  He is really arrogant.
Aaron Wilson  I got that from a good friend, a former colleague who covers the Hokies and has dealt with Jimmy Williams for the past three years.
AirHead3745  I can understand that to an extent, but what is your opinion on attitude versus injury risk. Like Cromartie and Williams are supposed to be talents, aren't some scouts more optimistic that Williams' attitude could be tweaked a bit and he develop into a great player rather than Cromartie staying healthy regularly?
DMuRDa30  it seems like the five guys we are targeting the most are...Haloti Ngata, Brodrick Bunkley,Ernie Sims,Antonio Cromartie,and Mike Huff is that true any1 im forgetting or any1 we have shown alot of interest in that we may take at #13
HKusp  what is the feeling on extending AD?
Aaron Wilson  I think more scouts are willing to bank on Antonio Cromartie's future health rather than a Jimmy Williams personality transpalant.
Aaron Wilson  You're accurate, except Cromartie isn't a target at No. 13. That's too high for him.
Aaron Wilson  Don't rule out Winston Justice no matter what you hear.
DMuRDa30  that too McShay claimed we weren't interested in him i was kind of surprised
Aaron Wilson  This guy has a huge upside despite the character stuff, which I think is behind him.
Aaron Wilson  He knows he was wrong.
Aaron Wilson  To brandish a toy gun and solicit a prostitute.
darb72  Marcus McNeil is better... Sorry, but I had to throw that one out there. :)
Aaron Wilson  Keep in mind he's only 21, won't turn 22 until September.
Aaron Wilson  I'm not justifying his mistakes, but let's not condemn people.
Aaron Wilson  I think his talent is worth considering a gamble on.
DMuRDa30  Understood
Aaron Wilson  That said, Bunkley or Ngata would be safer picks and I would turn their name in before Justice.
AirHead3745  I don't follow too much NCAA football, has Jimmy Williams' ever been in serious trouble or is most of his character flaws perceived as high risk due to his arrogance?
Aaron Wilson  I spoke with Justice on Saturday, and he's definitely cocky.
DMuRDa30  agreed i really think we need that big body that Sam Adams that Tony Siragusa
darb72  The question becomes though, will his skill translate to RT. We have the future at LT in Terry, or the FO wouldn't have traded up for him last year.
Aaron Wilson  He said he's better than D'Brickashaw Ferguson and said he will prove it in the NFL.
Aaron Wilson  We'll see.
DMuRDa30  Ngata would bring that to us
Aaron Wilson  Jimmy Williams is more of an arrogant guy, not a problem child.
Aaron Wilson  Winston Justice played RT at USC, protecting Matt Leinart's blindside.
DMuRDa30  i know Bunkley put up some huge numbers but he wont be able to let Ray Lewis free roam liek Ngata could
Aaron Wilson  He can play LT, too.
Aaron Wilson  I don't think Adam Terry is necessarily a sure thing.
Aaron Wilson  I have questions about his strength and toughness.
AirHead3745  I'm not too optimistic about Terry either :(
Aaron Wilson  Bunkley is a different tackle than Ngata.
Aaron Wilson  Bunkley is a pass rusher, one-gap penetrator.
Aaron Wilson  Nine sacks led Seminoles last year, along with 27 tackles for loses.
Aaron Wilson  losses.
adminsteve  Terry needs to get nasty. He's too nice a guy.
DMuRDa30  Exactly
Aaron Wilson  Ngata fought through triple-team blocking and remained productive.
DMuRDa30  bunkley reminds me of a La'Roi Glover
Aaron Wilson  He's in that Glover, John Randle mold.
darb72  They said the same thing about Ogden. Doesn't play with intensity.
AirHead3745  In my mind, I think Ngata will be taken earlier than expected, I hope I'm wrong, I'd love the guy
Aaron Wilson  Winston Justice said he would be honored to learn from Jonathan Ogden, whom he called the greatest lineman ever even if he is from UCLA.
Aaron Wilson  He said he'll make an exception to learn from a UCLA guy in J.O.'s case. Smart kid.
DMuRDa30  i dont see Ngata passing the Browns which is why id want us to trade up if Bills take Bunkley or Justice
DMuRDa30  the impact he could bring
Aaron Wilson  Look for Ngata to maybe be drafted by Buffalo or St. Louis. They both need tackles.
DMuRDa30  and how much better he could make everyone else
Aaron Wilson  The Browns want a 3-4 end, and that's what Bunkley projects to.
DMuRDa30  im hearing
DMuRDa30  That
DMuRDa30  but at the same time
DMuRDa30  they wouldn't pass
Aaron Wilson  Wimbley makes a lot of sense for Cleveland, too.
DMuRDa30  on Ngata as their future NT
Aaron Wilson  Don't rule him out.
DMuRDa30  because Ted is 38yrs old
Aaron Wilson  I wouldn't bank on it, but it makes a lot of sense.
Aaron Wilson  We won't know until they're on the clock and he's either on or off the draft board.
AirHead3745  Another question on the arrogance designation, I do it too when I hear certain players speak because they come off that way and I assume this happens easily with guys like Williams and Justice among others. But is arrogance really something to judge their talent on? Aren't most NFL players arrogant since most smack talk and everything? Just curious why Williams is slipping because of this flaw (I guess I'm biased somewhat since I think he's put in the same category as C-Mac and I do defend him)
DMuRDa30  i do think tho if we were even to have the slightest idea on moving up
DMuRDa30  it better be for Ngata or Maybe Huff
Aaron Wilson  By the way, I heard some teams are removing LSU DT Claude Wroten from their boards because of his marijuana arrest and failed drug test history.
Aaron Wilson  NFL teams tend to judge players by how they conduct themselves in interviews.
Aaron Wilson  I heard one NFL head coach is livid because a player's cell phone kept going off during an interview.
Aaron Wilson  He didn't ever turn it off.
Aaron Wilson  No names.
AirHead3745  I think Ngata should be our #1 priority, I'd LOVE the guy, and I just am sure he won't last...too unique a player
darb72  And we wonder how these guys score in the single digits on the Wonderlick
AirHead3745  wow, that's ridiculous
Aaron Wilson  Williams isn't slipping only because of attitude. He didn't apply himself as a senior. He coasted on his junior laurels.
DMuRDa30  it seems if the player he's going against
DMuRDa30  isnt a player of his caliber
DMuRDa30  he lets them make easy catches
Aaron Wilson  Then, he relaxes.
Aaron Wilson  They made a ton of underneath catches on Williams this year.
AirHead3745  what do you mean by ""junior laurels""? Maybe I'm out of the loop or brain dead since I'm studying for an exam as well
Aaron Wilson  He didn't exactly rise to the occasion against Miami, either.
DMuRDa30  i still think if he's a safety with that aggressiveness and that coverage ability
Aaron Wilson  He was much better last season, he regressed this year.
Aaron Wilson  He went from five interceptions to one.
DMuRDa30  yea people say that's because they wouldn't throw it on his side
Aaron Wilson  Teams wonder if he'll be sufficiently motivated.
DMuRDa30  but i don't buy that
AirHead3745  okay, makes sense. Thanks for the info!
Aaron Wilson  Do you want a guy like that learning from Chris McAlister's sterling example??
Aaron Wilson  Or do you think he would be better of somewhere else?
DMuRDa30  you're right
Aaron Wilson  They threw at Williams plenty this year.
Aaron Wilson  Check the stats.
darb72  Well there's always Ray Lewis.... errrr.... uhmmmm....
Aaron Wilson  By the way, guess what Mike Huff held Mark Clayton to when he lined up at cornerback for the Longhorns?
Aaron Wilson  Three catches, 19 yards.
DMuRDa30  3 catches
DMuRDa30  Lol
DMuRDa30  i knew that
AirHead3745  If we got him I'd want him to be a safety, but even though I'm a C-Mac ""hugger"", I do think he coasts plenty so point well taken
DMuRDa30  he also said that's his best
DMuRDa30  Competition
DMuRDa30  he's ever faced
DMuRDa30  at WR
Aaron Wilson  Guess how many sacks Winston Justice allowed to Terrell Suggs when Justice was an 18-year-old freshman?
DMuRDa30  right?
DMuRDa30  None
DMuRDa30  i read that also
DMuRDa30  Haha
Aaron Wilson  None, yes.
Aaron Wilson  And Suggs was Mr. Arizona State at the time.
Aaron Wilson  So, these are good players.
AirHead3745  Interesting numbers.
darb72  I can play trivia games too. Guess how many sacks McNeil allowed his entire career in the SEC?
Aaron Wilson  I think comparisons are fun because you can stack up younger players against elite players thriving in the NFL that are close to their age.
Aaron Wilson  How many?
DMuRDa30  yes it is
Aaron Wilson  None, right.
DMuRDa30  i read about the whole T-Suggs being shut down thing
darb72  Yep
DMuRDa30  and i really didnt think of it that way
Aaron Wilson  How did you perceive it?
DMuRDa30  i just thought good job
DMuRDa30  Lol
DMuRDa30  i dont know
Aaron Wilson  That's fine.
DMuRDa30  but u made a great point
DMuRDa30  people said he was really rusty this year
DMuRDa30  is that true?
Aaron Wilson  I wrote that stuff about Justice and Suggs anyway.
DMuRDa30  Justice
Aaron Wilson  Justice was rusty, he allowed sacks and had more holding penalties than usual.
Aaron Wilson  Lutui, another Ravens target in round 2, excelled as a junior at right tackle.
Aaron Wilson  He's a better guard prospect, though.
Aaron Wilson  Justice's workout is helping him a lot.
DMuRDa30  he reminds me
AirHead3745  true, I think it's interesting too. A legitimate NFL pro-bowler as a pass rusher as a college freshman (though not polished, the skill was probably there at the time), it goes to show that Justice is a great prospect
DMuRDa30  of Mulitalo
DMuRDa30  so much
Aaron Wilson  39 inch vertical, 5.08 speed, 38 reps of 225.
DMuRDa30  38 reps
DMuRDa30  and the 39
DMuRDa30  is what stood out to me
DMuRDa30  i was surprised
DMuRDa30  at his strength
Aaron Wilson  John Fox, the Panthers coach, was really impressed.
Aaron Wilson  He said that Justice has really long arms, so it showed a lot of strength and endurance.
AirHead3745  I am kind of against an O-lineman like Justice, but now I'm giving in if Ngata, Bunkley, and Huff are off the board (as well as others not expected to fall)
DMuRDa30  hes real athletic also
DMuRDa30  in the USC games i saw
DMuRDa30  on running plays
DMuRDa30  the big man could move
AirHead3745  I'm intrigued now
DMuRDa30  the boxing thing helps also
Aaron Wilson  Exactly, I'm only advocating Justice if Ngata, Huff and Bunkley are drafted ahead of the Ravens' pick.
Aaron Wilson  You have to have contingency plans.
darb72  So what do you think the Ravens would do if Cutler fell to them?
Aaron Wilson  Guys, any last questions.
Aaron Wilson  I think they would draft him.
DMuRDa30  Really
Aaron Wilson  Or be severely tempted to.
HKusp  thanks for all the info Aaron good night everyone.
DMuRDa30  wow i hear we wouldnt because he reminds us too much
DMuRDa30  of Boller
Aaron Wilson  I'm doing more research on Cutler.
AirHead3745  Right, I figured as much, but I was thinking trade down if they are gone because I felt Justice was a reach for a first rounder, but my mind has been changed
Aaron Wilson  Keep in mind to believe little of what you hear from NFL teams.
Aaron Wilson  Goodnight everyone. Thanks for the great questions and feedback.